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 Snapshots for:  Utility » Workbench » excalibur.lha


Description: A workbench start menu
Download: excalibur.lha
Version: 1.4,2
Date: 10 Aug 2013
Category: utility/workbench
FileID: 8175

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Snapshot nail
Posted by: Kjetil Hvalstrand  ( 14 May 2013, 13:22Version: 1.3.1
This picture of V1.2.5, this looks just like V1.3.1, the difference is some new
features you only see in the menu editor and Excalibur prefs.

Snapshot nail
Posted by: LiveForIt  ( 17 Dec 2012, 23:22Version: 1.2.0
Excalibur 1.2.0

Snapshot nail
Posted by: NutsAboutAmiga  ( 09 Oct 2005, 20:56Version: 0.9.6
Version 0.9.6,

better looking version whit some bug fixes

Snapshot nail
Posted by: NutsAboutAmiga  ( 05 Oct 2005, 20:18Version: 0.9.5
Screen grab of Excalibur 0.9.5

(The logo done by: Nartin Lee)

Snapshot nail
Posted by: NutsAboutAmiga  ( 11 Sep 2005, 21:10Version: 0.9
This is versjon 0.9

prefs window, show some new stuff

Snapshot nail
Posted by: NutsAboutAmiga  ( 09 Sep 2005, 16:54Version: 0.8
This is picture of incomplete version of wb96 2005 edition, the only difference
is the logo on the left side,

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