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 File comments for:  Utility » Misc » assist.lha


Description: A knowledge base for AmigaOS users
Download: assist.lha
Version: 2.12
Date: 23 Jun 2015
Category: utility/misc
FileID: 9367
RSS Feed url: http://os4depot.net/modules/comments/rssfeed.php?file=utility/misc/assist.lha

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Comment by: dan.hutch ( 28 Jun 2015, 12:49File version: 2.12

I had considered a website in the past and have not ruled it out. However, there are features of Assist that would not be feasible on a website and I will focus on for these time being. Thanks for the feedback.
Comment by: ddni ( 20 Jun 2015, 23:03File version: 2.11
Having used this a few times, I really appreciate your hard work on it but I can't shake the feeling that it may work better as a website.
Comment by: gtmooya ( 12 May 2014, 21:28File version: 1.9
Thanks all for the feedback!


Fullscreen was removed as switching to fullscreen seems to cause a GrimReaper here, although only when launching Assist from AmiDock (strangely). This is a long standing bug that I've not found a solution to. Unless I can find a solution the plan is to take out fullscreen completely in 2.0 rather than leave in a buggy feature. If I can fix it will probably add a fullscreen button to the top left with current buttons for prefs, etc.

The 'lost' layer issue is one I've come across at random once or twice but not been able to replicate. Will take another look, may resolve itself as I plan to rewrite Navigation.hws for the 2.0 release.
Comment by: HKvalhe ( 12 May 2014, 19:07File version: 1.9
Thank you again for this new version :) Works marvellous and gets better and better! Keep up the excellent work! :)
Comment by: samo79 ( 12 May 2014, 15:36File version: 1.9

Thanks for the new version!
I see you have removed the fullscreen option in prefs, well at this point how about reintroducing it using (so in this case adding) a zoom gadget of the window

Aniway i also found a new crash in letter A (AmigaOS.net link)

Cannot find layer "103" in current BGPic!
File: Navigation.hws (current line: 13 - In function: SetLayerStyle)

But i can replicate a similar issue also on other letters, just the layer name will change but problem seems always related to BGPic and Navigation.hws
Comment by: ddni ( 12 May 2014, 13:52File version: 1.9
This getting better and better. Time for a download I think! Thanks
Comment by: whose ( 19 Feb 2014, 16:36File version: 1.8
Comment by: gtmooya ( 19 Feb 2014, 13:23File version: 1.8

Thanks for the feedback, glad you like Assist!

For Downloads a different destination can be set in Preferences. There is no standard path for this in AmigaOS so thought best to default to somewhere in RAM Disk. Will change this so that Assist asks for user to choose own location first time they download anything rather than defaulting to RAm Disk.

Had stopped using Commander recently on my A1-500 as noticed it wasn't working properly, although I assumed it was A1-500 related as recently moved from a Sam440 (where Commander worked fine) to the new machine.

Comment by: whose ( 18 Feb 2014, 10:53File version: 1.8
Comment by: whose ( 18 Feb 2014, 10:49File version: 1.8
Comment by: gtmooya ( 17 Feb 2014, 09:43File version: 1.8

Have uploaded a fixed archive (currently in the queue). The image in the Brushes drawer that should be renamed is 'icon', should be renamed 'assist'.

The issue of not being able to restart the program after an error is due to the file T:Assist/status being not being deleted. This file is there to stop Assist being run multiple times and to show the display if the program icon is clicked and Assist is already running but iconified or hidden. Will try to a better way that takes into account errors like this.

Thanks for the report.
Comment by: zzd10h ( 17 Feb 2014, 07:41File version: 1.8
"Error locking Brushes/assist!" at startup.
It seems that you forget to include this picture. By just duplicating another one to "Brushes/assist" allow to start Assist.
Another thing, when crashing, it's impossible to restart except to manually delete the T:Assist drawer.
Comment by: gtmooya ( 19 Dec 2013, 10:19File version: 1.71

Fixed in 1.72, thanks for reporting.
Comment by: HKvalhe ( 19 Dec 2013, 07:00File version: 1.71
Installed the latest version, and it works perfectly well on my system, synchronized with Jack Appstore. Thanks again for another excellent update :-)
Comment by: samo79 ( 19 Dec 2013, 03:32File version: 1.71
Using the new 1.71 i got a new crash in prefs window:

Function p_prefsiconifybusy() not found!
File: Assist.hws (current line: 83908 - In function: func)
Comment by: gtmooya ( 18 Dec 2013, 11:00File version: 1.7

Have uploaded version 1.71 which fixes this issue. Also found the same issue affected the log when the user specified a custom location that didn't exist when Assist tried to find it. Thanks for reporting.
Comment by: HKvalhe ( 01 Dec 2013, 21:06File version: 1.62

I'm happy to try to help and that this problem will be fixed in the next version of Assist :) However, i solved the problem by removing ALL OLD traces of Assist, like you said, installed the 1.7 version and made it running again, after removing these files you mentioned.

