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 File comments for:  Network » Ftp » download.lha


Description: File download utility: http, https and ftp
Download: download.lha
Version: 1.6
Date: 08 Jun 2022
Category: network/ftp
FileID: 12103
RSS Feed url: http://os4depot.net/modules/comments/rssfeed.php?file=network/ftp/download.lha

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Comment by: pvanni ( 09 Nov 2017, 15:14File version: 1.5
I think the the high CPU usage comes from the frequency
of the video refresh, for big files I think the program
has to update the video not every byte
Comment by: anonymous ( 24 Oct 2017, 07:10File version: 1.4
I'm using SFS/02 and CPU gets very high when downloading at high speed (more than 1MB/s on X1000).

Thanks for your answer :-) (I'd wished to have been able to ask you this by mail but I did not find it :-( ).
Comment by: Tuomas ( 24 Oct 2017, 00:52File version: 1.4
Only SFS2 and NGFS supports such big files.

I tested with one of the many CPU dockies and it was around 0-14%, occasionally it jumped to 24% and then back in a flash. (X1000)
Comment by: Tuomas ( 24 Oct 2017, 00:36File version: 1.4
Quote: "Would it be possible to add support for files bigger than 2GB ?"

Do you have an example of such file which is free download ?
Comment by: Tuomas ( 24 Oct 2017, 00:26File version: 1.4
Quote: "Would it be possible to add support for files bigger than 2GB ?"

Quote: "why is it using so much CPU time ?"
Comment by: K-L ( 23 Oct 2017, 22:21File version: 1.4
Thanks for this excellent tool. Would it be possible to add support for files bigger than 2GB ?

Another question : why is it using so much CPU time ?
Comment by: tommysammy ( 07 Oct 2015, 05:56File version: 1.1
Works well here. Many thanks
Comment by: samo79 ( 06 Oct 2015, 13:30File version: 1.1

Tested with SMTube and works perfectly, thanks !
Comment by: TSK ( 05 Oct 2015, 23:44File version: 1.0
From version 1.1 it's possible to play the beginning of a file while the rest of it is still being downloaded.

This is a command line utility (even there's a progress bar window). Pause/stop = CTRL+C, for reconnect start downloading again (there's builtin resume support).
Comment by: tommysammy ( 04 Oct 2015, 08:02File version: 1.0
Please add Pause, Stop, Reconnect in the next release
Comment by: samo79 ( 26 Sep 2015, 18:06File version: 1.0
Actually a file downloaded with this tool can be played *only* after it is downloaded at 100%, however often people would like to play a file (for example a video) even during a download, just to watch it as soon as possible or for any other reason :-)
Do you think it could be possible to modify your tool in order to make it possible ?
Comment by: zzd10h ( 21 Sep 2015, 10:19File version: 1.0
I included your Download program in SMTube package.
Thank you Tuomas for this tool !
Comment by: TSK ( 20 Dec 2014, 17:24File version: 1.0
There's one already.
Comment by: Severin ( 10 Jun 2014, 18:33File version: 1.0
I use Download for some regular automated downloads.
Is it possible to add a quiet switch to stop it opening the gui?

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