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 Files uploaded by Bjorn Hagstrom

File Category Version Size Date OS Dls Readme
rawplay.lhaaud/pla88kb26 Sep 044.0556¤ Rawplay - Play any file as audio output
plasmastrings.lhadem/mis1.075kb16 Jun 044.0384¤ Plasmastrings - PlasmaStrings eye candy
diffutils-bin.tar.gzdev/uti2.8.1367kb18 Aug 044.0226¤ Diffutils-bin - File comparison utilities
diffutils-src.tar.gzdev/uti2.8.1912kb18 Aug 044.0111¤ Diffutils-src - File comparison utilities (source)
visualboyadvance-src.lhaemu/gam1.7.24Mb26 Mar 054.0588¤ Visualboyadvance-src - GB/GBC/GBA Emulator - source
visualboyadvance.lhaemu/gam1.7.21Mb26 Mar 054.01658¤ Visualboyadvance - GB/GBC/GBA Emulator
pngtool.lhagra/con1.5198kb19 Jun 044.0483¤ Pngtool - converts any type of image to PNG
defpointers.lhagra/ico1.1264kb23 Nov 084.0718¤ Defpointers - Extended default mouse pointer types
orginicons.lhagra/ico1.1419kb29 Dec 064.0455¤ Orginicons - 32Bit icons in old os4.0 dream theme style
cyberos4.lhagra/mis94kb26 Sep 044.0394¤ Cyberos4 - Mandelbrot generator
stico40.lhagra/vie102kb26 Sep 044.0174¤ Stico40 - Stereographic geometry viewer
owb_blastoise.lhanet/bro1.219Mb08 May 084.0800¤ Owb_blastoise - Origyn Web Browser (Blastoise)
ppunpack.lhauti/arc1.0147kb09 Nov 044.0647¤ Ppunpack - PowerPacker decruncher
filer.lhauti/fil53.323Mb01 Jun 134.0604¤ Filer - File manager
filer_swe.lhauti/fil53.3018kb07 Feb 104.0133¤ Filer_swedish - Filer swedish catalogs
killwin.lhauti/mis79kb26 Sep 044.0352¤ Killwin - Close killed windows
wget-src.tar.gzuti/mis1.9.11Mb18 Aug 044.0186¤ Wget-src - Retrieves files from the web (source)
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