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 Files uploaded by Janne Peraaho

File Category Version Size Date OS Dls Readme
4096live.lhaaud/mis0.07966kb18 Dec 20144.1224¤ 4096 Live - Software synth interface for live performances
tedsounds.lhaaud/tra1.015Mb11 Mar 20144.0202¤ TEDSounds - TED sound sample pack
64tass.lhadev/cro1.5x859kb24 May 20134.1141¤ 64tass - 65xx series cross-assembler
rexxmlib.lhadev/lib/mis1.1188kb20 Jun 20224.153¤ RexXMLib - ARexx XML procedure library
digger.lhagam/misJP201402132Mb20 Mar 20144.1208¤ Digger Remastered - Classic arcade game
oilworker.lhagam/puz0.8.07Mb15 Oct 20214.1117¤ Oil Worker - An addictive and challenging arcade puzzle game
starpusher.lhagam/puz7Mb04 Dec 20204.1112¤ Star Pusher - A cute Sokoban clone
sdlscavenger.lhagam/puz1.4488kb18 Aug 20144.1222¤ SDLScavenger - A Lode Runner like puzzle game
grimps.lhagam/puz1.1Rev279Mb29 Jan 20194.1146¤ Grimps - Funny action adventure puzzle game
spaceinvaders.lhagam/shm1.15Mb11 Jul 20214.1217¤ Space Invaders - A classic shooter with a modern twist
freeserf.lhagam/str0.1.131Mb04 Dec 20134.1452¤ Freeserf - Faithful clone of classic simulation game Settlers
bfmapviewer.lhagam/uti1.0450kb19 Dec 20074.0180¤ Bfmapviewer - BattleForce map viewer
citygenerator.lhagam/uti2.088kb31 Mar 20214.177¤ City Generator - Fantasy city population generator
flops.lhauti/ben2.1100kb06 Nov 20134.1542¤ Flops - Measures computer performance
jumble.lhauti/tex/mis1.1124kb15 Jun 20214.171¤ Jumble - Jumble solver
powerselect.lhauti/wor2.095kb31 Mar 20144.1357¤ PowerSelect - Select icons by using a search pattern
scripts.lhauti/wor1.07Mb07 May 20144.1265¤ Scripts - Workbench menu for launching scripts
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