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 File comments for:  Library » Misc » reactive_lib.lha


Description: A Custom BOOPSI System
Download: reactive_lib.lha
Version: 2.15
Date: 10 May 2019
Category: library/misc
FileID: 10883
RSS Feed url: http://os4depot.net/modules/comments/rssfeed.php?file=library/misc/reactive_lib.lha

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Comment by: IconDesigner ( 15 Mar 2019, 17:52File version: 2.12
Sorry, but with AmiUpadate I always get the version 2.11 instead of 2.12!
I go to version info in the directory LIBS: is also there 2.11, after running the update or after installing the package from OS4Depot.

Greetings Thomas

Comment by: IconDesigner ( 15 Mar 2019, 17:49File version: 2.12
Comment by: Elwood ( 05 Dec 2015, 18:53File version: 1.10
I hope you don't expect us to install this without knowing what is does and what program uses it.
And when you'll release such program, make it that it will download this library automatically. This way the user doesn't have to use his browser to download the file and install it by hand.
Comment by: rwo ( 04 Dec 2015, 23:41File version: 1.10
and I frankly don't see the point in including my util classes in every program I release.. i'm just slowly releases one class at a time.. to make sure it works... this will grow in time.
Comment by: Ami603 ( 04 Dec 2015, 22:27File version: 1.10
Frankly, i don't see the point in releasing a library for your own programs as a standalone package, if nobody else can make use of it, just include it inside your other applications.
That makes a hassle for the user needing to search additional files.
Comment by: rwo ( 11 Nov 2014, 23:05File version: v1.1
its my own implemention of a BOOPSI system. just like Intuition, but my system also load classes automatic if not in memory like MUI does.

Currently this is private and I do not plan on giving out my sdk.
Comment by: eliyahu ( 10 Nov 2014, 17:42File version: v1.1
rene: can you expand a little on what this library does? why a developer might be interested, etc.?

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