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 File comments for:  Utility » Workbench » amisnap_fx.lha


Description: Iconify any window on your wb with FX
Download: amisnap_fx.lha
Version: 1.4
Date: 25 Nov 2008
Category: utility/workbench
FileID: 4275
RSS Feed url: http://os4depot.net/modules/comments/rssfeed.php?file=utility/workbench/amisnap_fx.lha

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Comment by: jaokim ( 07 May 2009, 21:06File version: 1.4
I however managed to fx-away my Workbench window, where all of the iconified icons go, and, since the Workbench window was iconified I couldn't get it back. Just ending the program with Exchange solves it, but then you have to know the shortcuts to Exhcange or Amisnap, which might not always be the case.
Could the Workbench window perhaps be excluded, or minimized as a window somehow?

Perhaps an application.library thingie which adds an icon to AmiDock where all the iconified windows are?

Otherwise: nice little program!
Comment by: Cool_amigaN ( 15 Feb 2009, 12:12File version: 1.4
Using version 1.4 works like a charm also here. Awesome utility, should be included along with OS 4.x . Thank so much, I was looking for something like this!
Comment by: walkero ( 28 Nov 2008, 20:49File version: 1.4
1.4 works like a charm. It is really great.
Comment by: AlexC ( 15 Feb 2007, 08:54File version: 1.2
Pfff, in the rush I forgot to update the template description in the readme...
Comment by: AlexC ( 15 Feb 2007, 08:07File version: 1.2
Watch out for 1.3 ;-)
Comment by: anonymous ( 15 Feb 2007, 00:40File version: 1.2
About the appicon, I was thinking about letting the user set the name length
too, but spent so much time chasing bugs that I wanted to get it out as soon as
I finally nailed the buggers...
To avoid requiring the user to copy an icon somewhere I just use
"env(arc):sys/def_iconify.info" but I could make it user-definable
too, though Ideally I'd like to use the icon from the program getting iconified
if there's one and there's a way to find it.

You can easily speed-up the effect (e.g. tweak the value from "inc
*=10;" or remove the 2nd WaitTOF() in the source), but I can't prevent the
initial flash with the current layer drawing approach. I need more time to
figure out a better way.

Ah yes, sorry I thought I just copied and pasted the address from the previous
readme, and didn't spot/remember the "replace file" procedure.
Comment by: spot ( 14 Feb 2007, 16:23File version: 1.2
eh... i noticed now that this feature is already implemented *blush*
but could you please make it up to the user to decide how many chars that are
allowed before cropping?
Comment by: spot ( 14 Feb 2007, 16:18File version: 1.2
Oh!.. I just came to think of a feature that could make things look prettier.
How about an option to only display X numbers of chars from the window titles?
As it is now, if you iconify a lot of apps, the iconified icons end up add
different X locations as the names differ in lenght.
I have CED iconified now for example, and the icon name is 'CygnusEd
Professional V4.20' a bit on the long side. Say I could specify that amisnap
will only display 8 characters, then it could look like this 'CygnusEd...' much
nicer. Obviously the three dots indicate that the name is shortened. Me is
holding thumbs for this feature.
Comment by: spot ( 14 Feb 2007, 16:14File version: 1.2
yepp, really nice and usefull app. the flash annoys the hell out of me though,
so the fx is going to the bin here. it's faster without the fx too :) looking
forward to see version 2.0. Consider speeding up the FX a bit for 2.0 please.
Which default icon does it use for iconified windows? Maybe there is one for
iconified apps hmm..
Comment by: orginAt: 14 Feb 2007, 15:47File version: 1.2
Please do not obfuscate your email address, you only give the admins more work
to un-obfuscate your email address. OS4Depot obfuscates the address for you.

The replaces field was incorrect, please use the [Replace file] link on your
files readme page when replacing your file if you are unsure on how to enter all
fields correctly.

Read this for more information:
Comment by: anonymous ( 08 Jan 2006, 00:13File version: 1.1
nice tool, perhaps you can make it useful for closing programs?

i could use that feature :)
Comment by: AlexC ( 03 Dec 2005, 05:04File version: 1.1
Now I remember why I didn't keep it the other way.. because I can't.
Leaving the window in front means it can't take a snapshot of the background and
thus won't erase the window at all.

Simply put, and you'll see the problem, here's how it works:
1) Bring window to front (buggy, will be fixed in 1.2)
2) Copy image of window area to temp bitmap buffer
3) Hide window
4) Copy image of now visible background to bg bitmap buffer
5) Display the previous temp bitmap of window area
6) merge and display shrinking temp on top of background bitmap
7) display the background bitmap alone to restore the layer

The flash happens between 2 and 4, and I have no idea how else I could get a
snapshot of what's hidden by the window without closing it, even so briefly.
The alternative would be to use a completely different approach, with the bitmap
shrinking in a borderless window rather than painting directly on the screen,
but that will have to wait until 2.0 :-)
Comment by: AlexC ( 02 Dec 2005, 23:09File version: 1.1
Hmm, I thought I had done that already. I guess I didn't save the last changes.

I can't reproduce it here. I use a Radeon 7500, 24bit WB with Smart Refresh. I
don't know if that would make any difference.
If you're using OS4 Pre3 it might also be some rtg bug that got fixed since on
my betatester's system.
Comment by: anonymous ( 28 Nov 2005, 23:43File version: 1.1
Unfortuantely it didn't work on my system. If I iconfy AwebPPC, when part of
window is off the screen, workbench screen gets corrupted!

Comment by: Jorge ( 27 Nov 2005, 03:24File version: 1.1
Cool program. However, There is a short "flash" when the effect
HideWindow( sw->sw_Window );
#ifdef EFFECT
// Delay(10L);
if (back) {

if (zoom && back && tmp)

Hide window is called before TransZoom, which means the window disapears before
it zooms. At least on my machine this is pretty visible. A possible solution
would be to hide the window after the backbuffer has been drawn at least once.

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