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 File comments for:  Utility » Docky » x1ktemp.lha


Description: CPU Temp Monitor docky for the X1000
Download: x1ktemp.lha
Version: 53.10b
Date: 31 May 2015
Category: utility/docky
FileID: 9342
RSS Feed url: http://os4depot.net/modules/comments/rssfeed.php?file=utility/docky/x1ktemp.lha

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Comment by: tonyw ( 17 Dec 2015, 06:28File version: 53.10b
Alex, I have found a problem with allocation of signals. Every time the WB is redrawn (after a GUI change, for instance), ramlib has one more signal allocated. After 13 or 14 redraws, the system crashes because ramlib can't allocate any temporary signals for its I/O.

I found that the number is 13 with older version 53.9, but 14 with 53.10b. I can provide you with a crash log if you like.

To reproduce, simply open the Prefs drawer, click on "GUI", toggle the Effects/Compositing checkbox and click "Use". The 14th time you click "Use", the system will crash.
Naturally, if you remove X1kTemp from AmiDock, the crash does not happen.

Comment by: abalaban ( 31 May 2015, 12:05File version: 53.10
Yes you are right I have uploaded another version, it is in the upload queue.
Comment by: samo79 ( 30 May 2015, 23:56File version: 53.10
Archive corrupted ?
On the latest 53.10 all catalogs seems missed, maybe other files aren't included aswell ...
Comment by: Ddni ( 02 Jan 2014, 13:21File version: 53.9
@zzd10h. Apologies the anonymous comment was mine. Yes I use CPUdocky too. With further research, I read about the issue with using it and x1kdocky together. Now to devide between them!
Comment by: zzd10h ( 02 Jan 2014, 00:14File version: 53.9
@anonymous :
Do you use CPUDock too ?
Comment by: anonymous ( 01 Jan 2014, 21:55File version: 53.9
@Walkero. I get the right click crash too. However I allowed the installer to add it to Amidock for me. Any fix yet?
Comment by: walkero ( 06 Aug 2013, 23:12File version: 53.9
With the last version 53.9 if you by mistake install it on AmiDock twice, then if you press your right button of the mouse anywhere above the amidock, the amidock crashes badly and freezes the system. Tried to find out if this happens with other dockies, but didn't find any. Does anyone else have the same issue?
Comment by: sundown ( 10 Jun 2013, 01:30File version: 53.9
The sb600 max operating temp is 105C, mine was at 52C at the time, I don't think the case temp (ambient) is the same point the data sheet is talking about. I don't think the x1000 is so badly designed that it needs to be shut down on a hot day, I intend to use my system all Summer long, in any case. I urge you to ask for more info on the readings & what they mean. I'm guessing as Summer heat increases, more ppl will complain about shutdowns. I love the program, just want it to work right.
Comment by: abalaban ( 09 Jun 2013, 23:53File version: 53.9
Comment by: sundown ( 09 Jun 2013, 20:12File version: 53.9
It was the case temperature, figured that out later, it hit 45C. Why have you marked the ambient (case) temp as critical, its not, only the other 3 are. I ended up going back to v53.7 so I could continue using my system. Even commenting out the case warning tooltype didn't help.
Comment by: abalaban ( 09 Jun 2013, 16:36File version: 53.9

There is no way to deactivate the critical temperature check (critical temperature can permanently damage your hardware). However it's strange it spawn at 60C for core1, it only should be activated at 85C for core1 and core2, and 45C for the ambiant/case. It's more probably the case temperature that trigerred the power off, maybe some dust on the case fan/filters prevent correct cooling?
Comment by: sundown ( 09 Jun 2013, 03:47File version: 53.9
Hot day today, 90F in my room. Even with all warning commented out, my system was shutting of when core1 reached 60C. I was forced to disable the docky to keep my system running.
Comment by: LyleHaze ( 24 May 2013, 20:52File version: 53.8
Very nice!
My core temps are in the low to mid 50's, so I raised the warn limit a bit.
Case 34c
CPU 46c
Core1 54c
Core2 54c

Terribly minor detail:
The warning text says it went above 55 when it really just reached it.
And if that's the biggest "bug" I can find then it is just great.

