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 File comments for:  Utility » Workbench » fuelgauge.lha


Description: Volume gauges underneath hard drive icons
Download: fuelgauge.lha
Version: 2.3
Date: 17 Feb 2017
Category: utility/workbench
FileID: 10160
RSS Feed url: http://os4depot.net/modules/comments/rssfeed.php?file=utility/workbench/fuelgauge.lha

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Comment by: Tuomas ( 25 Jan 2011, 13:08File version: 2.0
The last "manually" should be automaticly.
Comment by: Tuomas ( 25 Jan 2011, 13:05File version: 2.0
You have to add your partitions manually either using VOLUMES tooltype or using the GUI. It doesn't find any partitions manually.
Comment by: fingus ( 25 Jan 2011, 00:17File version: 2.0
It doesnt show me more than my two first of my four partitions on OS4.1.2!
Comment by: jabirulo ( 14 Sep 2008, 21:59File version: 1.5
Hi, I transalted it to spanish but can get your email, so I can send
.ct/.catalog to you.

email plz??

mine is: javierdlrATeuskalnetDOTnet
Comment by: Tuomas ( 13 Sep 2007, 09:49File version: 1.3

[quote]When you switch screenmodes/gui etc, you need to close down fuelgauge.
There is no workaround for this other than killing the commodity?[/quote]
It's a bug in Intuition. Iconify it. Click one of the gauges and select
"Iconify" from the menu. No need to close it down.
Comment by: haymigga ( 11 Jun 2007, 11:17File version: 1.2
When you switch screenmodes/gui etc, you need to close down fuelgauge. There is
no workaround for this other than killing the commodity?

Comment by: Sprocki ( 10 Jun 2007, 18:59File version: 1.2
Nice tool. You could include an alternative to not display a gauge below the
disk icon itself but colour the icon from bottom to top as if you would look
into a bottle that is 3/4 filled.
Comment by: Tuomas ( 08 Jun 2007, 11:31File version: 1.1

Thanks for pointing these things out. These are fixed now.
Comment by: Thematic ( 05 Mar 2007, 16:05File version: 1.1
If you set this commodity "inactive", it will start to hog cpu cycles.
Or at least, upon removing it, general slowdown vanished.

Also the maximum update interval of 5 seconds is somewhat low, when the disk(s)
are not being accessed. ty for listening
Comment by: anonymous ( 28 Feb 2007, 21:10File version: 1.1
great!, i know Haymigga has wanted this for ages and heh its not like i will not
use it as i love it so it will stay for sure!.

Keep up the good work.
Comment by: haymigga ( 28 Feb 2007, 18:54File version: 1.1
thanks for update, hope you find time to work further on it as it's really
everyday usefull
Comment by: Tuomas H. ( 26 Feb 2007, 16:16File version: 1.0
I found that font tooltype bug and it's fixed now. (I had a wrong command in the
Comment by: AlexC ( 24 Feb 2007, 22:10File version: 1.0

I launched FuelGauge with Snoopy running and from the output I can tell that it
has some hard-coded "FONTS:Bitstream" strings somewhere because it

FuelGauge: FAIL = Open("FONTS:Bitstream .font",OLD) = [0x00000000]
FuelGauge: FAIL = Open("FONTS:Bitstream .otag",OLD) = [0x00000000]

Looks like it doesn't handle the string passed by the FONT tooltype correctly as
buffer still contains parts of the hard-coded string.

If you need a hand, email the source or at least the related lines to AmigaOne
at theworld dot net and I'll check it out.
Comment by: Severin ( 24 Feb 2007, 13:51File version: 1.0
I have 14 partitions, 1 displays correctly, the only difference is the icon
image. it might be the png icon plugin, I'll create some double image icons and
see if they work ok
Comment by: haymigga ( 24 Feb 2007, 09:43File version: 1.0
snapshoted mine 4 drives with no problem here... works like a charm
Comment by: anonymous ( 24 Feb 2007, 09:42File version: 1.0
I've been missing this a lot! Thanks for making it as none of the old programs
that did this on os3x works on os4.

perhaps add pop-up on gauge to display MB Free/Used
Comment by: Severin ( 23 Feb 2007, 18:41File version: 1.0

Yes, all icons have been snapshot-ed, I noticed they didn't display the guage in
the right place unless you did...
Comment by: Tuomas H. ( 23 Feb 2007, 13:11File version: 1.0
I just verified that snapshot thing.
Comment by: Tuomas H. ( 23 Feb 2007, 13:06File version: 1.0
I found out that my programs can't use DejaVu fonts and I don't know why. I'm
using IDiskfont->OpenDiskFont and ta_Name=(STRPTR)FontName (<=char
[1024+1]), ta_YSize=FontSize (<=uint16), ta_Style=FS_NORMAL and

Severin: Do you have snapshotted all your icons ? It might be that icons must be
snapshotted otherwise my program can't read correct coordinates. I'm reading
icon coordinates from DiskObject.do_CurrentX and DiskObject.do_CurrentY.

I hope somebody can help me a little bit.
Comment by: Severin ( 22 Feb 2007, 23:00File version: 1.0
AlexC & Tuomas:

I tried to use DejaVu Sans Condensed as the default font and it wouldn't accept
it, just kept popping up an unable toload font message, I even cut'n'pasted the
font name from an ASL requester to make sure I had it right :-(
Comment by: AlexC ( 22 Feb 2007, 20:38File version: 1.0
Neat proggy!

The default font should probably be set to DejaVu instead as it replaces
Bitstream Vera

For the commodity example, checkout AmiSnap_FX.lha as the 1.0 AmiSnap.lha
doesn't show how to intercept a second launch.
Though in your case you're running multiple instances so you'd have to make
quite a few changes to monitor multiple volumes from a single instances, but it
can be done :-)
Comment by: Severin ( 22 Feb 2007, 18:56File version: 1.0
Tuomas H:

it's a single image png icon http://www.am1ga.net/disk.info

Grab a copy of AmiSnap, the full source is included and is a commodity, so
should show you how it's done...
Comment by: Tuomas H. ( 22 Feb 2007, 13:21File version: 1.0
What type of icons have you which have problems ?

I think I would make it as commodity but I want to finish some other projects
first and I must learn how to make commodities first.

Quote: "This is a losy descriptopn of the file"
I think losy == lousy and descriptopn == description !?
It's not easy to think good descriptions and my English skills aren't good. Good
suggestions are welcome !
Comment by: anonymous ( 21 Feb 2007, 23:40File version: 1.0
with a few updates this one will be one of "the keepers" for sure.

Comment by: Severin ( 21 Feb 2007, 18:44File version: 1.0
Rebooted again just in case, error is still there, screen grab here:
Comment by: Severin ( 21 Feb 2007, 18:40File version: 1.0
Found a bug... It doesn't work with all icon images, I just replaced mine and
the guage that is set to the right is being displayed UNDER the left hand side,
even after a reboot :(
Comment by: Severin ( 21 Feb 2007, 18:27File version: 1.0
Nice idea, it needs a few things though...

Either 2nd run quits or detect if the tooltypes have been changed and update

The reaction is excellent but needs a way to set the width, having it the same
as the icon is way too big, a quarter or eigth would be better.

Comment by: RWO ( 21 Feb 2007, 16:43File version: 1.0
This is a losy descriptopn of the file..

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