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 File comments for:  Utility » Workbench » flipclock.lha


Description: Nice Weather-Flipclock for your desktop
Download: flipclock.lha
Version: 53.2
Date: 09 Feb 2013
Category: utility/workbench
FileID: 7707
RSS Feed url: http://os4depot.net/modules/comments/rssfeed.php?file=utility/workbench/flipclock.lha

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Comment by: fingus ( 13 Jan 2015, 10:01File version: 53.2
They changed the weather-api, so flipclock will not show weatherinfos anymore.

Flipclock will have an update in the future, but to be a clock only.
For weather you can use that other tool that will be releases this year.
Comment by: daveyw ( 24 Aug 2014, 00:53File version: 53.2
Has the weather server stopped working? I don't get weather info anymore.
Comment by: Phantom ( 10 Feb 2013, 12:31File version: 53.2
@ fingus

Thanks. E-mail sent.
Comment by: fingus ( 09 Feb 2013, 15:19File version: 53.2

I use SANS-Font. Normally the Font should play no important role here. Please send me more infos about that Problem with Screenshot to my E-Mail-Adress, written in the Flipclock-Requester by pressing Help-Key or "?"-Button.
Comment by: Phantom ( 09 Feb 2013, 12:15File version: 53.2
@ fingus

What font do you use to display the date? There's a problem when you have a localized Workbench; thanks in advance.
Comment by: zzd10h ( 09 Feb 2013, 10:52File version: 53.2
Great, very useful. Bravo !
Comment by: Sofistisoftware ( 20 Jan 2013, 15:04File version: 53.1
Very nice and useful application! Congratulation good work, it works very well on my Sam460, the previous LimpidClock gave me problems with usb and something else... i hope in a localized version and full compositing support, thanks again
Comment by: fingus ( 26 Nov 2012, 12:09File version: 53.1

Compositing is not fully supported by Hollywood, in future versions maybe.
Comment by: asor12 ( 26 Nov 2012, 03:11File version: 53.1
Cool great release.. how about adding compositing for real transparencies ?
Comment by: toaks ( 25 Nov 2012, 21:38File version: 53.1
awesome app, i am so happy that its working again =)
Comment by: zzd10h ( 25 Nov 2012, 00:30File version: 53.1
Great, I missed your application.
Thank you for FlipClock
Comment by: Phantom ( 24 Nov 2012, 20:39File version: 53.1
Works excellent and much more convenient than before. May I ask the author what font does the app uses? Thanks in advance.
Comment by: djrikki ( 28 Sep 2012, 12:03File version: 1.1
Which weather service do you plan to replace it with? The one Jack uses is wundergroud, but they made the free RSS feed obsolete moving over to a paid model - no-one is gonna pay weather on their desktop!
Comment by: fingus ( 28 Sep 2012, 09:26File version: 1.1
Comment by: Raziel ( 16 Nov 2011, 08:16File version: 1.1
Yay...shower him with thanks...and feature requests :-D
Comment by: Phantom ( 08 Nov 2011, 22:45File version: 1.0
Strange. It says file isn't executable (although everything is RWED). Any clues?
Comment by: Phantom ( 08 Nov 2011, 14:24File version: 1.0
Ok, thanx mate.
Comment by: whose ( 07 Nov 2011, 23:51File version: 1.0

Use "WBStartup_Flipclock", if you want to start it using WBStartup Prefs. Only "WBStartup_Flipclock", NOT "flipclock". The latter one is not intended for this purpose and restores the Tooltypes. So a "DONOTWAIT" will vanish after flipclock starts.

If you use "WBstartup_Flipclock" with WBStartup Prefs, the DONOTWAIT tooltype should be registered automatically, because its set to the WBStartup_Flipclock icon by default.
Comment by: Phantom ( 07 Nov 2011, 22:46File version: 1.0
There seems to be a problem when you make it to boot via WBStartUp Prefs. Although I've set not to wait till finish I got a requester everytime I boot. Anyone with the same problem?
Comment by: fingus ( 07 Nov 2011, 13:41File version: 1.0
Bugtracker is now open, thanks must go to origin!

Comment by: fingus ( 07 Nov 2011, 09:47File version: 1.0
Please write to agnuz6569@gmx.de, my Webserver is currently offline due Server-Movement!
Comment by: fingus ( 07 Nov 2011, 09:45File version: 1.0
Comment by: Raziel ( 06 Nov 2011, 19:03File version: 1.0
Comment by: Raziel ( 06 Nov 2011, 19:01File version: 1.0
Comment by: K-L ( 06 Nov 2011, 18:59File version: 1.0

-- info: only use lowercase chars here!!

