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 File comments for:  Video » Play » emotion_demo.lha

Emotion Demo

Description: Demo of Emotion media player
Download: emotion_demo.lha
Version: 1.1
Date: 17 Feb 2017
Category: video/play
FileID: 10161
RSS Feed url: http://os4depot.net/modules/comments/rssfeed.php?file=video/play/emotion_demo.lha

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Comment by: amigasociety ( 17 Feb 2017, 22:42File version: 1.1
Nice work. So far .AVI play fine. I notice though 720p .mkv movies are choppy sound and video. X5000 using Radeon 7750 Video Card. tj
Comment by: pavlor ( 12 Feb 2017, 10:10File version: 0.9
Comment by: white ( 11 Feb 2017, 21:47File version: 0.9
thanks now works perfectly
Comment by: Srtest ( 11 Feb 2017, 21:20File version: 0.9
<MPLAYER>AppDir:Emotion {or whatever path/name you have}

It works. Thanks.
Comment by: white ( 11 Feb 2017, 21:11File version: 0.9
Excuse me what is the exact line to be written in SMTube.ini
Emotion and Temp / Player / Emotion / EmotionDemo
And 'different from the 0.3 I can not set it up
thank you
Comment by: zzd10h ( 11 Feb 2017, 20:53File version: 0.9
Right, SMTube works. I will upload latest svn version with ""%u"" by default (for new installation"

Comment by: Severin ( 11 Feb 2017, 20:26File version: 0.9
"4. drag n drop from DOpus: We use only standard AmigaOS functions, so maybe dopus is has a problem? Does it work with other software (multiview etc.?)"

Sort of, it works with some system components but not others, eg. works with ASL filerequesters, Console/shell but not with multiview(er)
Comment by: Severin ( 11 Feb 2017, 20:26File version: 0.9
"4. drag n drop from DOpus: We use only standard AmigaOS functions, so maybe dopus is has a problem? Does it work with other software (multiview etc.?)"

Sort of, it works with some system components but not others, eg. works with ASL filerequesters, Console/shell but not with multiview(er)
Comment by: samo79 ( 11 Feb 2017, 18:35File version: 0.9

Ok, mail resent :-)
Comment by: imagodespira ( 11 Feb 2017, 18:26File version: 0.9
Sorry, email is: mail@entwickler-x.de
Comment by: samo79 ( 11 Feb 2017, 18:19File version: 0.9

Sure .. but a problem..
I sent a mail to that address --> "mail@entwickler.xde"
But i got back this error: "entwickler.xde doman not valid"

It is the correct email ?
Comment by: imagodespira ( 11 Feb 2017, 17:19File version: 0.9
Please can you write us an email to mail@entwickler.xde that we have your email? We added some forgotten entries in the catalog files and want to send you the new ones. Thanks!

Comment by: imagodespira ( 11 Feb 2017, 14:26File version: 0.9
Me again ;)

For playing Youtube videos with SMTUBE, you have to go to the settings in SMTube, hit "players" and Edit the PlayVideo.rexx entry. In the Edit Player Window put %u in double Quotation Marks:

Example: stream ""%u""

... and for shure, you have to edit the SMTube.ini and place on top: AppDir:Emotion (instead of mplayer)
Comment by: zzd10h ( 11 Feb 2017, 14:22File version: 0.9
Very well done again for a new very nice program !

Regarding SMTube, I didn't tested previous Emotion version but I confirm that this one fails with "Not supported media format". Tested with webm and MP4 YT videos.

SMTube still works MPlayer
Comment by: imagodespia ( 11 Feb 2017, 13:36File version: 0.9
DVD is a probelm with licencing as usual DVD's have a security/copy protection. So we do not offer Emotion as DVD player. Normal .VOB Files should be no problem ;)
Comment by: pavlor ( 11 Feb 2017, 10:25File version: 0.9
Fast, stable, probably all features I need. My money is waiting for this splendid software! Any plans for DVD media support?
Comment by: imagodespira ( 11 Feb 2017, 09:13File version: 0.9
Many thanks for your comments. We will look into all things and try to fix some issues you wrote about but can not pretend that all things can be fixed.

some quick answers:
1. smtube: very strange, should work as the older versions. we will look into it but some youtube related things where changed last time too, so we hope to find something ;)

2. iconify:
The menu item should be there, above from "close". Nothing there? Also the iconify gadget in the window frame should work?

