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 File comments for:  Utility » Workbench » cmeditor.lha


Description: Context menus editor
Download: cmeditor.lha
Version: 0.4b
Date: 22 Dec 2007
Category: utility/workbench
FileID: 3289
RSS Feed url: http://os4depot.net/modules/comments/rssfeed.php?file=utility/workbench/cmeditor.lha

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Comment by: Jack ( 12 May 2008, 08:55File version: 0.4b
A feature request: task pri field for commands.

Comment by: Jack ( 01 Apr 2008, 20:09File version: 0.4b
Just now got a chance to setup some extra menus with it, and fount it extremely
useful and flexible!
Great stuff!
Comment by: anonymous ( 18 Dec 2007, 14:04File version: 0.3b
I like it thanks. :)
Comment by: CentaurZ ( 11 Dec 2007, 18:44File version: 0.3b
Maybe the default configuration should match ContextMenus' builtin .cfg file
instead of blank menus , I can change that (by the way, if you need this cfg,
just open CM's binary with Notepad).

oops ! :)
Comment by: MastrOne ( 10 Dec 2007, 17:16File version: 0.3b

Comment by: Jack ( 10 Dec 2007, 16:40File version: 0.3b
Readme's tooltype assymes sys: == workbench4.0:
And as already noted, default cfg is an empty one:-(

Otherwise: excellent proggy:-)

Comment by: swoop ( 10 Dec 2007, 12:44File version: 0.3b
Do you have AISS installed? It is one of the requirements, and to me that sounds
like a GUI issue.
Comment by: Mastrone ( 10 Dec 2007, 08:12File version: 0.3b
CMEditor Error
Unable to create speedbar !

Not starts :(

Cconfig amiga One 1000 mhz
Ati 9200 se

Comment by: swoop ( 08 Dec 2007, 19:49File version: 0.3b
On my A1 prefs/env-archive/contextmenus.cfg does not exist, hence I get blank
windows on the editor. By default if prefs/env-archive/contextmenus.cfg does not
exist I know contextmenus uses it's own hard coded menus. If I do not enter the
whole menu config correctly, I presume I will bork the systems existing context
I have a copy of one on a previous os4 installation, but is it possible to
include a sample config file, for new OS4 users, etc.
Comment by: MichaelMerkel ( 08 Dec 2007, 18:29File version: 0.3b
a great piece of software - and very nice looking!

Comment by: PEB ( 08 Dec 2007, 16:41File version: 0.3b
Very nice editor!

This is a great little app for anyone who likes to use (and customize)


___ Paul ___

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