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 File comments for:  Utility » Workbench » switcher3d.lha


Description: Window and screen switcher
Download: switcher3d.lha
Version: 4.1
Date: 06 Apr 2012
Category: utility/workbench
FileID: 7031
RSS Feed url: http://os4depot.net/modules/comments/rssfeed.php?file=utility/workbench/switcher3d.lha

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Comment by: TSK ( 11 Apr 2012, 23:34File version: 4.1
>"Perhaps switcher3d should directly use CompositeTags() and NOT Warp3D nor MiniGL so it will avoid to reallocate/convert the windows as textures
As CompositeTags() directly use bitmaps (as textures) it will economize memory"

Obviously yes. But I haven't had time to find out how that Boing demo from Hans works. Unfortunately my routines which works fine with Warp3D doesn't work with Compositing. Don't know what's wrong.
Comment by: thellier ( 11 Apr 2012, 10:34File version: 4.1
Perhaps switcher3d should directly use CompositeTags() and NOT Warp3D nor MiniGL so it will avoid to reallocate/convert the windows as textures
As CompositeTags() directly use bitmaps (as textures) it will economize memory

Comment by: Tuomas/TSK ( 15 Sep 2011, 15:09File version: 3.1
I've made a mistake when packing my archive and forgot to disable/clear BGPIC tooltype. Disable or remove BGPIC tooltype or replace the path to any picture file of your choice. BGPIC means background picture. That fixed path to a picture in the tooltype of course is good for my hard drive and its content only. Kuvat=Pictures, Maisemat=Landscapes and Taustakuvia=Backdrops.

I've been working on a new version of Switcher3D written from scratch from time to time.
Comment by: samo79 ( 15 Sep 2011, 13:09File version: 3.1
I did a fresh installation --> OS 4.1 Update 1, then 2 and 3 so my system is clean

But i get this error:

Switcher3D ERROR: Can't find background picture KUVAT:Maisemat/oceans_063.jpg
Comment by: fingus ( 18 Nov 2009, 11:05File version: 3.1
I have still a litte bit flickering on scrolls of screens. It flickers before it scrolls!
Comment by: meet.mrnrg ( 12 Dec 2008, 23:42File version: 3.1
the program relies on a Image that resided on an assigned drive.
BGPIC = blah, non-existent assign and file path.
Use Icon Information and re-set value manually.
Comment by: Tuomas ( 25 Jun 2008, 16:16File version: 3.1
Quote: "Is currently Switcher3D using 3D acceleration from gfx card to enach its
Yes !
Comment by: Zettmaster ( 19 Feb 2008, 23:33File version: 3.1
Can you make a video on youtube? Great work!
Comment by: Tuxedo ( 02 Feb 2008, 21:57File version: 3.1
Every new version was nicer! :)
I think only 3(almost 2 easy to do) things needed to daily use for me:

1 - Change background color for switch animation(an RGB tooltype wellcome)
2 - Have to get much speed creating thumbs and made it antialiased, currently
wasnt so nice to see isometric thumbs.
3 - can scroll between thumbed screens pressing again hotkey like on windows,
was faster thgan choise it with mouse and much comfortable.

P.S. Is currently Switcher3D using 3D acceleration from gfx card to enach its


Comment by: Jack ( 22 Jan 2008, 22:34File version: 3.0
Wow, animation speed!!!
You're hero:-)

So far found the following issue: CUBE animation and FLYING do the same thing,
probably the FLYING thingie.
While trying to get grips on this tried WINDOW tooltype return from alt-tabbed
mode doesn't redraw the top fifth of the screen properly (leftovers of windows'
thumbnails are there).

Keep on! Great proggy.
Comment by: Tuomas ( 21 Jan 2008, 22:27File version: 2.93
It's possible to slow down animations pressing shift key. Now there's 3
different speed settings for animations from version 3.0.
Comment by: Jack ( 15 Jan 2008, 11:25File version: 2.93
Another question/request: is it a big deal to add some
"slowdown" cube rotation?
I think it is more an issue of number of frames in the animation issue...