3. cubicIDE instead of multiview in readme: a minor mistake, will be gone in full version ;)

4. drag n drop from DOpus: We use only standard AmigaOS functions, so maybe dopus is has a problem? Does it work with other software (multiview etc.?)

5. Subtitles Font:
Font and size can be changed. A tooltype exists and will be available in full version:
SubtitleFont = Fontname.font
FontSizeBase = 72
Note: Font names also may contains "space" between words, Size is based on a 720p video, so play around with the values (this base number was the best match for bigger and smaller videos)

6. Menu blocking:
The video stops because it is a workbench setting. Look in GUI-Prefs->Menu and try non blocking menus. Anyway, also with a blocked video, clicking on items should work. Can you try again (video shoudl stop and menus should work, try unblocking menus in GUI Prefs -> video shoudl run while clicking around in menu).

Can you write (maybe a mail to us) which system you use? The behavior of non scaling videos should only happen on non accelerated systems in software mode (classic Amiga, UAE Emulation systems). This is because they are to slow to scale up the video, so the video resolution is the max scale. But all other systems with RadeonHD (there compositing) and Radeon 9xxx (there should be taken a best metch screenmode) should work.

8. Subtitles:
Subtitles also should work, the default one works? Strange. Would be nice if you could send us a video snippet, maybe the containing subtitle has a different format (which all of our othter 10000 video test does not have ;) ). Thanks for it, then we can look into it.

@All: We (ok Frank, i am only talking ;) ) try our best to get a good first release version of Emotion. But as we see here, we will have some problems with different video types or computer configurations we can not test all. The most problems are smaller ones, will be fixed. But there may be some smaller updates needed also after the initial release we aim for the next week if nothing bad happens ;)

Thanks for sending us some catalog files, we will include it into the full version if they are here before release (and after it, with an update). Currently we have italian (thanks samo79), Greek, swedish, english, german.
Comment by: white ( 11 Feb 2017, 01:17File version: 0.9
Very nice, emotion 0.3 work on SMTube add SMTube.ini example <Mplayer>SYS:Emotion/Emotion work
emotion 0.9 not work
this feature in commercial version?
Comment by: samo79 ( 10 Feb 2017, 23:16File version: 0.9
Very very nice .. but hey i miss the iconify item in menu and in GUI, hope to see it later ! :-))
Aniway while tested i found the time to translate it in italian, aka fell free to include it into the next beta release !

Here the italian files:

Comment by: Severin ( 10 Feb 2017, 17:58File version: 0.9
Your readme icon looks for cubicide, needs changing to multiview.
drag and drop does not work with Dopus5
A little request: can ESC quit the program?

Apart from that excellent work - even with the nasty nag requesers ;)
Comment by: K-L ( 10 Feb 2017, 09:04File version: 0.9
Nice ! Will it be able to plays DVDs ?
Comment by: kas1e ( 10 Feb 2017, 08:02File version: 0.9
And last question :) : Can subtitles settings be changed somehow ? I.e. font in them, transparency of them (currently they types on white background), and size of them ? Thanks !
Comment by: kas1e ( 10 Feb 2017, 07:57File version: 0.9
Also "readme" defaul icon point out on CibicIDE placed in some local path, so probably need to change that one on SYS:Utilities/Multiview
Comment by: kas1e ( 10 Feb 2017, 07:55File version: 0.9
Is bugreports accepted with this version ?:)

If so, found that:

1. RMB menu block video playing. I.e. i can't navigate in the menu if i want video continue. It blocks.

2. When i hit "enter" to make it fullscreen, it didnd't resize whole video to full screen, just opens on full screen, and show video in the window.

