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 Files uploaded by George Sokianos

File Category Version Size Date OS Dls Readme
libpcre2.lhadev/lib10.40r1263kb02 Aug 20224.037¤ libpcre2 - PCRE2 (Perl-compatible regular expression library)
libpcre.lhadev/lib8.45r1276kb02 Aug 20224.139¤ libpcre - PCRE (Perl-compatible regular expression library)
cppcheck.lhadev/uti2.14.0r14Mb27 May 20244.166¤ cppcheck - A static analysis tool for C/C++ code
flawfinder.lhadev/uti2.0.19r1253kb25 Jul 20224.158¤ Flawfinder - Code analysis for potential security flaws
petsciirobots.lhagam/actr12Mb19 Mar 20234.179¤ PETSCII Robots SDL - PETSCII Robots ported to SDL
blobwarsattrition.lhagam/act1.2.2r22Mb19 Sep 20224.186¤ BlobWars Attrition - A 2D mission and and objective-based platform game
reminiscence.lhagam/adv0.5.1r11Mb17 Sep 20234.1124¤ REminiscence - REminiscence is a re-implementation of Flashback
blues.lhagam/pla1.0.0r13Mb05 Aug 20234.1110¤ blues - Blues Brothers games recreation
breakhack.lhagam/rol4.0.3r215Mb05 Jul 20234.194¤ Breakhack - Breakhack is a small roguelike game
tbftss.lhagam/shm1.50.1r12Mb05 Sep 20224.1111¤ tbftss - The Battle for the Solar System : The Pandoran War
comicami_free.lhagra/vie0.54free212kb29 Oct 20164.1152¤ Comicami - A comic book viewer
pythonssl_amissl5.lhalib/mis2.4104kb25 Jan 20244.1123¤ pythonssl_amissl5 - pythonssl using the AmiSSL5
owb_gui.lhanet/bro0.7307kb25 Mar 20084.0562¤ Owb_gui - A simple GUI for OWB
mediavault.lhanet/mis1.5.02Mb30 Oct 20214.1264¤ mediavault - Discover online radio stations and podcasts
speedtest-cli.lhanet/mis2.1.3r1157kb02 Aug 20224.199¤ speedtest-cli - Measure you system download and upload speed
filer_ell.lhauti/fil53.3021kb10 Feb 20104.0274¤ Filer_greek - Filer greek catalogs
passmaker.lhauti/mis1.0227kb10 Mar 20084.0308¤ Passmaker - Password generator with GUI
igame.lhauti/misv2.4.6438kb18 Feb 20244.066¤ iGame - Front-end for WHDLoad
litexl.lhauti/tex/edi2.1.4r12Mb24 May 20244.1119¤ Lite XL - A lightweight text editor written in Lua and SDL
amiupdate_ell.lhauti/wor2.417kb26 Nov 20164.19922¤ Amiupdate_greek - Greek catalog files for AmiUpdate and Prefs
aiostreams.lhavid/misv1.7.7228kb20 Dec 20234.1138¤ aiostreams - Stream video from major online platforms
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