Comment by: blmara ( 09 May 2013, 21:05File version: 53.7
There seems to be some debugging code left in the X1ktempdocky v. 53.7. After updating to that version I get the following output from Sashimi:

[OpenLocaleCatalog] ILocale='6fe7cc40', ddCatalog='00000000'
[RegisterApplication] AppId=3

Comment by: Raziel ( 20 Apr 2013, 12:11File version: 53.6
Now if you could add CPU usage it would be perfect :-)
Comment by: Stanglnator ( 17 Apr 2013, 21:59File version: 53.5
Comment by: Phantom ( 16 Apr 2013, 16:08File version: 53.5
With the new update I got (in Celsius always):

Case: 30, CPU: 42 (was 47-48 before), Core1: 49, Core2: 50 (was 41-42 before).
Comment by: Phantom ( 09 Apr 2013, 10:20File version: 53.3
Nice docky thanks. Anyone knows what are the default temperatures. I'm getting (in Celsius):

Local: 29, CPU: 47, Core1: 48, Core2: 41.
Comment by: xenic ( 09 Apr 2013, 00:18File version: 53.2
The only automatic installation I see is an autoinstallscript assumes a previous installation and doesn't ask where you want it for a first install. The script doesn't have the script protection bit set, so you can't run it from the command line without using the execute command. I have the same problem as others with the docky working; it doesn't. Thanks for writing the docky; I have my X1000 in a tight space under my desk and need a way to monitor the temperature.
Comment by: abalaban ( 07 Apr 2013, 23:55File version: 53.2
sorry guys seems you should not make a release when you are in hurry before leaving for the nursery to see your brother in law first son... i ll fix all that tomorrow.
Comment by: TSK ( 07 Apr 2013, 22:17File version: 53.2
I can confirm it's most likely Picasso96API.library which causes this issue.

With manual installation I meant like you have done instead if using installation scripts.
Comment by: Raziel ( 07 Apr 2013, 15:52File version: 53.2

How do you install it "manually"?
I open the prefs of AmiDock and try to "add" it to a dock --> nothing


Picasso96API.library 2.359 here aswell
Comment by: cha05e90 ( 07 Apr 2013, 15:21File version: 53.2
Snoopy: Seems to fail with "Picasso96API.library, 53". My X1000 sports:
"Picasso96API.library 2.359" - maybe this is the culprit?

Comment by: TSK ( 07 Apr 2013, 15:04File version: 53.2
Installing it manually and it v53.2 works here.
Comment by: cha05e90 ( 07 Apr 2013, 13:56File version: 53.2
Confirmed, doesn't do anything. BTW: The Autoinstall script still has references to "CompareDirs".
Comment by: cha05e90 ( 07 Apr 2013, 13:55File version: 53.2
Confirmed, doesn't do anything. BTW: The Autoinstall script still has references to "CompareDirs".
Comment by: Raziel ( 07 Apr 2013, 12:00File version: 1.0
Hi Alex,

no, sorry, the upload queue version do have the icons inside now, but it still refuses to do anything.
Adding it to a dock does not do anything, it won't be added, it won't show up.

And the guide says that i should use the provided installer...but, there is none?
Comment by: abalaban ( 07 Apr 2013, 11:46File version: 1.0
New verison is in upload queue, please use this one, it should fix every problem.
Comment by: Raziel ( 07 Apr 2013, 11:18File version: 1.0

Something went wrong, adding of that docky does nothing.
Double clicking tells me there is an "Unknown data type for X1kTemp.docky"
Comment by: anonymous ( 07 Apr 2013, 09:31File version: 1.0
Oops - I assume there's missing something in this archive.

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