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 Files uploaded by Eugene aGGreSSor Sobolev

File Category Version Size Date OS Dls Readme
pdcurses.lhadev/lib/too3.92Mb07 Oct 20204.021¤ PDCurses - NCurses clone that outputs through SDL
chimaera.lhagam/advc1.001a128kb08 Jun 20204.057¤ Chimaera - rethinking the Colossal Cave adventure
taylormade.lhagam/adv0.22Mb22 Sep 20204.017¤ TaylorMade - Interpreter for Adventure Int. UK games
soliton_rus.lhagam/car2.2331kb26 Jun 20204.023¤ soliton_rus - Russian translation for Soliton 2.2
sumeria.lhagam/mis19.3150kb05 Oct 20204.012¤ Sumeria - Classic economic game about Hammurabi
grackle.lhagam/mis0.4beta185kb04 Sep 20204.026¤ Grackle - Dumper/player for adventures written using GAC
ungac.lhagam/mis0.1156kb04 Sep 20204.021¤ UnGAC - Disassembler adventures written with GAC
amilines_rus.lhagam/puz3.0023kb13 Jun 20204.018¤ amilines_rus - Russian catalog file for AmiLines 3.00
mooamplifier.lhagra/the1.641kb31 May 20204.045¤ MooAMPlifier - 16colored skin for AmigaAMP 3
zapperng.lhauti/wor1.179kb17 Oct 20204.029¤ ZapperNG - Change the behaviour of the zoom-button
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