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 File comments for:  Utility » Workbench » wet.lha


Description: Weather conditions on WB, AppIcon, Docky
Download: wet.lha
Version: 6.7
Date: 06 Mar 2019
Category: utility/workbench
FileID: 10830
RSS Feed url: http://os4depot.net/modules/comments/rssfeed.php?file=utility/workbench/wet.lha

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Comment by: fingus ( 24 Oct 2010, 07:49File version: 5.5
please add a function for a line break for the Appicon, something like this:

APPICONNAME=%weather% %n% %temp% %n% %pressure% %n% %humidity%

where %n% is a line-break
Comment by: Geoshaper ( 19 Feb 2010, 18:29File version: 5.5
I have an idea. Why not just get data from noaa, but also from weather underground as well. Thats a quite immence weather site. You make a line in Wets configuration were you write the url to the Wunderground XML about the data in question. This XML is updated continously and can easealy be read by Wet at requered intervals. and displayed on the workbench.

Not just that weather underground is very versatile, I myself have a weather station in my garden that updates to that website every fifth second through the madis rapid fire protocol, and I would really like to have my data from my own garden to show up in wet, which is quite easy; my contiunally updated xml looks like this. http://api.wunderground.com/weatherstation/WXCurrentObXML.asp?ID=IHORDALA26
Comment by: Chris ( 27 Jul 2008, 17:11File version: 5.3
You can keep the program in one directory by simply copying the program
directory instead of using the install script. Amiupdate will update it
wherever it lies, the script uses the same location data as AmiUpdate uses to
check the version. Previous versions had problems in this regard but 5.3 should
be fine.

If it's still a problem I'll need a copy of the install logfile,
ENV:AppPaths/Wet and wet.info.
Comment by: blmara ( 26 Jul 2008, 16:53File version: 5.3
I prefer a program and its associated files to be installed into a single
directory. This makes it easier to keep system clean and uninstalling is simple.
With Wet this has to be done 'manually'. Now with AmiUpdate'd to v5.3 the
install script installs to the default locations ie WBStartup, not to my

Suggestion: in future releases, could you make Wet to install in a single
compact directory and make AutoInstall script to update that directory.

Comment by: Chris ( 23 Jul 2008, 20:02File version: 5.3

Please can you email me with the ICAO code and your wet.info file, and I'll try
to reproduce the problem here.
Comment by: Gero ( 23 Jul 2008, 12:51File version: 5.3

I am just testing wet 5.3. under os4 classic. Somehow software retrieves correct
positions/airports. Tried Dusseldorf and a few others around here, but when I
trie to update I get the message:

Kann keine Verbindung zum Server herstellen - cannot connect to server.

http://weather.noaa.gov runs fine for me e.g. in AWEB. Any Ideas ?

thanx Gero
Comment by: Gero ( 23 Jul 2008, 12:38File version: 5.3

I am just testing wet 5.3. under os4 classic. Somehow software retrieves correct
positions/airports. Tried Dusseldorf and a few others around here, but when I
trie to update I get the message:

Kann keine Verbindung zum Server herstellen - cannot connect to server.

http://weather.noaa.gov runs fine for me e.g. in AWEB. Any Ideas ?

thanx Gero
Comment by: Chris Young ( 08 Feb 2007, 19:56File version: 4.17

They aren't in sync intentionally. I'm thinking of scrapping the release number
- the split system was intended to make things more logical - as my internal
version numbers seem to be confusing people. The internal version is for
my/AmigaOS' use only, just ignore it and don't quote it ever.
Comment by: AlexC ( 08 Feb 2007, 11:27File version: 4.17
The ReadMe/Guide/history and OS4Depot version are 4.17 but the binary is version
Comment by: Thematic ( 07 Feb 2007, 18:16File version: 4.17
> hopefully the crashes is gone

I hope so as well, I didn't try 4.16 at least but had some trouble with several
older versions. However, the docky is okay here.
Comment by: anonymous ( 07 Feb 2007, 07:49File version: 4.17
installed new version now, hopefully the crashes is gone.

anyway keep up the good work.

ps: whats up with the docky? , looks odd here and it doesnt show temp etc there
...so im using appicon for now.