I went into Assist Preference and chose it to connect to Jack AppStore and download files and applications from there, which will be installed in the Home Directory's User Files Download section of Jack, where i have this Home Directory in Diverse :) While Assist itself is placed in SYS:Utilities, i do not have download stuffs and such in SYS, but in Diverse.

But now we know where this bug is and why it happens, the Preference should remember the settings properly and NOT create this bug that happened.

I'm sure this will be solved for the next version, which might be 1.8 or 1.7.1.

Thanks in advance :) It's a really great tool :) Could you also mention tools like TheMaestrix and OctaMED SoundStudio, as such are still widely used by many users, like myself.
Comment by: gtmooya ( 01 Dec 2013, 20:51File version: 1.62

Managed to produce the bug. Essentially Assist is trying to check whether the destination set for Downloads is a file or folder before checking whether it actually exists which causes the error.

This can happen if the user has set the Downloads destination in Assist's Preferences, but actually just go with the default location T:Assist/Downloads rather than specify their own path.

Open a Shell and enter the following command to delete the problem settings file:

delete ENVARC:Assist/downloads

Then reboot or delete T:Assist/status before attempting to open Assist again.

Thanks for reporting, will fix in next update.
Comment by: HKvalhe ( 01 Dec 2013, 20:06File version: 1.62
It would seem that i would have to give the same Download path as Jack is using, which means in Diverse in the Home Directory of Jack in the User Configuration, where Downloads is.

Ok, i try again, with the latest version 1.7. Wish me luck :)
Comment by: gtmooya ( 01 Dec 2013, 19:59File version: 1.62

Looks as though there may be a problem with the path Assist is trying to access for Downloads.

If you can get to Assist's Preferences try changing the Downloads destination to another drawer or use the 'Reset' option and the bottom.

If not, make sure Assist is closed. Navigate to ENVARC:Assist and delete the file called 'downloads' if it exists.

Because of the error you may need to either reboot or delete T:Assist/status before you can open Assist again, otherwise you may keep getting the message saying Assist is already running.
Comment by: HKvalhe ( 01 Dec 2013, 19:49File version: 1.62
It's interesting to have the changes the new kernel causes in mind. The problem with Assist now is frustrating. Hope it will be fixed, but for now, i have left it out of my system until the solution is in place. Your comments however are interesting ones, djrikki. Probably unrelated yes, but there is a good point in what you are saying.
Comment by: djrikki ( 01 Dec 2013, 19:36File version: 1.62
Okay ignore my comment its unrelated.
Comment by: HKvalhe ( 01 Dec 2013, 19:34File version: 1.62
Ok, i tried again, downloaded Assist 1.62 again from Jack AppStore, and tried to run Assist. It gave this Hollywood error message: "Error locking T:Assist/Downloads/! File: Functions.hws (current line: 286 - In function: lsDirectory). That is the error it creates.
Comment by: djrikki ( 01 Dec 2013, 19:31File version: 1.62
Unless of courses its nothing to a DSI.
Comment by: djrikki ( 01 Dec 2013, 19:29File version: 1.62
Perhaps I can shed some light on this. Yes, there is an outstanding Hollywood issue that has already been reported to the developer. It appeared after the most recent Kernel update and has been pinpointed to the 'DownloadFile' function, this function can cause a DSI to appear. Hopefully this will be fixed shortly.
Comment by: HKvalhe ( 01 Dec 2013, 19:25File version: 1.62
Give me a moment to trace down the problem. I'm trying again, then i come back to you, gtmooya.
Comment by: gtmooya ( 01 Dec 2013, 19:13File version: 1.62