3. When i choice other than default subttles it crashes (but , very possible it is crashes because of previous scalling problems). There is relevant part from crashlog:

Data Address (dar) : 0x00000000

Symbol info:
Instruction pointer 0x1F0C3C34 belongs to module "swscale2.library" (PowerPC)
Symbol: yuv2planeX_8_c + 0x94 in section 1 offset 0x0002EC10

Stack trace:
CURRDIR:swscale2.library:yuv2planeX_8_c()+0x94 (section 1 @ 0x2EC10)
CURRDIR:swscale2.library:swscale()+0x166c (section 1 @ 0x29C0)
CURRDIR:swscale2.library:sws_scale()+0xe64 (section 1 @ 0x3A18)
[subTitle.c:254] EmotionDemo:createTextBitMap()+0xc0c (section 1 @ 0x1E800)
[subTitle.c:425] EmotionDemo:createDrawText()+0x434 (section 1 @ 0x1F310)
[decodeThread.c:927] EmotionDemo:decode_thread()+0x2224 (section 1 @ 0x188A4)
native kernel module dos.library.kmod+0x000255c8
native kernel module kernel+0x00045a64
native kernel module kernel+0x00045aac
Comment by: Thomas Claus (EntwicklerX) ( 02 Sep 2016, 07:43File version: 0.3
@Severin: Depending on the Format it could be impossible to play it without real Hardware Acceleration (hope someday of a Support with RadeonHD driver!). What format is your TV programme? Maybe you can cut it to some seconds and send it to us (but no changes in format).

@samo79: Anti blanker is now on our to do list.
Comment by: samo79 ( 01 Sep 2016, 20:30File version: 0.3
For for next alpha would be good to have an "anti-blanker" support, today i watched a video but after some minute the blanker started, screen turn black and the player froze

Version 0.3 seems more stable aniway :-)
Comment by: Severin ( 01 Sep 2016, 18:28File version: 0.3
Quote: "Altivec is currently not used."

I was really hoping you would say that, I've got 3 series of a TV programme and I have nothing that will play them on AmigaOS or Android. so far emotion has done the best job, with a bit of Altimagic hopefully I'll finally be able to watch them.
Comment by: HKvalhe ( 01 Sep 2016, 14:52File version: 0.3
Very impressive speed for smaller systems like SAM460 :) I'm very interested to see this player being completed and ready for full release :) Keep up the excellent work :)
Comment by: Thomas Claus (EntwicklerX) ( 01 Sep 2016, 08:04File version: 0.3
Altivec is currently not used. It will also be one of the later things but it will be included!
Comment by: K-L ( 31 Aug 2016, 23:52File version: 0.3
Nince ! Is AltiVec already used in this early version ?
Comment by: anonymous ( 31 Aug 2016, 21:09File version: 0.3
Impressive for first release !
Comment by: ddni ( 31 Aug 2016, 16:45File version: 0.3
all running nicely at upto 720p on X1000 with radeonHD R9 270X card.
A/V sync perfect and CPU usage ~25% running a 720p BDrip. Mplayer has A/V sync issue and ~50% CPU usage with same file.

Comment by: Nube ( 31 Aug 2016, 14:40File version: 0.2
Thanks! I look forward to buy the full version when it's done ;-)
Comment by: Thomas Claus (EntwicklerX) ( 31 Aug 2016, 14:25File version: 0.2
Please note: This is a very, very, very early work in progress not but free unfinished version! We only had much emails from users which want to try it!

It is not a beta version, just a quick snapshot! So please no Bugreport until it is done! We know that many thinks does not work, german is our default language while working on the projekt. Later we will include the normal catalog file based translation system.

Currently it only starts from shell (emotion filename.avi), you also can edit deficons or icon informations for a video type and set emotion as standard (if not tooo buggy for you).

Double click within the video window opens the playing video in fullscreen!

Thanks for trying this early piece and be shure that it is not finished and you also get working menus in the final version ;)

Comment by: Nube ( 31 Aug 2016, 14:13File version: 0.2
It doesn't start here.. maybe I need some extra library? tried both from Workbench and Shell.. From shell, it seems to start but the process close and the shell returns..
Comment by: samo79 ( 31 Aug 2016, 14:11File version: 0.2
Wow mate this is very very good ! .. but maybe not so mature yet for a public release :-)
By the way, why do you use German as default language ? :-))

I'm really looking forward for the progress on this, one thing i would like to see would be the ability to start it directly from Workbench (but also a working menus) ... right now Emotion starts only from shell ..
Of course there could be many many other things to report, but it's too early at this statge and you for sure know already all the major problems ...

In mentime if you need an italian translation ... ;-)

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