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 File comments for:  Utility » Workbench » reorg_win.rexx


Description: cleanup by column & resize to fit & snapshot win
Download: reorg_win.rexx
Version: 1
Date: 06 Jan 2007
Category: utility/workbench
FileID: 2479
RSS Feed url: http://os4depot.net/modules/comments/rssfeed.php?file=utility/workbench/reorg_win.rexx

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Comment by: gtmooya ( 07 Nov 2014, 18:30File version: 1
Nice little script, very handy addition to context menus! Thanks.
Comment by: madmin ( 06 Jan 2007, 16:01File version: 1
for exemple, rename ContextMenus.cfg edit it and add where you want this line :
Directory,Clean,CLI,rx REXX:reorg_win.rexx, (enable contextmenu commoditie) if
the line not present reboot, you can change Directory,... with Drawer Icons
Multiple etc, a line is added to context menu and in my example cliking Clean :
execute the script reorg_win.rexx, many thanks hyperion and can you recreate the
standard workbench menu whith yhis system ! many AmigaOS4 users want it ! i
promise if you make it, i create a nice gui for all menu/context definition
Comment by: madmin (the uploader) ( 06 Jan 2007, 15:39File version: 1
look at the file, in your directory
/sys/prefs/env-archive/ContextMenus.cfg.Sample_A1 there is a big way : combining
variation of my script reorg_win.rexx and context menu enabled make automation
cool ! i test now
Comment by: keisangi ( 06 Jan 2007, 11:28File version: 1
hey that little script is great!
i used it as a template to create others..
f1 show as icon and resize to fit
f2 show as text (resize to fit doesn't seems to work here)
and f4 use the opendrawer.rexx to open asl req to choose location to open.

with thoses little scripts i'll use more workbench and less dopus4

thanks for this.. that was exactly what i needed :)
Comment by: PEB ( 06 Jan 2007, 09:58File version: 1
Thanks Franck for this nice little script.

In order to run it from its icon, change it to a "Tool", check (tick)
"Script", and under the icon tab, set the "Start from" to

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