Maybe the unit is taken either from the language used (fr should bring km/h) or by the choosen location.
Comment by: Phantom ( 06 Nov 2011, 16:37File version: 1.0
@ Raziel


@ K-L

What's your tooltypes look like then? Because there aren't any tooltypes options for forecast and wind to show in km/h.
Comment by: K-L ( 06 Nov 2011, 14:44File version: 1.0
Comment by: Raziel ( 06 Nov 2011, 13:37File version: 1.0

me??? never, farenheit will stay if you talking me to fix it :-D

fingus is the author ;-)

There are lots of little bugs.
1) Farenheit cannot be changed in the forecast
2) Wind speed cannot be changed to km/h
3) There neither seem to be any updates to the weather data once the clock has been started nor are there any notifications after the startup one
Comment by: Phantom ( 06 Nov 2011, 12:11File version: 1.0
@ Raziel

Thanks. So it seems that it needs only the city, no country. Hope that you can update the forecast to Celcius too (it's only farenheit).
Comment by: Raziel ( 06 Nov 2011, 06:29File version: 1.0

1) See my first comment...activate the window and keep ESC pressed until it will go away
2) Read the readme...enter your city in LOWERCASE letters (weather_location=your_city)
Comment by: Phantom ( 06 Nov 2011, 01:07File version: 1.0
A few questions if you don't mind.

1. How I can quit it entirely and restart it with the new tooltypes? I pressed Ctrl+C, it quitted but it doesn't restart since then (only after a reboot).

2. How I can find how I will enter my city and country for the weather forecast, any hint?

Thanks in advance.
Comment by: Phantom ( 06 Nov 2011, 00:55File version: 1.0
A few questions if you don't mind.

1. How I can quit it entirely and restart it with the new tooltypes? I pressed Ctrl+C, it quitted but it doesn't restart since then (only after a reboot).

2. How I can find how I will enter my city and country for the weather forecast, any hint?

Thanks in advance.
Comment by: mpiva ( 05 Nov 2011, 23:29File version: 1.0
Very nice but, despite the current temperature being in Celcius, the forcast temperatures are in Fahrenheit. How do I get it ALL in Celcius?
Comment by: jacknife ( 05 Nov 2011, 19:51File version: 1.0
thanks...... :)
Comment by: spotupAt: 05 Nov 2011, 16:30File version: 1.0
Looks nice!
Comment by: K-L ( 05 Nov 2011, 13:30File version: 1.0
Very nice tool and very useful. But it doesn't seem to update itself (it's raining where I live and it still says "Clear" but Wet says "raining").

And I do not get any notification while it's activated in the ToolTypes. See it live : http://amiga-ng.org/resources/DiamClockMplayer.jpg :-)
Comment by: hotrod ( 05 Nov 2011, 13:30File version: 1.0
Thanks! One issue solved :) . Now I whonder why it never gets any data :( .
Comment by: fingus ( 05 Nov 2011, 11:28File version: 1.0

You can use it of course WITH COMPOSITING ENABLED!
Comment by: Raziel ( 05 Nov 2011, 10:27File version: 1.0
This could become my new clock...if you got my mail ;-)

The timer polling is set to a greater value to save resources, this leads to a sluggish input read.
You can close the window by activating it and keep ESC pressed, it will eventually go away :-)
Comment by: hotrod ( 05 Nov 2011, 10:21File version: 1.0
Nice looking app! Has been thinking that it would be nice to have something like this and here it is :-) .

Two questions. First of all I can't make it get temperature. For location I've tried "stockholm" and "bromma" without the " marks.

Second issue is that if I quit it with Exchange I can't start it again, only with a reboot(?).
Comment by: orginAt: 05 Nov 2011, 09:03File version: 1.0
That looks scarily familiar, hmm, lets' check my HTC Desire .. ;)
Comment by: spektro ( 05 Nov 2011, 08:08File version: 1.0
Nice polished look. I like it a lot. Many thanks!
Comment by: tekmage ( 05 Nov 2011, 00:59File version: 1.0
Great looking app, really nice work. Looking forward to updates!
Comment by: Phantom ( 04 Nov 2011, 23:10File version: 1.0
Many thanks. I was searching for it. :-)
Comment by: samo79 ( 04 Nov 2011, 22:47File version: 1.0
Yaaa an awesome little tool ! :-D

Comment by: anonymous ( 04 Nov 2011, 22:35File version: 1.0
Comment by: Tuxedo ( 04 Nov 2011, 22:31File version: 1.0
really nice!
but unfortunately until it supports compositing I cant use it...
I reallt need real transparency effect...

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