Comment by: Tuomas ( 09 Jan 2008, 23:56File version: 2.93
Small correction. I tested it just a moment ago. Pressing and releasing a zoomer
key without touching a mouse wheel doesn't cause any crash.
Comment by: Tuomas ( 09 Jan 2008, 23:51File version: 2.93
It's not possible to disable it completely ATM. Just use such key which you
don't hit accidently.

If I start scrolling mouse wheel right after pressing activation key it might
cause that crash but waiting a little bit and it doesn't crash most likely. You
can test that feature if you don't have anything important open and unsaved and
if you are not trying to get uptime record ;-)
Comment by: Jack ( 09 Jan 2008, 21:17File version: 2.93
Correction: "ZOOMER_KEY=" causes the zoom key to default to decimal
128 (hex 80), tilde upstroke.
The original tooltype had decimal 80 (hex 50, F1 downstroke).

How do I disable it except of using the upstroke a spare key I have here ?
Comment by: Jack ( 09 Jan 2008, 20:56File version: 2.93
Really nice commodity:-)
Let me request some features:
cube rotation speed (too fast here).

And there seems to be undocumented feature:
an empty zoomer key tooltip seems to disable the feature:
(decided to disable it due to the bug fat warning in docs)


Comment by: Tuomas ( 30 Sep 2007, 19:00File version: 2.9beta
Some keyboards have three "Winblows logo" keys and I've heard some
keyboards have only two. If there's three of them there's two "Winblows
logo"s and one "menu" key. It's between the right "Winblows
logo" and the right "Ctrl". Two of the "Winblows logo"
keys are used as "Amiga logo" keys (left Amiga and right Amiga) on
Amiga systems. If you have only two of them you can't use that "menu
key" feature in Switcher3D. Extra keys on "multimedia keyboards"
could be one solution to use instead of that "menu" key. I have to add
user defineable key codes option to Switcher3D.
Comment by: HD ( 29 Sep 2007, 06:24File version: 2.9beta
Excuse my ignorance but where is the "menu" key on my PS2 keyboard?
I have a key to the right of my space bar, ALT, then what possibly could
be the "menu" key, but it doesn't do anything when I press it.
After that key is CTRL...
Comment by: anonymous ( 13 Jun 2007, 23:36File version: 2.02
Correction! It now seems to be working, bit slow, bit I'll have a play with the
Comment by: anonymous ( 13 Jun 2007, 23:18File version: 2.02
nope on my my Micro, does come up with fancy muiltcoloured windows, a bit like
the orginal Amiga 1000, here's the 4,025 colours at once picture. Although they
do look arranged like the demo pictures, they're not recongnizable as any of the
open screens. This is on a 512Mg Micro.

"Switcher3D ERROR: Can`t create ZBuffer. Not enough gfx mem
ZBuffering will not be available"
Comment by: Tuomas ( 13 Jun 2007, 17:56File version: 2.02
Yes that's how it works now (v2.0?).
Comment by: Petrol ( 13 Jun 2007, 00:35File version: 2.01
I don't know how to say that, but when I do LAmiga+Tab, the switch3d appears and
I must do a LMbutton click on it to get the 3D's windows. And All windows are
visible back. No error message!
(A1XE g4 radeon 9200 128mb)
Comment by: Tuomas ( 12 Jun 2007, 21:23File version: 2.01
Btw. Is it better call it "Window and screen manager" not
"switcher" ?
Comment by: Tuomas ( 12 Jun 2007, 21:21File version: 2.01
People with MicroA1 and having problems test a new 2.02 version and enable one
of the two tooltypes "lowres" or "small_size" !
Comment by: nubechecorre ( 12 Jun 2007, 01:51File version: 2.01
Doesn' t work even here.. :-( I also have a micro ...
Comment by: anonymous ( 11 Jun 2007, 18:24File version: 2.01
Still not working on my Micro... "Switcher3D ERROR: Can`t create ZBuffer
ZBuffering will not be available" And the fancy shaped triangle thingys

Comment by: Tuomas ( 11 Jun 2007, 16:15File version: 2.0
"I hope it will work better now"
= It should use less gfx mem now.
Comment by: Tuomas ( 11 Jun 2007, 16:12File version: 2.0
You who had problems with Switcher3D v2.0 test the new version v2.01 when it's
downloadable please. There's a new tooltype "ENABLE_MENU_KEY" (which
is actually enabled by default). Disable it when needed. And I changed texture
handling so I hope it will work better now.

