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 File comments for:  Network » Browser » timberwolf.lha


Description: A Firefox based web browser
Download: timberwolf.lha
Date: 05 Sep 12
Category: network/browser
FileID: 7361
RSS Feed url: http://os4depot.net/modules/comments/rssfeed.php?file=network/browser/timberwolf.lha

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Comment by: Spectre660 ( 06 Jul 2014, 21:01File version:
Copy these files to your Timberwolf installation .
Comment by: Belxjander ( 23 Jun 2014, 12:08File version:
Fails to run at all and cqn't generate any User Profile,

previous usage was an imported profile with extra materials from a previous release...

what is missing?
Comment by: Ddni ( 01 Jan 2014, 10:56File version:
Getting instant GR on first run with X1000 u6. Any ideas?

Comment by: Spectre660 ( 30 Aug 2013, 15:51File version:
Fresh install wont work on AmigaOS 4.1 Update 6 with a Sam440ep-flex and Sam460ex.
Seems as if there is a problem creating the files that are normally created at first run.
If these directories and files are copied from an old install then the new install will work
Comment by: djrikki ( 15 Apr 2012, 17:37File version:

If you are logged in your name will appear down the side under 'Active Users'.

If you then go into Timberwolf bug-report you will see '+Add Issue' just below the banner.

Clipboard handling is a known issue which has already been logged,still to be implemented.
Comment by: Reth ( 15 Apr 2012, 09:43File version:
Thanks for the update!
Unfortunately clipboard handling from/to Timberwolf does not work at all here (Peg2 4.1 latest update). Or is this an already known issue?

BTW: How am I able to use/post to the OS4Depot bugtracker of Timberwolf? I'm registered but there is no button/link for doing so (as far as I can recognize). Any hints?
Comment by: Fernecho ( 30 Mar 2012, 20:55File version:
Run very well on my AmigaONE X1000.
Good work, I hope to soon have hardware acceleration , and fully enjoy videos on youtube.

Thank you.
Comment by: ChrisH ( 30 Mar 2012, 15:08File version:
TimberWolf does not run well from RAM:, try copying to harddisk. If you ran TimberWolf from one location, you must reset before running it from another location.
Comment by: OldFart ( 28 Mar 2012, 16:00File version:
After resetting the computer, it now loads properly, but on a µA1 it's not much joy...
Comment by: OldFart ( 28 Mar 2012, 14:08File version:
Downloaded the 2nd beta and unpacked it into RAM:T. No problems. I the simply double clicked its icon and was greeted with a splash-screen. Right after that it crashed...

System: µA1 with all limitations enabled and OS_4.1_4.
Comment by: Varthall ( 17 Feb 2012, 06:40File version:
One of the best Amiga news this year, congratulations and thanks for the effort!
Comment by: hunoppc ( 16 Feb 2012, 20:45File version:
Very very good work ;-)
Congratulation to the os4 team ;-)
Big thanks for Timberwolf
Comment by: anonymous ( 16 Feb 2012, 20:34File version:
Yeah, good work!
Running good on my Sam440ep.
Thank you!
Comment by: jacknife.. ( 16 Feb 2012, 18:59File version:
oh surprise ! ! :)

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