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 Files uploaded by Juan Carlos Herrán Martín

File Category Version Size Date OS Dls Readme
vintagesongplayer.lhaaud/pla2.552Mb18 Mar 20234.049¤ Vintage Song Player - A JukeBox multiformat player
farewell_e-card.lhadem1.005Mb29 Dec 20224.055¤ Farewell e-Card - This is a demo with a farewell e-Card
thewidowii-ecard2.lhadem/mis1.004Mb04 Mar 20234.030¤ The WidowII e-Card2 - This is the second and last demo e-Card
thewidowii-ecard.lhadem/mis1.105Mb09 Mar 20234.042¤ Evil's Return e-Card - This is e-Card with the advertisement to a future
eaqne3.lzxgam/adv1.0023Mb27 Jul 20234.047¤ EAQNE3 - Third and last chapter of EAQNE
thewidow.lzxgam/advF.V.219Mb03 Sep 20214.079¤ The Widow - Game Terror Paranormal Adventure
losmalditosdemo.lhagam/adv1.0020Mb26 Mar 20244.079¤ Los Malditos Demo - Adventure point and click R.P.G.
eaqne2.lzxgam/adv1.0019Mb15 Jul 20234.045¤ EAQNE 2 - Second chapter of EAQNE
eaqne1.lzxgam/adv2.0018Mb22 Jun 20234.070¤ EAQNE 1 - Adventure detectives, crimes and mysteries
nmtm.lzxgam/advFinal1.2027Mb24 Jun 20224.071¤ No More Toxic Man!!! - Point and click adventure game
videoslotmachine.lhagam/boa1.103Mb10 Oct 20234.0361¤ Video Slot Machine - A slot video game
slotmachinewarmup.lhagam/boa1.202Mb24 Feb 20214.0123¤ Slot Machine Saga - A easy slot machine game
sieteymedida.lhagam/car1.104Mb16 Aug 20234.054¤ Siete Y Media - The Siete y Media card game.
baccarat.lhagam/car1.08Mb26 Jul 20234.035¤ Baccarat - A card game from Dr. No and Casino Royal movies
hle-pokercard.lhagam/carFinal7Mb29 Apr 20244.071¤ High-Low-Equal Poker - Guess the next card to appear in the table
blackjuan.lhagam/car1.105Mb16 Aug 20234.058¤ Blackjuan Poker Card - Blackjack clone
blackivan.lhagam/car1.0014Mb07 Sep 20234.053¤ BlackIvan - A blackjack clone
loschinos.lhagam/chiFinalVersi5Mb23 Jan 20234.034¤ Los Chinos - This is the classic spanish games with fingers
thewidow-solution.lhagam/mis10kb18 Feb 20214.090¤ The Widow Solution - An Amiga guide with the tricks and tips
nmtm-solution.lhagam/misFinal23kb14 Dec 20214.065¤ NMTM!!! Solution - The solution for the game No More Toxic Man!!!
virtualvoodoojob.lhagam/mis2.02Mb05 Oct 20224.036¤ Virtual Voodoo Job - This black magic tool to do evil to your enemies
cardsmakingkit.lhagam/uti1.003Mb09 Feb 20234.044¤ Cards Making Kit - This is a SDK to make your decks for Morgue Games
convierteme.lhagra/con1.012Mb07 Mar 20114.0180¤ Convierteme - This program is a small tool to manipulate images.
sirenaahiw.lhagra/con1.015Mb18 Mar 20124.0138¤ Sirenaahiw - A easy tool to handling pictures.
animwebconverter.lhagra/mis6.003Mb14 Nov 20234.0222¤ AnimWebConverter - A tool to play and convert animation files
pintorweb.lhagra/mis5.007Mb02 Jul 20244.027¤ Pintor Web - A simple and easy picture editor
hadas.lhagra/scr1.022Mb28 Feb 20104.0238¤ Hadas - Hadas Screen Saver
videntiumpicta.lhagra/vie3.002Mb22 Nov 20234.056¤ Videntium Picta - Videntium Picta is picture and animation viewer
eyeviewer.lhagra/vie2.03Mb09 Mar 20104.1386¤ Eyeviewer - Program to show your favorite pictures
omanko.lhanet/mis1.102Mb30 Mar 20214.053¤ Omanko! - web tool made to get the MD5 and CRC32 checksums
iconecta.lhanet/mis5.252Mb05 Jun 20244.042¤ iConecta - A little and easy program to test your connection
witchcleaner.lhanet/mis3.203Mb25 May 20244.081¤ Witch Cleaner - Clean temp data from OWB, IBrowse and trashcans
omanko.lhauti/fil1.202Mb28 Nov 20234.072¤ Omanko! - web tool made to get the MD5 and CRC32 checksums
lm_calendarclock.lhauti/har1.005Mb29 May 20244.057¤ L.M. Calendar&Clock - Clock to control the time in front your Amiga
bootclock.lhauti/har1.202Mb24 May 20214.049¤ BootClock - Program to computers without battery clock
amigaohm_spa.lhauti/mis0.9.118kb15 Nov 20094.0281¤ Amigaohm-sp - Catalogo en espanol para AmigaOHM
hbecard.lhauti/mis1.04Mb30 Oct 20214.066¤ Happy Birthday eCard - This little happy birthday electronic card
astralgame.lhauti/mis4.105Mb27 Dec 20234.040¤ AstralGame - A little tool to know zodiac signs, moon phases
sacrificiopagano.lhauti/mis2.107Mb31 Dec 20234.038¤ Sacrificio Pagano - Magic Tool
fonttester.lhauti/tex2.002Mb07 Dec 20234.085¤ Font Tester - Tool to test the fonts installed in the system
grimoriumpdf.lhauti/tex/mis2.503Mb16 Nov 20234.097¤ Grimorium PDF - PDF to open invoices and see the fine print
vamp.lhavid/pla3.102Mb06 Aug 20234.098¤ V.A.M.P. - Virtual Amiga Multimedia Player
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