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 File comments for:  Network » Ftp » pftp.lha


Description: Advanced FTP/SFTP client
Download: pftp.lha
Version: 1.2
Date: 02 Jul 2012
Category: network/ftp
FileID: 7222
RSS Feed url: http://os4depot.net/modules/comments/rssfeed.php?file=network/ftp/pftp.lha

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Comment by: Maximvs Payne ( 10 Feb 2019, 15:09File version: 1.2
Big Problems with CPU Usage and stuttering Mouse-Pointer on my X5000 - until a Fix is coming im using AmiFTP.

Best Regards
Comment by: fingus ( 04 Jul 2012, 14:30File version: 1.2
very appreciated!
Comment by: tommysammy ( 02 Jul 2012, 16:40File version: 1.2
Big thanks for this update
Comment by: ToAks ( 07 Feb 2012, 20:23File version: 1.1
i was the anon guy, i was sure i had written my nick... stupid keyword thing.

thanks for the tip, i will try that (i havent actually tried that yet)


good to know there are others, i talked to xeron about it and it seemed he had never heard about this issue before.

anyway i have used Pftp extensively for some weeks now and its freezing/locking up and yes the cpu/pointer stutter has been ongoing issues.

Since the copying was to a NAS drive i hooked up samba/smbfs and i have yet to see any of the incidents that pftp gave me (not a single crash!, after hours and hours).
Comment by: eliyahu ( 07 Feb 2012, 15:00File version: 1.1

no, it's not just you. CPU time is gobbled up like mad when transferring files on my SAM. the pointer 'pauses' every time the progress window updates. if you select a tab other than 'Queue' in the control window, that pointer behavior goes away. but the CPU hogging remains.

also i get random, hard freezes when using PFTP on my SAM as well. darn shame since it's otherwise brilliant.

-- eliyahu
Comment by: salass00 ( 31 Jan 2012, 16:14File version: 1.1
Comment by: cha05e90 ( 25 Jan 2012, 09:41File version: 1.1
No - no problems here, everything's smooth.
Comment by: anonymous ( 25 Jan 2012, 09:02File version: 1.1
is it just me or does the mouse pointer jump around and cpu usage goes trough the roof when using pftp ?
Comment by: Matthias ( 04 May 2010, 10:33File version: 1.1
I tested, it doesn't startup complete (missing browser window) and freezes the complete system after left-mouse-click. :(
Comment by: Xeron ( 04 May 2010, 09:40File version: 1.1
I don't know for definate if it works on OS4.0 or not, I just haven't tested it. I would guess not, though.
Comment by: Matthias ( 04 May 2010, 08:07File version: 1.1
another app which stops working on OS4.0...too bad. :(
Comment by: Xeron ( 21 Feb 2008, 14:24File version: 0.2
Thanks spot, but saying "crash on exit here" in the os4depot comments is about
as useful to me as a chocolate teapot.

Please email me a crashlog and more details; does it crash on exit every time,
or just that one time? If the latter, what was PFTP doing when you crashed?
Where you connected to any servers? What kind of servers?

You know my email address :-)
Comment by: spot ( 21 Feb 2008, 12:15File version: 0.2
crash on exit here.
Comment by: nubechecorre ( 21 Feb 2008, 00:53File version: 0.2
Downloaded, thank you, now it is ok :-)
Comment by: Xeron ( 20 Feb 2008, 18:06File version: 0.2

Please re-download it. I removed the debug now :-)
Comment by: Xeron ( 20 Feb 2008, 15:05File version: 0.2
Oh.. heh... looks like i left some debug in.

Whoops :-)
Comment by: nubechecorre ( 20 Feb 2008, 14:24File version: 0.2
Everything is ok execpt that when i connect to my site i get a requester asking
for a " bah: " disk...

Btw a very good program :-)
Comment by: anonymous ( 20 Dec 2007, 04:06File version: 0.0A13
hi Pete

Thank you for implementing Double click.

It would be nice is the Listbrowser remembered the Scroller Pos of the parent
dir when pressing 'Parent' so it automatic jumped down the to pos it was when
going to the dir.

PS: Keep up the good work.

Comment by: Spot ( 13 Dec 2007, 18:24File version: 0.0A11
Aaah... another version GREAT!
Comment by: AlexC ( 19 Nov 2007, 05:06File version: 0.0A10
Didn't have time to send you the report that you had already uploaded this
version... it works now :-)

There's a few issues with the resulting behavior when the initial directory is
wrong, but I'll go over it on IRC when I catch you there.
Comment by: Xeron ( 18 Nov 2007, 19:24File version: 0.0A9
OK, 0.0A10 should hit the recent list very soon which just fixes that bug,
Comment by: Xeron ( 18 Nov 2007, 19:15File version: 0.0A9
Oh, its OK, i've found and fixed that bug. I'll upload another minor update
Comment by: anonymous ( 18 Nov 2007, 14:12File version: 0.0A9
Please email a crashlog to pete _at_ petergordon _dot_ org _dot_ uk.
Comment by: AlexC ( 18 Nov 2007, 11:54File version: 0.0A9
I get a DSI with this version when trying to connect to a server after adding
If I click continue about 50 times it eventually snaps out of it.
Comment by: CentaurZ ( 29 Sep 2007, 15:32File version: 0.0A8
This is really cool and user-friendly (and only alpha...), keep up the good
Comment by: anonymous ( 26 Sep 2007, 22:10File version: 0.0A8
Comment by: anonymous ( 26 Sep 2007, 07:58File version: 0.0A8
great work, thx a lot.
go on with this Soft :)
Comment by: spotUP ( 26 Sep 2007, 05:29File version: 0.0A8
yeah! this is one ass kicking ftp client for sure!
Comment by: anonymous ( 25 Sep 2007, 21:55File version: 0.0A8
Wow! Gave it a try and... sure it's alpha, one can tell... but it wasn't
unstable and the interface is like a dream! I remember you writing about drag n
drop and it worked like a charm! Why isn't it implemented better with reaction?
It worked great!

The program is really, really nice, I like it a lot! I must say that I look
forward to the next version. Will probably use it a lot right now :-) .

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