Are you able to give any more details of what the message is and what seems to trigger the error? I take it you are using Assist's 'Download in Jack' option? Thanks.
Comment by: HKvalhe ( 01 Dec 2013, 17:58File version: 1.62
Version 1.62 and the new 1.7 causes a Hollywood error when the latest Jack 4.1 is installed. I have unfortunately removed Assist, until this bug is fixed. As it is related to a Hollwood issue, it leaves me to think that something has to be fixed in that language.
Comment by: gtmooya ( 03 Nov 2013, 15:41File version: 1.62
Comment by: zzd10h ( 03 Nov 2013, 14:59File version: 1.62
Thank to mention, in your "What's new" the new "Time based' function of FlipPaper 1.4...
but I don't have released yet this version ;)
Comment by: gtmooya ( 30 Sep 2013, 08:35File version: 1.61

No problem. Yes, that's normal for 'What's new?'. Thanks.
Comment by: zzd10h ( 30 Sep 2013, 07:46File version: 1.61
Thank you to have added aTunes.
In the "What's new" part, is it normal that the entries are not clickables ?

Works great !
Comment by: gtmooya ( 17 Aug 2013, 16:21File version: 1.6
Thanks for reports, will fix in next update.
Comment by: samo79 ( 13 Aug 2013, 21:53File version: 1.6
Yep confirmed, here the crash:

Cannot find layer "15" in current BGPic!
File: Navigation.hws (current line: 57 - In function: HideLayer)
Comment by: Nicsoft ( 13 Aug 2013, 21:12File version: 1.6
I think there is a bug in the latest version!
Choosing the letter "I" and selecting page 2 makes Assist crash...
Comment by: gtmooya ( 13 Aug 2013, 13:10File version: 1.6

Will come for the tutorial articles later, they work differently to the A to Z so numbering needs to be implemented in a different way for these.

Have been thinking of adding a pull down or pop-up menu for a while but need to learn how. Thanks for the links, will do some reading. :-)
Comment by: samo79 ( 13 Aug 2013, 04:39File version: 1.6
Pretty nice, thanks :-)
however i noted that the arrows are not present into the article section, but just on the "letter" section

Just a though, for the future releases do you think you can add in Assist a support for the popup menu (gadget) ?

Comment by: gtmooya ( 22 Jul 2013, 17:11File version: 1.51

Good to hear, thanks!


Nice idea, will add soon. Thanks for the feedback.
Comment by: samo79 ( 19 Jul 2013, 11:00File version: 1.51

I have a small feature request :-)

- When for a "letter" we have more that one page availible would be cool to add number reference with the numbers of the page so users will know exactly how many page is availible for a certain letter, for example say we have 4 pages for a letter:

1/4 --> (page 1 to 4)

Etc for any multipage .. :-)

That reference page numbers can be added between the back/forward AISS arrows
Comment by: HKvalhe ( 18 Jul 2013, 11:35File version: 1.51
AmiUpdate brought up the latest version 1.51, and it works very well. It's faster, too. Thanks :)
Comment by: samo79 ( 14 Jul 2013, 02:55File version: 1.42
Yep just tried the new 1.42 and the problem is solved at 100%

Thanks ;-)
Comment by: anonymous ( 13 Jul 2013, 14:06File version: 1.4

Uploaded a new version (0.41), should work ok now. Thanks for reporting.
Comment by: gtmooya ( 13 Jul 2013, 10:26File version: 1.4

Looks like it might be related to the Jack AppStore option. See if the file ENVARC:Assist/jack exists and if so delete it. Let me know how you get on, thanks.
Comment by: samo79 ( 13 Jul 2013, 03:41File version: 1.4
Version 1.4 crash at startup!

Cannot read beyond end of file!
File: Start.hws (current line: 58- In function: ReadLine)
Comment by: gtmooya ( 10 Jun 2013, 08:49File version: 1.1
Seems there was a missing image, am uploading a fixed archive. Thanks.
Comment by: samo79 ( 10 Jun 2013, 03:51File version: 1.1
Iconify in Assist 1.2 seems broken

Cannot read file iconify !
File: Assist.hws (current line: 89257 - In function: LoadBrush)
Comment by: gtmooya ( 21 May 2013, 18:10File version: 1.01

Glad you like Assist and thanks for taking the time to demo! Tutorials for the other themes are on the way, so watch this space as they say. Requests for particular tutorials are welcome as are contributions (see blog).
Comment by: amigaprez ( 21 May 2013, 09:47File version: 1.01
Just demoed this great piece for our user group tonight here in Sacramento, CA, USA. Everything worked well with the exception of the "theme" buttons. Only the "System and Workbench" theme showed any content. The rest were blank. Are they coming soon? We hope so.
Comment by: samo79 ( 18 Feb 2013, 19:05File version: 0.91

