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 File comments for:  Video » Play » muimplayer.lha


Description: MPlayer with MUI-GUI, (11.11.2010)
Download: muimplayer.lha
Version: SVN-r32620
Date: 30 Oct 2011
Category: video/play
FileID: 6674
RSS Feed url: http://os4depot.net/modules/comments/rssfeed.php?file=video/play/muimplayer.lha

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Comment by: Thematic ( 16 Jan 2012, 17:10File version: SVN-r32620
Something I noticed: If you get a problem of audio not synchronized with video, that you can't solve with -delay (+ or - key) but which stays roughly the same, a good thing to try is to use -ao ahi_dev (default is ahi). However if the difference just grows the longer you view, something else is probably the matter. "ahi" is probably good default though, it works better when seeking at least.
Comment by: kas1e ( 27 Oct 2011, 19:06File version: SVN-r32620

Ok, then its ok. Its just luck of overlay on slow cpu give such results. So, wait some time when we will add overlay (through, will works only on cards which have overlay support, like radeon9250, 9000, but not on radeonHD).
Comment by: Sam440PPC ( 27 Oct 2011, 18:28File version: SVN-r32620
Errata corrige...sorry!Screen viewing experience Grey for several seconds ... fault of the synchronization and slow video, the video comes after several seconds of gray
and or audio.
Here is the fault of Sam440 @ 677 Mhz ... Hyperclock to 733MHz with improved slightly, but it's all out of sync
Avi also some that do not exceed 740x480....
Excuse my bad English, sometimes also use the translator to try to understand me!
Comment by: Sam440PPC ( 27 Oct 2011, 15:17File version: SVN-r32620
Hi! :)
Old mplayer AFX no gray screen for dvd... and slow egual.
For overlay in you mplayer, i wait... great! Thankyou! :)
Comment by: kas1e ( 27 Oct 2011, 11:41File version: SVN-r32620
Wait for next version (for overlay).

Did old mplayer (from afxgroup) works for you on the same DVD, and not show "grey screen" ?
Comment by: Sam440PPC ( 27 Oct 2011, 11:35File version: SVN-r32620
Good work! :)
Problem on DVD,slow, grey screen.
On monitor 16:9,video avi:window image ok, no exact in full screen, framedrop activate for sincrony A/V ;) or very slow fps.
For all nice port! :)

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