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 File comments for:  Video » Play » smtube.lha


Description: Qt : direct stream + download YouTube videos
Download: smtube.lha
Version: 20.1.9259
Date: 22 Jan 2020
Category: video/play
FileID: 11145
RSS Feed url: http://os4depot.net/modules/comments/rssfeed.php?file=video/play/smtube.lha

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Comment by: aPEX ( 24 Apr 2020, 12:38File version: 20.1.9259
I get errors in the output console stating: libpng warning: "Application built with libpng-1.4.0 but running with 1.6.12". Please fix. :-)
Comment by: xenic ( 22 Jan 2020, 19:55File version: 20.1.9259
I get 26 errors in the output console stating: libpng warning: "Application built with libpng-1.4.0 but running with 1.6.12".
Comment by: Roger ( 22 Jan 2020, 18:27File version: 20.1.9259
Is there in smtube a way to bypass georestrictions Youtube has for certain videos?
Comment by: daveyw ( 19 Apr 2019, 05:10File version: 18.11.9202
I can now type in youtube.com to get to youtube, whereupon smtube becomes unresponsive.
Comment by: ktadd ( 18 Apr 2019, 17:42File version: 18.11.9202
The last couple of days this has been working for me again. The problem outlined below seems to have been on the server end. This is with the older version and the newest release. Thanks for the continued support!
Comment by: daveyw ( 17 Apr 2019, 11:47File version: 18.11.9202
Nope, no difference.
Comment by: zzd10h ( 13 Apr 2019, 20:05File version: 18.09.9118
Still work for me. To be sure, I compiled the latest version, 18.11 svn9202 and published it (Upload queue for the moment).
Maybe that it will work for you, with luck.
Comment by: daveyw ( 12 Apr 2019, 06:45File version: 18.09.9118
No matter what I type in the url bar, it goes to something called "tonvid". :(
Comment by: ktadd ( 12 Mar 2019, 07:41File version: 18.09.9118
Recently I've been getting this error when starting smTube version 18.11.0 using QT version 4.7.

Bad Request
Your browser sent a request that this server could not understand.
Size of a request header field exceeds server limit.

Is anyone else having this problem?
Comment by: zzd10h ( 13 Feb 2017, 22:19File version: 17.01.8442
libfontconfig.so from FE Update 0

Comment by: zzd10h ( 12 Feb 2017, 15:57File version: 17.01.8442
"Stream ""%u"" is not set in PlayVideo.rexx settings (only plain %u). "

If you still have a SMTube working, you have to change ""%u"" manually in SMTube Settings menu
Comment by: zzd10h ( 12 Feb 2017, 15:53File version: 17.01.8442
Proc: problem come from new FE Update 1 SObjs libpng and new libfontconfig.

"solution", revert to previous libfontconfig and install libxml2

see infos here :

Comment by: pavlor ( 12 Feb 2017, 14:48File version: 17.01.8442
Downloaded via AmiUptade. Complains about missing libxml2.so.11 (ok, easy solution), then requires proc: assign (of course nothing unbearable, but annoying). Stream ""%u"" is not set in PlayVideo.rexx settings (only plain %u).
Comment by: zzd10h ( 12 Feb 2017, 10:43File version: 17.01.8442
but where did you find SMTube 17.01. I uploaded it yesterday evening but I don't see it in program list...
Comment by: zzd10h ( 12 Feb 2017, 10:41File version: 17.01.8442
Because of new SObjs: from FE update 1
Comment by: samo79 ( 12 Feb 2017, 10:38File version: 17.01.8442
Works good as usual, but why new version require libxml2.so.11 ?
Comment by: zzd10h ( 03 Oct 2015, 15:37File version: 15.9.7147

Ask to wget, curl and Download authors/maintainers

Good, thanks to Download author !
Comment by: tommysammy ( 03 Oct 2015, 15:20File version: 15.9.7147
Stop,Pause,Reconnect i am missing too.
Possible to add it or a limitation of the downloader?
Comment by: pavlor ( 03 Oct 2015, 13:18File version: 15.9.7147
Any way to stop downloading?
Comment by: ddni ( 21 Sep 2015, 10:08File version: 15.8.7134

Good improvements. Download meter works very well.thanks.
Comment by: djrikki ( 03 Sep 2015, 19:09File version: 15.8.7093
Great piece of software, flawlessly downloaded 1080P music videos without a hiccup.
Comment by: zzd10h ( 18 Jan 2015, 01:39File version: 14.12.6664
Thank you but I made just a port for OS4, SMTube is from Ricardo 'rvm' Villalba.

For your request, take a look here :

Sorry !
Comment by: Zettmaster ( 17 Jan 2015, 19:42File version: 14.12.6664
Its possible to integrating a 480p mp4 mode?(Sam460ex with comp_yuv2 works not with webm (graphic glitches)) Great App!
Comment by: zzd10h ( 05 Jan 2015, 14:06File version: 14.8.6558
No, it works.
Quadruple check your PlayVideo.rexx
Comment by: djrikki ( 04 Jan 2015, 13:10File version: 14.8.6558
Needs updating to support Radeon 2.4 drivers, YUV2-threaded, can't get it to display anything at all (nor play sound) through MUImplayer even after triple-checking that PlayVideo.rexx is correctly configured.
Comment by: zzd10h ( 22 Sep 2014, 18:27File version: 14.8.6396
Great !
Comment by: imagodespira ( 22 Sep 2014, 17:32File version: 14.8.6396
Thank you, it works!!!! In user Startup my assign was to ram: ... can not work ;)

Comment by: zzd10h ( 21 Sep 2014, 19:03File version: 14.8.6396
You are welcome

Maybe a Qt home directory problem ?

