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 File comments for:  Graphics » Vector » mindspace.lha


Description: Create MindMaps, UML and quaint pictures
Download: mindspace.lha
Version: 1.3a
Date: 31 Oct 2019
Category: graphics/vector
FileID: 11042
RSS Feed url: http://os4depot.net/modules/comments/rssfeed.php?file=graphics/vector/mindspace.lha

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Comment by: yoodoo2 ( 02 Nov 2019, 17:40File version: 1.3a
Just checked, and the following worked here

Current version is linked to libcairo.so and the following are needed
libpng16.so.16.20.0 which can just be a softlink to libpng.so
libfreetype.so.18, which can just be a softlink to libfreetype.so

eg makelink sobjs:libpng.so.16.20.0 sobjs:libpng.so
Comment by: PJS ( 02 Nov 2019, 16:03File version: 1.3a

I tried to run v1.3a Mindspace, it asked for libpng and libfreetype,
I got the latest versions from here and copied their
/local/newlib/lib/ files to SOBJS: and made softlinks to the files
Mindspace was asking for... No go. Mindspace still doesn't
recognize the "libpng16.so.16.20.0" softlink.

How to proceed?

Thanks in advance,

Comment by: Ben ( 01 Nov 2019, 19:08File version: 1.3a
Correction: Libfreetype.so.17
Comment by: Ben ( 01 Nov 2019, 19:07File version: 1.3a
Shouldn't that be libfree.so.21 in the archive ?

And then rename it to libfreeso.17 ?
Comment by: jaokim ( 28 Apr 2014, 18:26File version: 1.3
This version, 1.3, also requires libfreetype.so.17.
If you unpack the libfreetype archive to ram, this should work:
copy "RAM Disk:Freetype2/SDK/Local/newlib/lib/libfreetype.so.17" SOBJS:

Other than that, great work! Can't wait to doodle some more mind maps!

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