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 File comments for:  Office » Spreadsheet » ignition_68k.lha


Description: Spreadsheet program
Download: ignition_68k.lha
Version: 1.0beta1
Date: 06 Dec 2007
Category: office/spreadsheet
FileID: 3244
RSS Feed url: http://os4depot.net/modules/comments/rssfeed.php?file=office/spreadsheet/ignition_68k.lha

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Comment by: Pierre ( 16 Mar 2019, 22:32File version: 1.0beta1
Some data are lost when I reload my document... especialy at the top left of the spreadsheet.

Thank you.
Comment by: GChris ( 07 Apr 2010, 18:41File version: 1.0beta1
For UK users who get German text when starting the program, try adding (US) English as a second language in your locale settings after British English!
Comment by: anonymous ( 18 Dec 2007, 14:32File version: 1.0beta1
Please port it to AmigaOS 4, thanks.
Comment by: AlexC ( 12 Dec 2007, 23:57File version: 1.0beta1
You have config/deutsch.functions maybe that's why?

If not, let me know via email (amigaone/theworld/net) and I'll email you back an
lha archive with my ignition dir.
Comment by: swoop ( 08 Dec 2007, 20:03File version: 1.0beta1

This is the Ignition Directory:-

; Directory tree of "Work2:ignition"
; Created by Shrub ©Lee Kindness
; Creation date: Saturday 08/12/2007 19:31

icons (dir)
| __pref_colors.icon
| world.icon
| undo.icon
| sort_reverse.icon
| sort.icon
| separator.icon
| redo.icon
| prefs_tool.icon
| prefs_sys.icon
| prefs_screen.icon
| prefs_protect.icon
| prefs_printer.icon
| prefs_names.icon
| prefs_menu.icon
| prefs_keys.icon
| prefs_icon.icon
| prefs_format.icon
| prefs_file.icon
| prefs_display.icon
| prefs_colors.icon
| prefs_cmds.icon
| parentheses.icon
| obj_rect.icon
| obj_pic.icon
| obj_line.icon
| obj_frame.icon
| obj_circle.icon
| obj_checkbox.icon
| obj_button.icon
| info.icon
| drucken.icon
| diagram_line.icon
| diagram_column.icon
| diagram_area.icon
| comma--.icon
| comma++.icon
| columns.icon
| border.icon
catalogs (dir)
| english (dir)
| | ignition.catalog
sheets (dir)
| Computing with types.igs
| heather nova.igs
| Golf.igs
| Diagramm.igs
| Datenbank.igs
config (dir)
| ignition.prefs
| ignition.session
| pointer.prefs
| english.functions
| deutsch.functions
help (dir)
| english (dir)
| | ignition.guide
rexx (dir)
add-ons (dir)
| area_diagram.gcdescr
| ascii.iodescr
| button.gcdescr
| checkbox.gcdescr
| circle_diagram.gcdescr
| column_diagram.gcdescr
| csv.iodescr
| frame.gcdescr
| gradient.gcdescr
| line.gcdescr
| line_diagram.gcdescr
| polygon.gcdescr
| rectangle.gcdescr
| text.gcdescr
| turbocalc.iodescr
| area_diagram.gc
| ascii.io
| button.gc
| checkbox.gc
| circle_diagram.gc
| column_diagram.gc
| csv.io
| frame.gc
| gradient.gc
| line.gc
| line_diagram.gc
| pScroller.gadget
| pTextEdit.gadget
| rectangle.gc
| text.gc
| turbocalc.io

I hope this helps
Comment by: AlexC ( 08 Dec 2007, 06:19File version: 1.0beta1
I'm not sure how this may be happening to you, here the only german things are
the example spreadsheets.

After reviewing the files that came in the archive, I can only assume that you
have some of the german files in there.

Check in ignition/catalogs/, maybe you don't have the english drawer in there?
Also make sure that in ignition/ you have the config, help, and misc drawer
contents from the locale_english.lha not the deutsch one.

That should be it.
Comment by: swoop ( 08 Dec 2007, 01:54File version: 1.0beta1

On starting ingition I get a "Ignition-Meldung" requester.

Once Ignition has loaded all the drop-down menus are all in english, which is
It is the sub-menus/requesters which are in german.
If you select the following:-
Project/load - ASL Requester is in German.
Project/save - ASL & datatype requester in German
The same goes for Project/pagesetup, Project/info, project/print etc.

I am not criticising this project, I think it's great, but as I don't read
German is of
limited use to me without a lot of trial and error.
Comment by: AlexC ( 07 Dec 2007, 22:17File version: 1.0beta1
I installed it by hand and it works fine, made it open on wb with a bit of
tweaking, (had to set the monitor size to 40x30cm.

the menus open where they should and are all in english here.
Comment by: swoop ( 07 Dec 2007, 16:09File version: 1.0beta1
the prenefence meuns are in german, as are most of the requesters.
I use spreadsheets a lot, but read geman very little.
Comment by: anonymous ( 07 Dec 2007, 15:42File version: 1.0beta1
Errm... os4depot is specifically for OS4 native programs.
Comment by: SZAMAN ( 07 Dec 2007, 11:43File version: 1.0beta1
68k application in OS4Depot? No!
Comment by: Lazi ( 07 Dec 2007, 10:46File version: 1.0beta1
It is a very promising and much needed development, but currently not an OS4
application. It is confusing to be uploaded here.
Comment by: OldFart ( 07 Dec 2007, 08:36File version: 1.0beta1
FONTS Tooltype simply set to FONTS:. No change or setting needed during install,
me thinks.
Could I have my own colourscheme, please?
Menus are not attached to window?
Comment by: acefnq ( 07 Dec 2007, 06:55File version: 1.0beta1
now this is starting to look very very promising. Nice work Axel.


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