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 File comments for:  Utility » Print » lpr_dev.lha


Description: network printing utility (via Unix LPR protocol)
Download: lpr_dev.lha
Version: 44.6
Date: 13 Mar 2006
Category: utility/print
FileID: 1714
RSS Feed url: http://os4depot.net/modules/comments/rssfeed.php?file=utility/print/lpr_dev.lha

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Comment by: Mark ( 14 Mar 2006, 12:48File version: 44.6
To install the print services for unix on win 2000/xp simply go to control panel
add/remove software/windows components, select other file and print services
then add print services for unix. Then follow the guide on AW.net for lpr.device
using the windows sharename as the queue name.
Comment by: walkero ( 14 Mar 2006, 08:33File version: 44.6
I'd like to know if there is a guide of installing the Print services for unix
in windows 2000 and xp, and make it to work with lpr.device and a printer
connected to the pc.
Comment by: BobW ( 14 Mar 2006, 05:00File version: 44.6
lpr and lpd are common in the unix world. Basically this allows the amiga to
print to computers running an lpd queue. This can include both linux and
optionally windows computers. Many printers with ethernet ports also have lpd
running internally. Most networked HP printers should work out of the box.

Both Windows 2000 and XP professional include an optional install of "Print
Services for Unix". With this installed your amiga can print to your
windows box. I use this today to print from my Mac to my XP box.
Comment by: Samwel ( 13 Mar 2006, 23:49File version: 44.6
Drivers for each printer is still needed for OS4. This is a device
file that emulates the parallel port through the ethernet port.

What I wonder is, what else is needed for this to work?
I have my PC and AmigaOne connected to my router. Does this setup
need Samba or can it work without any other software except drivers
for the actual printer?
Comment by: spot / up rough ( 13 Mar 2006, 22:30File version: 44.6
wow! this sounds like a _really_ usefull tool to me.
i had problems printing from most apps under aos4, so... will this magically
solve the printing probs, i mean, is this one easy to set up and use? are modern
printers supported?...

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