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 Files uploaded by HunoPPC

File Category Version Size Date OS Dls Readme
gngeong.lhaemu/gam0.8.12Mb21 Nov 114.0260¤ Gngeong - GnGeoNG is a fast and powerful Neo Geo emulator
openbor.lhagam/act3.0.36252Mb16 Aug 144.1459¤ Openbor - OpenBOR, new Beats of Rage Engine
zelda3t-french.lhagam/adv1.8.29Mb17 Mar 124.086¤ Zelda3t-french - Game Zelda 3T 0S4 Midi support french
zelda3t-us.lhagam/adv1.8.29Mb17 Mar 124.0151¤ Zelda3t-us - Game Zelda 3T 0S4 Midi support US
zeldaolb-es.lhagam/adv3.66Mb17 Mar 124.067¤ Zeldaolb-es - Zelda OLB AmigaOS4 MIDI ES
zeldaolb-fr.lhagam/adv3.67Mb17 Mar 124.076¤ Zeldaolb-fr - Zelda OLB AmigaOS4 MIDI French
zeldaolb-us.lhagam/adv3.67Mb17 Mar 124.0125¤ Zeldaolb-us - Zelda OLB AmigaOS4 MIDI US
zeldaroth-coop-fr.lhagam/adv0.103Mb28 Sep 094.0118¤ Zeldaroth-coop-fr - Zelda ROTH COOP AmigaOS4 MIDI French
zeldaroth-coop-us.lhagam/adv0.103Mb28 Sep 094.0167¤ Zeldaroth-coop-us - Zelda ROTH COOP AmigaOS4 MIDI
zeldaroth-de.lhagam/adv6.115Mb17 Mar 124.0127¤ Zeldaroth-de - Zelda ROTH Amiga OS4 MIDI DE
zeldaroth-es.lhagam/adv6.115Mb17 Mar 124.065¤ Zeldaroth-es - Zelda ROTH Amiga OS4 MIDI ES
zeldaroth-fr.lhagam/adv6.116Mb17 Mar 124.080¤ Zeldaroth-fr - Zelda ROTH Amiga OS4 MIDI French
zeldaroth-us.lhagam/adv6.116Mb17 Mar 124.0172¤ Zeldaroth-us - Zelda ROTH AmigaOS4 US
zerace.lhagam/dri0.715Mb15 Apr 094.0251¤ Zerace - 2D Car racing
awaker.lhagam/mis1.08Mb21 Mar 094.0205¤ Awaker - A Tiny game
missdrillerxtrem.lhagam/mis1.28Mb28 Sep 094.0184¤ Missdrillerxtrem - A New Mr Driller clone in SDL
opengf.lhagam/misRC21.28Mb09 Apr 094.0169¤ Opengf - Music learning game
project-smc.lhagam/pla1.0.146Mb11 Oct 104.0282¤ Project-smc - Secret Maryo Chronicles OS4
candycrisis.lhagam/puz2.0.19Mb16 Sep 124.0166¤ Candycrisis - Candy Crisis pure action and puzzle gaming!
pushover.lhagam/puz0.0.335Mb17 May 124.0386¤ Pushover - Platform and ladder domino puzzle game
sudoq-fr.lhagam/puz1.0.11Mb18 Mar 124.072¤ Sudoq-fr - SudoQ (Sudoku puzzles) French
sudoq-us.lhagam/puz1.0.12Mb18 Mar 124.0110¤ Sudoq-us - SudoQ (Sudoku puzzles) English
zeldapicross-fr.lhagam/puz1.25Mb17 Mar 124.062¤ Zeldapicross-fr - Zelda Picross AmigaOS4 MIDI French
1941-extremedx.lhagam/shm1.1.148Mb14 Dec 104.0476¤ 1941-extremedx - A fast paced tyrian style 2D shooter
lightdroid.lhagam/shm2.3151Mb31 Aug 094.0196¤ Lightdroid - Colorful french shootemup
lightningspirit2.lhagam/shm1.0.037Mb18 Mar 124.0149¤ Lightningspirit2 - Colorful french shootemup
lonesome.lhagam/shm4.371Mb11 May 094.0152¤ Lonesome - Colorful french shootemup
noiz2sa.lhagam/shm1.110Mb17 May 124.0135¤ Noiz2sa - An abstract shoot'em up game by Kenta Cho
odyssee.lhagam/shm1.115Mb09 Apr 094.0186¤ Odyssee - Colorful french shootemup
spirit.lhagam/shm1.328Mb15 Apr 094.0169¤ Spirit - Colorful french shootemup
symphony.lhagam/shm3.0139Mb09 Apr 094.0173¤ Symphony - Colorful french shootemup
thunderslash.lhagam/shm1.333Mb17 Mar 124.0130¤ Thunderslash - Colorful french shootemup type Thunder Force
volta.lhagam/shm2.643Mb11 May 094.0166¤ Volta - Colorful french shootemup
bataillenavale.lhagam/str1.02Mb09 Apr 094.0252¤ Bataillenavale - Battleship hit-and-miss game
hunopngspack1.zipgra/ico1.0952kb19 Feb 064.0559¤ Hunopngspack1 - HunoPNG'sPack1
hunopngspack2.zipgra/ico1.01Mb19 Feb 064.0118¤ Hunopngspack2 - HunoPNG'sPack2
hunopngspack3.zipgra/ico1.1731kb19 Feb 064.0509¤ Hunopngspack3 - HunoPNG'sPack1 Fix for Workbench
hunopngspack4.zipgra/ico1.1982kb20 Feb 064.0506¤ Hunopngspack4 - HunoPNG'sPack2 Fix for Workbench
skinhunomacosx.lhagra/the0.82Mb12 Aug 074.0289¤ Skinhunomacosx - Theme HunoMacOSX
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