Comment by: Severin ( 11 Jun 2007, 15:40File version: 2.0
@ Sprocki

erm.. I thnk you've commented on the wrong program ;-)

@ Tuomas

MS dropped support of the right windows key with XP iirc and a lot of the
keyboard manufacturers no longer provide the key (at least inthe UK, cheaper I
suppose), I've got a big box full of keyboards here and about half don't have a
right windows keys.
Comment by: Sprocki ( 10 Jun 2007, 11:21File version: 2.0
Nice tool. You could include an alternative to not display a gauge below the
disk icon itself but colour the icon from bottom to top as if you would look
into a bottle that is 3/4 filled.
Comment by: Tuomas ( 09 Jun 2007, 01:39File version: 2.0
Quote: "Switcher3D ERROR: Can`t create ZBuffer", "gradient
That's because not enough free graphics memory (most likely). Just checked from
IntuitionBase that microA1 has only 32 MB. I have 64 MB. I have to change the
whole program work differently so it will draw one item at a time and free some
memory before handling next item and so on. (I was afraid of that that kind of
problems might happen.) (That's why the other OSes have big hardware
requirements.) And I think I should put more error testing in it.

I didn't think there exists such keyboards. I was already thinking to make it
possible to disable "menu" key function but I didn't add that yet.
Maybe I uploaded this thing too early !?
Comment by: Severin ( 08 Jun 2007, 23:28File version: 2.0
I get a "Switcher3D ERROR: Can`t create ZBuffer
ZBuffering will not be available}" error here, probably a lack of free gfx
memory on my µ.

Another little problem, on some keyboards the menu key has to be mapped to the
right-amiga key because they have no right-windows key. I suggest using ctrl-tab
or make it user definable.
Comment by: nubechecorre ( 08 Jun 2007, 21:58File version: 2.0
Doesn't work here.. i get a low screen resolution and a gradient rectangle when
i press the tab and left amiga keys.. :-(

I tried all the animations mode on and off..
Comment by: Tuomas ( 08 Jun 2007, 11:45File version: 1.1
I just submitted a new version (2.0) of Switcher3D. I have Radeon7000 (and 600
MHz CPU) and I hope you people could tell me how do it perform with better
Radeon cards and high screen resolutions, please.
Comment by: Tuxedo ( 03 Apr 2007, 13:00File version: 1.1
With new version of Swicther3D in special behaviour, I cant see screen modes...
Another problem was that pop up window was really slow now(especially for 2d
preview...) :(


Comment by: Severin ( 03 Apr 2007, 02:42File version: 1.1
Nice improvements, the top triangle of the screen switch animation is white now,
I still think black is better...

What I would like to see is if you move the mouse to the edge of the screen and
left it there for a couple of seconds it did the 3d rotate to the previous
screen (left side) or next screen (right). it would need to be a couple of
seconds to not interfere with dopus' parent buttons.
Comment by: shoe ( 31 Mar 2007, 10:04File version: 1.0
cool util, love it. It's been said before, but ... What about a Warp3D version
with some cool effects? :)

Thanks for your work!
Comment by: BillE ( 29 Mar 2007, 16:43File version: 1.0
Brilliant, I love it.

Just found one problem though.

A screen with a backdrop window but no others open will show and you can click
to go to that screen. For some reason the title bar of that screen goes missing.

If other windows are open, the backdrop does not show and clicking on one of the
other windows returns to the screen and the titlebar is still there.

It looks as if when switching to another screen via clicking a backdrop window,
the switching method puts the window over the screen titlebar - even though as a
backdrop window it shouldn't.

Any ideas ?

Apart from that little bug, I love it and have been rotating my Amiga screens
all day :o)
Comment by: Hans ( 29 Mar 2007, 14:54File version: 1.0
Nice program. My advice would be to go with MiniGL. It's already in the SDK. You
can find some example code to look at. Also, because it's a subset of OpenGL,
any OpenGL book/tutorial will help you understand the system. And there's
http://nehe.gamedev.net with plenty of tutorials to help you.
Comment by: amipal ( 28 Mar 2007, 23:33File version: 1.0
Lovely stuff - works a treat on my AmigaOne G4 XE, 512 Mb and Radeon 9000.
Comment by: Tuxedo ( 28 Mar 2007, 21:28File version: 1.0
REALLY nice stuff!!!!!
Only few thing to do imho:

1 - Can choose to choose from windows+screen, only windows or only screens to
switch to...choose screen rotation speed...

