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 File comments for:  Network » Browser » odysseylauncher2.lha


Description: Avoid starting Odyssey twice with URLopen, v1.0a
Download: odysseylauncher2.lha
Version: v1.0a
Date: 10 Apr 2017
Category: network/browser
FileID: 10203
RSS Feed url: http://os4depot.net/modules/comments/rssfeed.php?file=network/browser/odysseylauncher2.lha

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Comment by: HKvalhe ( 11 Apr 2017, 16:56File version: v1.0a
Thanks for the update :) Great work :)
Comment by: HKvalhe ( 07 Apr 2017, 02:09File version: v1.0
Indeed. They are not the same. Odyssey is not the same as OdysseyLauncher2. They behave differently, so you're right about that, Chris. Sure, no problem...
Comment by: ChrisH ( 06 Apr 2017, 13:53File version: v1.0
Please stop commenting about Odyssey problems that have nothing to do with OdysseyLauncher2 :-(
Comment by: HKvalhe ( 10 Mar 2017, 03:29File version: v1.0
I agree that the mobile Facebook site is fast, which helps a lot for the Amiga. At least, that's for now until improvements appear ☺👍
Comment by: Srtest ( 09 Mar 2017, 17:10File version: v1.0
I actually prefer fb the mobile version as it is less to do about nothing :-)
Comment by: HKvalhe ( 09 Mar 2017, 15:24File version: v1.0
First of all, i want to say that i don't like users trying to pretend they are another "me". My nick in the past was indeed Helgis, yes, but no more. I'm am HKvalhe. It's the nick true to my original name. What people here have to understand is that as things progress, as a natural development with the future in motion, this simply means it will be important for the Amiga as well. And i believe everybody actually agree that the time is coming for Odyssey to be updated again. So yes, a natural progress as there is only one way, and that way is FORWARD, NOT backward! It's time to accept this natural progress.

I know for sure that Odyssey 1.25 or later version will happen soon or later, but 2017 would definitely seem to be the year where we get a new updated Odyssey as well.
Comment by: Helgis ( 09 Mar 2017, 12:10File version: v1.0
How glad i am for my life being not ruled by some company which tells me what is right, wrong or outdated.

Too few people think for their own and far too much sell their intelligence to swallow whatever some big company provides.
Comment by: HKvalhe ( 09 Mar 2017, 00:00File version: v1.0
It should be mentioned that from THIS day - 8th of March 2017, Facebook no longer accepts Odyssey 1.23r4 to use Facebook's ordinary site. Spoofing as any browser doesn't help either. Facebook instead redirects Odyssey automatically to its' MOBILE site.

This proves that Odyssey is now outdated, according to Facebook, and such would mean it's time to bring Odyssey 1.25 or later version to AmigaOS4, to keep up-to-date with what most sites today accept and expect from any browser. It's a natural progress, and the same means for Amiga as well...
Comment by: Chris ( 07 Mar 2017, 21:22File version: v1.0
I see what you mean. Thank you for explaining. Yes, you're absolutely right. It avoids running Odyssey twice. This is the one i should use for now, until version 1.25 of Odyssey is available for AmigaOS4 as well. It's currently available for AROS, by the way. Keep up the excellent work, and thank you again :)
Comment by: ChrisH ( 07 Mar 2017, 17:43File version: v1.0
There is NO reason for Odyssey to run any faster or slower using OL2. The only thing OL2 does is to avoid running Odyssey twice, which skips Odysseys long loading time. (Of course, if you have several tabs open, then Odyssey may run slower.)
Comment by: HKvalhe ( 01 Mar 2017, 15:10File version: v1.0
Feels like i'm spamming now, but i have to be honest to say that it's possible that this launcher will make Odyssey run certain sites like Facebook SLOWER on systems like SAM460 than using the main Odyssey program. I need to be sure on this. It would help if somebody could run some tests and compare this launcher with just the main Odyssey program.
Comment by: HKvalhe ( 28 Feb 2017, 20:03File version: v1.0
While this launcher is certainly useful and seem to have some improvements, i ask myself if this launcher is faster than using the main Odyssey program to run. Could any run a test with both, and tell what gives the best result for Odyssey?
Comment by: HKvalhe ( 27 Feb 2017, 12:41File version: v1.0
OdysseyLauncher2 works very well and is more efficient than running the main Odyssey. Eliminates the bottleneck of opening Odyssey several times, like the manual explains.

Configuration is very easy. Just read the ReadMe file and follow the instructions. Cordinate Url Prefs to use OdysseyLauncher2 rather than the main Odyssey (all 4 tabs), then put OdysseyLauncher2 into your Dock, remove the Odyssey icon from the dock and use OdysseyLauncher2 instead. Rename OdysseyLauncher2 to Odyssey within the AmiDock editor and VOILA. There you go! :)

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