All bugs seems fixed now, thanks :-)
Comment by: gtmooya ( 18 Feb 2013, 12:01File version: 0.9

Thanks, fixed in 0.91 (currently in upload queue).
Comment by: samo79 ( 18 Feb 2013, 09:39File version: 0.9
Agg another one :-)

Cannot find layer "play" in current BGPic!
File Assist.hws (current line: 147 - In function: HideLayer)

Now i will to check exactly how to reproduce it but i was in "Tour section"
Comment by: samo79 ( 18 Feb 2013, 09:34File version: 0.9
Comment by: gtmooya ( 18 Feb 2013, 09:21File version: 0.9

Thanks for the reports. In prefs all the buttons should be clickable as well as text, I overlooked this when I came back to working on Assist yesterday.

I'll see what I can do about the requester, thinking about it there's probably a way Assist can identify whether it's running on a Sam460 or not.

Update on it's way :-)
Comment by: samo79 ( 18 Feb 2013, 02:04File version: 0.83
Another little glitch that still in latest 0.9

in "F" if you click on the "flash" item a download of the FlashPlayerPlugin will started automatically, the correct way (as any other downloadable file from Assist) would be to use the download button on the right :-)
Comment by: samo79 ( 18 Feb 2013, 01:39File version: 0.83
Found a bug in Assist 0.9, when i click on "Iconify while downloading" option in prefs i always got an Hollywood crash.

Function _p_prefshldedisplay() not found!
File: Assist.hws (current line; 87678 - In function: funct)

i didn't set anythings, i just start Assist clicking on that option.

Also a suggest, i understand that on Sam460 the fullscreen may have issue, but on all other machines having a confirm requester to go in fullscreen still a bit annoying ... please can you add an option, maybe as tooltype in order to active/disactive this extra requester ?

BTW: The "Fullscreen" option can't be enabled clicking on the "red circle" button but only clicking on the text ?
Comment by: gtmooya ( 30 Dec 2012, 20:17File version: 0.81

Not been able to reproduce on Sam440, will have to investigate further.
Comment by: djrikki ( 29 Dec 2012, 12:47File version: 0.81
Full screen mode freezes mouse pointer on SAM460ex. Had to CTRL+C to break Assist and then delete envarc:assist/fullscreen to remove.
Comment by: gtmooya ( 20 Jun 2012, 08:55File version: 0.64

Bug fixed in next release (0.65). Sorry, managed to miss this bug somehow in the last two updates :-)
Comment by: samo79 ( 15 Jun 2012, 05:26File version: 0.62
Just found another bug in version 0.63

Clicking on thumbnail of the Abiword section (the video)

Wrong operator for this type!
File: Assist.hws (current line: 7665 - In function: func)
Comment by: samo79 ( 12 Jun 2012, 01:41File version: 0.61
Assist is looking for a brush image called drawers_preview which has been renamed video_drawers (changed names of some brushes due to a planned new feature). I can't find any more references to the old file name in the script which is puzzling as it must be there to create this error. :-/

Running from RAM is unrelated, however running a 'fresh' copy rather than an AmiUpdate of 0.5 would partly explain updating via AmiUpdate will have left the old brushes untouched therefore Assist could still access the old drawers_preview brush and the error wouldn't occur.

Ah-ah thanks for explain, you are right still a bit strange, but almost now all seems fixed, i will test it further for sure but with 0.62 all seems ok for now !

Thanks !
Comment by: anonymous ( 11 Jun 2012, 21:21File version: 0.61

Assist is looking for a brush image called drawers_preview which has been renamed video_drawers (changed names of some brushes due to a planned new feature). I can't find any more references to the old file name in the script which is puzzling as it must be there to create this error. :-/

Running from RAM is unrelated, however running a 'fresh' copy rather than an AmiUpdate of 0.5 would partly explain updating via AmiUpdate will have left the old brushes untouched therefore Assist could still access the old drawers_preview brush and the error wouldn't occur.

Anyway, did find a bug related to the same video and another which meant they wouldn't play and not been able to recreate the error in 0.62 so hopefully the problem is fixed now.