Comment by: Petrol ( 21 Jan 2007, 13:57File version: 4.16
I solved the previous problem with a new fresh install. But like previous
version, i've got the same "cannot resolve IP adress" message.
Comment by: Petrol ( 21 Jan 2007, 12:27File version: 4.16
I've got a message "Can't open /Data/banner". If I click
"Ok", OS4 freeze.
Comment by: Tomcat ( 21 Jan 2007, 09:36File version: 4.16
Get Grim Reaper if i change location.
Comment by: Chris Young ( 04 Jul 2006, 00:02File version: 4.15a
Should have the correct file in the archive now, sorry about that.
Comment by: SZAMAN ( 03 Jul 2006, 02:21File version: 4.15
4.15: I find that same version in archive - 4.14 (232.488)!
Comment by: AmigaClyde ( 25 Jan 2006, 06:11File version: 4.13
An excellent software. Thanks
Comment by: orginAt: 20 Nov 2005, 20:33File version: 4.1
The catalog archives that we hosted has been removed at the request of the Wet
author. They are now included in the main archive.
Comment by: Chris Young ( 04 Jul 2005, 23:46File version: 3.2
The time displayed is adjusted to the timezone set in Locale prefs. If you have
Facts installed it will also push the time forward an hour during DST (I'll fix
this once OS4 gets some better form of DST support). The data tends to run a
couple of hours behind here, if it is any older than that you may have selected
a site which doesn't update often. Try a different one (select one of the codes
from the drop-down list next to the string gadget), most sites update once or
twice an hour at regular intervals so even if the data is old the next update
won't lag any further behind.
Comment by: Niolator ( 04 Jul 2005, 22:40File version: 3.2
A nice program but is the time displayed really the local time or is it GMT or
something? The information is always several hours old for me. (I had the same
problem as Orgin but the MSERVER tooltype solved that).
Comment by: Chris Young ( 16 Jun 2005, 20:22File version: 3.1
I must admit I've never left it iconified for any length of time - the only
reason the iconify gadget is even attached to the window is to stop it locking
the WB screen. I need to change the iconify behaviour anyway, now I have proper
Comment by: orginAt: 15 Jun 2005, 21:12File version: 3.1

Just got this crash log: http://orgin.org/crashlog/Crashlog_wet.txt

I had it iconified for an hour or so.

Using the last wet3test you sent me. In os4pre update 3.
Comment by: orginAt: 11 Jun 2005, 12:48File version: 3.1

Works perfectly
Comment by: Chris Young ( 11 Jun 2005, 12:30File version: 3.1
@Orgin Try this file: http://www.jumpy.demon.co.uk/tmp/wet3test.lha It's exactly
the same but with debugging information and no optimisations. Let me know how
you get on.
Comment by: orginAt: 11 Jun 2005, 09:40File version: 3.1
Doesn't work for me. I always got "Cannot resolve IP address" Both
when starting Wet and on update. Tried rebooting, but after that it just locks
up the machine when I try to start Wet.
Comment by: PEB ( 11 Jun 2005, 08:03File version: 3.1
Thanks Chris for adding that Delay datatype. It works perfectly now.
Comment by: Chris Young ( 04 Jun 2005, 19:52File version: 3.0
NULL Read() is fixed already (missing if block)
NULL MatchPattern() I'm currently trying to track down
Comment by: STRICQ ( 04 Jun 2005, 19:34File version: 3.0
Wet 3.0.1 has the following output over the serial:

fh==NULL in Read() by wet (three times)
NULL arg/s in MatchPattern() by wet (six times)
Comment by: Chris Young ( 02 Jun 2005, 20:35File version: 3.0

I've fixed the problem (as well as the 100% CPU load and a couple of other
little bugs). I'll upload a new archive within a few days as I'm expecting
another updated translation catalog. There is a new executable linked from the
aw.net news article thread, if you want to give that a try.
Comment by: orginAt: 02 Jun 2005, 05:27File version: 3.0
@Chris When I add that tooltype it tries to open a file/directory that does not
"Unable to open work:apps205.156.51.200/banner"

And after that I get 100% CPU load.

Wet is in "work:apps/wet/"
Comment by: Chris Young ( 01 Jun 2005, 23:38File version: 3.0
@orgin Try adding the following tooltype:

The network code hasn't changed at all between this and the previous release.
Comment by: ToAks ( 01 Jun 2005, 21:18File version: 3.0
Very nice nice chrissy.

works perfectly here.

Comment by: orginAt: 01 Jun 2005, 19:58File version: 3.0
Same error on update.
Comment by: Chris Young ( 01 Jun 2005, 19:51File version: 3.0
Click on the update button and see if you still get the error. If you can
access that page, there is no reason why Wet shouldn't be able to get the data.
Comment by: orginAt: 01 Jun 2005, 19:46File version: 3.0
Hmm, I can access that home page just fine. Perhaps you should include the
IP/hostname in the error message?

Btw, the ken's icons look really nice!
Comment by: Chris Young ( 01 Jun 2005, 19:39File version: 3.0
Done. Check that you can access http://weather.noaa.gov, might be a network

Try the new version, it has a rewritten decoding engine.
Comment by: orginAt: 01 Jun 2005, 19:32File version: 3.0
Please resubmit the ken's icon set snapshot using jpeg instead of png.
Comment by: orginAt: 01 Jun 2005, 19:23File version: 3.0
I just get "Cannot resolve IP address" in v3.0.
Comment by: Mark ( 24 Mar 2005, 16:55File version: 2.01
And it doesnt appear to work here (London)
Comment by: STRICQ ( 19 Mar 2005, 18:07File version: 2.01
Excellent program.

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