2 - Better and better looking title(maybe appearing when mouse pointer on top

3 - Thumbs size

4 - Alt+Tab to cycle widows/screens (like on alt+tab on win, maybe if you press
alt+tab another thing when switcher3d activated)

5 - Warp3D version with various screen "rotation" effects :)

How ever GOOD WORK!

My system:

A1G3SE@666 os4final 512mb Radeon9250.
Comment by: pixie ( 28 Mar 2007, 21:21File version: 1.0
such time wasted with such lousy implementation... exposé the way
to go! ;)
It's cool still as a proof of concept
Comment by: Severin ( 28 Mar 2007, 20:58File version: 1.0
Incredibly slow here on 1680x1050 and for some reason the top triangle of the
screen switch animation is red, black would be better. Try asking Cobra about
the w3d stuff, he might have a few tricks from writing warpview.
Comment by: PEB ( 28 Mar 2007, 20:32File version: 1.0
Once I changed my window refresh from "simple" to "smart",
Switcher3d started working perfectly.
Very nice program. I am eagerly awaiting further developements!
Comment by: Petrol ( 28 Mar 2007, 20:07File version: 1.0
I'm using DarkOS theme, on a G4XE (1024*768). It's running pretty fast here ;).
Comment by: Tuomas ( 28 Mar 2007, 18:59File version: 1.0
I'm using "Smart" as window refresh type in GUI prefs. But there's a
reason why Switcher3d will bring all windows in front of other windows before
copying their bitmaps so the refresh type shouldn't matter.
Comment by: Tuomas ( 28 Mar 2007, 18:51File version: 1.0
I just found out that it doesn't work with Chrome bolts theme. It will show some
grey picture instead. It work fine with the default OS4, Zami and Atez themes at
least. The default settings are "mode 2" and "3D look". You
who have problems did you test it with mode 1 or/and 2D look how it will work
then ? What GUI theme you use ? What resolution on Workbench ? How many windows
and screens you had open when you tested this program ? Did you have any/many
custom screens open ? You can open its prefs window using Exchange program and
push the "Show interface" button to test two different settings.

Image size is hardcoded to 120x120 pixels. I developed it with 200x200 size at
first but it's too slow then. I don't know how much faster it's in G4 machines.
I have 600MHz G3Cxe. I'm using resolution 1024x768x32 (17" CRT). Image size
is too small and it's too slow with bigger resolutions unfortunately. This
implementation is quite poor because I don't have any experience of coding 3D
stuff. I need to study how to use hardware accelerated 3D libraries at first to
be able to make anything better (if I will have time and motivation).

I forgot to fix that 2D mode. Maybe I will add some new modes to it if I have
enough time so people can test it with faster machines. (A possibility to select
between many different settings is always better ?!? ;-)
Comment by: Petrol ( 28 Mar 2007, 18:51File version: 1.0
Nice work!
A warp3d version with some options like shadow,zoom,antialiasing,.. would be
Comment by: Petrol ( 28 Mar 2007, 18:43File version: 1.0
I solve the problem, it's linked with gui prefs. Maybe the window refresh
Comment by: hotrod ( 28 Mar 2007, 18:04File version: 1.0
Wow cool! I agree on that a possibility to change the size of the thumbnails
would be very nize. Great work though!
Comment by: PEB ( 28 Mar 2007, 17:40File version: 1.0
Same problem here as Petrol. The screenshots look great, though.
Comment by: Petrol ( 28 Mar 2007, 15:37File version: 1.0
It doesn't work here. I've got a grey borderless window on screen's center but
no thumb or 3D.
Comment by: anonymous ( 28 Mar 2007, 14:24File version: 1.0
Nice little program. Thanks

Comment by: haymigga ( 28 Mar 2007, 09:48File version: 1.0
setting for thumbnail size could handy. on my 1280x1024 the thumbs get quite

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