Comment by: samo79 ( 11 Jun 2012, 20:01File version: 0.61
No need to "sorry" at all, bugs are normal so we are ;-)

Sadly I noted also the other bug that still not fixed yet -->

Cannot read file drawers_preview !
File: Assist.hws (current line: 114096 - In function: LoadBrush)

Altrough with a different number/line compared to my previews report ... my test is nothing special at the end, i just open the progran (in RAM at the moment) and then i browse the various links/letters of Assist, then at some point it crash here or there ,,
Comment by: gtmooya ( 11 Jun 2012, 18:02File version: 0.61

Sorry about this, will take another look.
Comment by: samo79 ( 11 Jun 2012, 17:44File version: 0.61
Thanks mate, however after a very quick try (starting Assist 0.61 from RAM DIsk) i had a very similar issue, this time clicking on "Tour" link and then on "b" letter

Cannot find layer "__layer73" in current BGPic!
File: Assist.hws (current line: 2683 - In function: SetLayerStyle)
Comment by: gtmooya ( 11 Jun 2012, 08:47File version: 0.6

Thanks for the reports, have fixed the bugs in the new version I've just uploaded. Thanks again for the feedback.
Comment by: samo79 ( 11 Jun 2012, 03:11File version: 0.6
And another one when i browse the various content (i was in fullscreen) clicking on the letters)

Cannot read file drawers_preview !
File: Assist.hws (current line: 114096 - In function: LoadBrush)

Comment by: samo79 ( 11 Jun 2012, 03:04File version: 0.6
Latest version 0.6 crashed on my system when i select the "Tour" option and then a letter (i press "A")

Cannot find layer "__layer74" in current BGPic!
File: Assist.hws (current line: 2698 - In function: SetLayerStyle)
Comment by: gtmooya ( 13 May 2012, 11:24File version: 0.5

Thanks, will take a look at OS4Coding and let you know how I get on. Would be great to have asynchronous downloading, especially for the larger downloads.
Comment by: djrikki ( 13 May 2012, 07:27File version: 0.43
If you want source code for asynchronous downloading let me know, however the code is on OS4Coding anyway, you are free to use it. It has only been writing with HTTP Redirection in mind which OS4Depot uses, doesn't work with Aminet at present, HW bug, Andreas knows about it.
Comment by: gtmooya ( 06 May 2012, 22:43File version: 0.43

Good to hear the problem's fixed, may well have had something to do with starting from RAM Disk. This shouldn't cause problems any more. Thanks again for the feedback.
Comment by: samo79 ( 06 May 2012, 10:47File version: 0.43
Cool latest 0.43 seems pretty fine now, no more crash even when i start it from RAM ;-)
So yes bug is fixed, thanks !
Comment by: gtmooya ( 04 May 2012, 21:38File version: 0.41

Wasn't able to recreate the error, but I think the Startup script was probably to blame. This has been updated in 0.43 (currently in upload queue). Hopefully it behaves better now?
Comment by: gtmooya ( 04 May 2012, 20:10File version: 0.41

Thanks for the feedback. Assist now looks for a DOWNLOADS: assign on startup, if not found it should temporarily assign this to RAM Disk. Have previously tested here and didn't come across this error, will run a few more tests and see if I can fix.
Comment by: samo79 ( 04 May 2012, 04:37File version: 0.41
Mmm just download 0.42, unarchived in RAM and when i start it i got this:

AmigaDOS Process: 512
Insert a disk
In a unit

Process: "if"

Then sometimes program start and sometimes not, i got an Hollywood error so Assist will be closed
Comment by: Leszec ( 29 May 2011, 23:36File version: 0.1
Nice Idea;but- Workbench is small, only Execute command and Find?
Comment by: gregthecanuck ( 28 May 2011, 00:02File version: 0.1
Nice work - looks very handy!
Comment by: Lio ( 27 May 2011, 17:50File version: 0.1
good idea !
Comment by: Daniel ( 27 May 2011, 12:39File version: 0.1

The intention is to help users learn the shortcuts, especially new users or those have been away for a while. The idea came from something similar I saw for Ubuntu, of course most of these are listed in the menus but some are not that obvious/easy to remember. I have discovered some 'hidden' shortcuts after some research that still work in OS4.1 and will add these in the near future. Thanks.
Comment by: kas1e ( 27 May 2011, 12:17File version: 0.1
Should to say, while its can looks like "simply work", still, its very handy and helpfull. I even learn some new combos :)

Its all the combos avail in current WB, or it have some more, which you just not type here ?

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