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 File comments for:  Network » Misc » mediavault.lha


Description: Discover online radio stations and podcasts
Download: mediavault.lha
Version: 1.5.0
Date: 30 Oct 2021
Category: network/misc
FileID: 11843
RSS Feed url: http://os4depot.net/modules/comments/rssfeed.php?file=network/misc/mediavault.lha

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Comment by: redfox ( 18 Nov 2022, 23:55File version: 1.5.0
Very nice program. I have used the auto update feature to update to version 1.5.1.

Occasionally, I get a requester asking me to assign https:
I am using AmigaAMP3 as default.

Other than that, I am very pleased with this program.

Thanks to George Sokianos and helpers.

Comment by: DaveyW ( 23 Jun 2022, 05:27File version: 1.5.0
Wow, cool, I was jumping through hoops trying to download How Did This Get Made from a browser, this is much easier! Thanks George and Kevin for the script.
Comment by: walkero ( 10 Jan 2022, 16:02File version: 1.5.0
Is this from MediaVault or from the player you choose to use? I am asking because MediaVault doesn't stream the audio.
Comment by: IlBarbax ( 23 Nov 2021, 15:44File version: 1.5.0
Got a problem.
Once selected a station launching the streaming it requires an assignment https: that I do not have.
Which should be?
Comment by: ktadd ( 21 Nov 2021, 08:35File version: 1.5.0
Look at the bottom of the Mediavault readme page and you will find a link to my script, mediavault_script.lha. Use this script with media vault and it will give you the option to download podcasts.
Comment by: Daveyw ( 19 Nov 2021, 10:28File version: 1.5.0
I listen to podcasts all the time, but in my car not on my Amiga. Would this allow me to download podcasts?
Comment by: Alessandro Bacchia ( 02 Nov 2021, 20:57File version: 1.5.0
Thank you for your valuable advice, I uploaded the crashlog regarding Mediavault.
Comment by: orginAt: 02 Nov 2021, 12:02File version: 1.5.0
You can submit crashlog by clicking the "Show crashlogs" button on a readme page for a file.

Using that button makes sure that the crashlog is linked to the correct file.
Comment by: Raziel ( 02 Nov 2021, 11:58File version: 1.5.0
There's a crash logs upload feature on os4depot.net.
Top left under features.
You can upload the whole log there, snippets dont really help.
Comment by: Alessandro Bacchia ( 02 Nov 2021, 07:37File version: 1.5.0
Hi Walkero!
I downloaded the latest version of your fantastic program, what can I say I'm delighted!
I would like to report a strange system crash when I search for a new version.
I copied this data from the crash log, you will surely know more than I do:
pointer instruction 0x01B69760
alert 80000003
module newlib.library.kmod
DSI crash
memory dump 53f2f500.
Is it useful to you?
Thanks and good job!!
Comment by: Alessandro Bacchia ( 11 Oct 2021, 15:07File version: 1.4.0
Thank you for your kind reply. I look forward to further developments. ;)
Comment by: walkero ( 11 Oct 2021, 14:52File version: 1.4.0
Hello Alessandro. It is in my todo list, but there are some requirements before I start working on that, especially on the availability of specific libraries.
Comment by: Alessandro Bacchia ( 11 Oct 2021, 06:57File version: 1.4.0
Hi, in my comment I forgot to ask you if an OS3.9 version of your program is possible.
Keep it up your work is fabulous!
Comment by: walkero ( 16 Sep 2021, 17:07File version: 1.3.0
I can assure you that there are more files in there 😝
Comment by: marko ( 14 Sep 2021, 15:16File version: 1.3.0
Huh, file contents shows only one file, an icon..?
Comment by: 328gts ( 12 Sep 2021, 17:08File version: 1.3.0
thanks ! working great here on my X1000 :-)
Comment by: walkero ( 12 Sep 2021, 13:16File version: 1.3.0
Thank you so much Alessandro for your kinds words. A new version is in the works. Have fun with it.
Comment by: Alessandro Bacchia ( 11 Sep 2021, 07:18File version: 1.3.0
Your program is fantastic! Very useful!

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