But could you post on this thread please, it will be easier than on OS4Depot.

Comment by: imagodespira ( 21 Sep 2014, 18:54File version: 14.8.6396
On my system the prefs are only saved until a restart. If i set the resolution for playing a video it works fine, also after restart smtube. But after booting AmigaOS the settings are set to the defaults.

Thanks for smtube and looking into this issue!

System: Sam460, AmigaOS4.1u6
I saw this on other systems and the settings are saved, maybe a hint to solve it on my Sam?

Comment by: Tommysammy ( 21 Sep 2014, 10:04File version: 14.8.6396
Thanks again
Comment by: Daedalus ( 07 Mar 2014, 21:52File version: 1.8.6003
Just to note, SMTube crashes unless you have iconv.library installed. It's available here and on AmiNet.
Comment by: kas1e ( 30 Jan 2014, 09:44File version: 1.8.6003
There is 2 QT apps which i use daily: qpdfviewer and smtube , what mean thank for update and donation on the way :)
Comment by: samo79 ( 29 Jan 2014, 23:07File version: 1.8.5971
Love it :-)
Comment by: ddni ( 16 Jan 2014, 09:56File version: 1.8.5971
Spent ages trying get youtube.js script working with Odyssey. Finally gave up and installed smtube. Wow it is great! I regret wasting all that time messing with scripts when there was a bespoke youtube browser all along. Thanks.
Comment by: Unimon ( 01 Oct 2013, 23:51File version: 1.8
Thanks. It works now.
Comment by: PEB ( 27 Sep 2013, 22:26File version: 1.8
1) Open Qt Prefs
2) Disable "Native Menus" and "Use middle mouse for context menus"
3) Soft reboot (if you've already opened smTube)

Now it should work.
Comment by: samo79 ( 27 Sep 2013, 16:57File version: 1.8
Right click on a video and you will have the recording option ;-)
Comment by: Unimon ( 27 Sep 2013, 15:24File version: 1.8
Sorry but nothing happen! when I click on "Recording" it only open the window and allow to clear the list or open open the drawer...
When I click on the video it only plays it... no option of "recording/download".
Comment by: kas1e ( 27 Sep 2013, 14:32File version: 1.8
Its called "Recording" in menu. I also was confused by name of options, as i want download, but not record anything :) Imho it worth to rename it to "Download".
Comment by: Unimon ( 27 Sep 2013, 12:49File version: 1.8
Good piece of soft but missing the "download" option. Basing on the doc, the RMB should activate a popup menu with "download"... Did I miss something?
Comment by: HKvalhe ( 24 Sep 2013, 01:55File version: 1.8
Yes, it would have to be to the author Alfkil. The program is really interesting. I gave it a test, and it's really great, except of one point. After watching a streamed video, the internet connection is shut down. It shouldn't be the case, but it happened after watching a streamed video with SMTube. Can this be fixed? :)
Comment by: samo79 ( 24 Sep 2013, 01:24File version: 1.8
If donate, imho better donate to Alfkil at this point (or Guillaume), Linux devs have already all the support they need and from everywhere in the world from companies, single users, organizations and so on

Let us help each of us who we are small е poor :-P
Comment by: zzd10h ( 24 Sep 2013, 00:24File version: 1.8
Thank you to propose to donate, HKvalhe,
but better to donate to the real author

or to Alfkill

But thank you ;)
Comment by: HKvalhe ( 23 Sep 2013, 23:59File version: 1.8
I'll give the new version of SmTube a test once i come back from vacation. I'm glad to read that the new version seems to be working better. I'm considering donating for it, but it has to be done through IBAN. My VISA is a debet card, so far more complicated to get verified by PayPal.
Comment by: kas1e ( 23 Sep 2013, 08:24File version: 1.8
Tested: all works out of box, no freezes or crashes. Fast and good. I think its another QT app which indeed worth of have and which pretty cool fill the gap. Thanks !
Comment by: samo79 ( 23 Sep 2013, 00:01File version: 1.8

Very insteresting your attempt with SMPlayer, please can you send me an alpha to test ? :-)
Comment by: zzd10h ( 22 Sep 2013, 09:31File version: 1.8
Thank you guys for your feedback.

HKalve : it's not useful like that ? It does what it have to do, stream YouTube videos.
It can too download videos like ClipGrab
For me, it's a good program that Ricardo Villalba wrote, no need of SMPlayer to enjoy it.

Lio : SMPlayer is possible, it launchs well but after too much freeze or DSI everywhere. I sent you some grabs of SMPlayer on OS4 but I will not port it (too much work to find all the freeze cases), if somebody else want to do it...
Comment by: HKvalhe ( 22 Sep 2013, 08:57File version: 1.8
Tested the program and can say it looks really impressive :) We now only need SMPlayer, then this program becomes truly useful :) Thank you so much for all the great programs you are making, and have made :) Keep it up, Guillaume :)
Comment by: Lio ( 21 Sep 2013, 15:00File version: 1.8
excellent ! now we need smplayer...
thanks a lot for your work.
Comment by: tommysammy ( 21 Sep 2013, 07:38File version: 1.8
Very good programm

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