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 File comments for:  Utility » Workbench » lastused.lha


Description: List last used apps & docs
Download: lastused.lha
Version: 1.1
Date: 02 Dec 2008
Category: utility/workbench
FileID: 4298
RSS Feed url: http://os4depot.net/modules/comments/rssfeed.php?file=utility/workbench/lastused.lha

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Comment by: Lio ( 18 Aug 2010, 20:30File version: 1.1
thats probably because all softwares from Microsoft office suite have an entry menu for last used files so the last opened documents which used to be under the start menu became obsolete.
still for our system, it is a good idea instead of browsing twice or more through drawers to reopened a file you just closed...
is it not possible to capture something like "openfile()" call instead of using application.library which is basically so little used ?
sorry if that sounds weird but I am no coder, as you might guess :-)
Comment by: Tuomas ( 17 Aug 2010, 21:18File version: 1.1
And I also think lists/menu/folder of last used docs was popular in Win95/98/XP days but not any longer.
Comment by: Tuomas ( 17 Aug 2010, 21:15File version: 1.1
It's the Application.library, which is part of the AmigaOS, doing the job. You should thank AmigaOS dev team, not me. My programs are GUI's only to display some data. It's up to applications to call functions of Application.library to support these features.
Comment by: Lio ( 16 Aug 2010, 21:12File version: 1.1
well what are these applications then (besides the one which are by default, Amiupdate, prefsobjeditor and tunenet) ?
All I tried do not appear in the lastapps window...
and nothing appears on the lastdocs window...
commodity like this should be integrated within the OS (more system-friendly IMHO).
Thanks anyway for trying to bring "new" concept/idea to our platform :-)
Comment by: Tuomas ( 16 Aug 2010, 17:17File version: 1.1
I tested them on my computer and they worked. Unfortunately very rare apps supports these OS features. :-(
Comment by: Lio ( 15 Aug 2010, 20:24File version: 1.1
while I appreciate the concept and idea behind it does not seem to work under AOS4.1u2 :-(
Comment by: jaokim ( 25 Mar 2009, 18:27File version: 1.1
I tried it, but it didn't like my hardrive name "HÃ¥rddisk", with an a with a dot. UTF-8 decoding?
Comment by: Tuomas ( 06 Nov 2008, 16:23File version: 1.0
Quote: "it's because Notepad & FinalWriter don't use the new
I was going to say this in the readme but I forgot.
Comment by: abalaban ( 06 Nov 2008, 11:50File version: 1.0
it's because Notepad & FinalWriter don't use the new application.library... For
example amisounded seems to use it.
Comment by: JCC ( 06 Nov 2008, 04:03File version: 1.0
How does the last document program work? I tried running it, but the window
doesn't list files opened or saved with notepad or FinalWriter.

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