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 Snapshots for:  Network » Browser » odyssey.lha


Description: Port of Odyssey from morphos
Download: odyssey.lha
Version: 1.23r5
Date: 02 Jan 2022
Category: network/browser
FileID: 11896

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Snapshot nail
Posted by: HKvalhe  ( 03 Jan 2022, 01:22Version: 1.23r5
Latest Odyssey 1.23r5 (2022 release) running the ScummVM site on my AmigaOne 500
aka SAM460ex. Works very well! Fast and smooth!

Snapshot nail
Posted by: HKvalhe  ( 10 Feb 2020, 20:34Version: 1.23r4
YouTube site showing changes and problem to support even Odyssey 1.23r4 under
AmigaOS4. Bear in mind that latest Odyssey 1.23r4 is from 2013, and the changes
YouTube is to undergo is now in 2020.

Snapshot nail
Posted by: HKvalhe  ( 10 Feb 2020, 20:32Version: 1.23r4
Information it shows about Odyssey under AmigaOS4 and what components the
browser is based on, by visiting the site Whichbrowser.net

Snapshot nail
Posted by: gtmooya  ( 17 Mar 2014, 21:52Version: 1.23
Odyssey 1.23 playing a YouTube video on an AmigaONE 500.

Snapshot nail
Posted by: kas1e  ( 17 Mar 2014, 09:10Version: 1.23
1.23 with enabled html5 mediaplayer

Snapshot nail
Posted by: kas1e  ( 27 Dec 2013, 09:20Version: 1.16
1.16 in action with recreated mos's "ferox" theme.

Snapshot nail
Posted by: Thematic  ( 29 Jan 2012, 00:33Version: 1.9
A paint application working via html5.

Snapshot nail
Posted by: jaokim  ( 01 Sep 2011, 23:04Version: 1.9
OWB in action.

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