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 Files uploaded by Kjetil Hvalstrand

File Category Version Size Date OS Dls Readme
nallepuh.lhaaud/mis1.8504kb11 Dec 20234.170¤ Nallepuh - Nalle Puh (Paula,CIAA,CIAB emulation)
noteplayer.lhaaud/pla1.018kb06 Sep 20154.1203¤ Noteplayer - Play notes at command line
pt-player-gui.lhaaud/pla1.449kb02 Oct 20044.0620¤ Pt-player-gui - Protracker Player GUI
pls2m3u.lhaaud/pla/tun1.04kb01 Jan 20114.0344¤ Pls2m3u - Convert pls lists to m3u
analog-cheap-disk.lhadem/mus0.8685kb19 Mar 20224.181¤ Analog Cheap Disk - AmigaOS4.x version of Analog Cheap Disk
frozenat.lhadev/deb0.65kb04 May 20224.049¤ FrozenAt - find out where a program is hanging.
amoskittens.lhadev/lan0.92Mb28 Sep 20224.163¤ Amos Kittens - Amos the kitten is amos basic interpreter
amos2ascii.lhadev/lan1.162kb01 Jan 20184.1325¤ Amos2Ascii - Convert AMOS token files to ASCII
kittymusicraft.library.lhadev/lib1.167kb08 Aug 20224.162¤ kittyMusiCraft.libra - Reimplementation of the MusiCraft extension
svgalib.lhadev/lib/gra1.4.3-6th3Mb23 Apr 20094.0176¤ Svgalib - Low-level graphics library
amosextension2ascii.lhadev/uti1.060kb28 Dec 20174.176¤ amosExtension2Ascii - This command designed to extract information
textfont_ex.lhadoc/tut2346kb15 Feb 20164.0114¤ TextFont examples - TextFont examples
cw_trackdisk.lhadri/sto1.1a229kb25 Sep 20064.0705¤ Cw_trackdisk - Catweasel MK4 (MK3) Device
cwfloppy.lhadri/uti3.2-R66kb03 Jan 20094.0509¤ Cwfloppy - Catweasel Advanced Floppy Controller
basiliskii.lhaemu/com1.0.82Mb29 Dec 20204.1283¤ Basilisk II - Macintosh emulator runs MacOS7 and MacOS8
whdload-to-uae.lhaemu/uti3.1207kb01 Oct 20214.1363¤ Whdload-to-uae - WHDLoad to E-UAE
runadf.lhaemu/uti2.080kb14 Aug 20134.1512¤ Runadf - RunADF is tooltype program to start ECS/OCS games
snake.lhagam/act0.834kb23 Sep 20044.0393¤ Snake - Snake the desktop game for AmigaOS40,
pong.lhagam/act0.9.133kb30 Apr 20064.0552¤ Pong - Pong the desktop game for AmigaOS40
car_demo.lhagam/dri0.3285kb20 Apr 20054.0320¤ Car_demo - Car Game Demo
xhyperoid.lhagam/shm1.2212kb26 Dec 20074.0381¤ Xhyperoid - Asteroids clone
install_h2.lhagam/uti0.623kb18 Aug 20124.0431¤ Install_h2 - Heretic_II install
iff-converter.lhagra/con0.8498kb23 Feb 20224.066¤ IFF-Converter - Convert images into raw format.
abkviewer.lhagra/vie0.7333kb23 Aug 20204.152¤ ABKViewer - ABKViewer show AMOS Sprites in a window.
libblitter_library.lhalib/gra1.12Mb17 Dec 20214.091¤ Libblitter.library - software blitter
amosextension.library.lhalib/mis1.6375kb08 Aug 20224.159¤ AmosExtensionlibrary - AmosExtension.library load AMOS extensions
utf8_library.lhalib/mis7.1189kb30 Jan 20214.1157¤ UTF8.Library - Encode/Decode or manipulate UTF8 text strings.
powerpacker_library.lhalib/mis1.840kb14 Jul 20224.0141¤ powerpacker.library - recreation of powerpacker.library for AmigaOS4.1
identify_library.lhalib/mis40.050kb12 Mar 20224.0112¤ identify.library - identify.library for AmigaOS4.1
np_audio.lhanet/bro1.1147kb03 May 20084.0799¤ Np_audio - IBrowse Audio plugin
sanautil.lhanet/mis0.38+58kb03 Nov 20074.0352¤ Sanautil - Testing tool for SANA2 network device drivers
sambaprefs.lhanet/sam1.7191kb23 Jan 20054.01314¤ Sambaprefs - SambaPrefs
lha.tar.gzuti/arc1.14i192kb15 Aug 20044.0349¤ Lha - Lha 1.14i from rpmfind.net
exec-list.lhauti/fil1.855kb05 Sep 20044.0407¤ Exec-list - List exec files in Ansi colors, displays filesize
freespace.lhauti/fil1.174kb24 Jun 20074.0464¤ Freespace - Show free space on mounted drives.
meminfo.lhauti/har1.023kb25 Mar 20244.0172¤ meminfo - show meminfo usage in a GUI
amigainputanywhere.lhauti/har2.6166kb23 Jun 20224.192¤ AmigaInputAnywhere - Control mouse and keyboard with your gamepad
mountdos.lhauti/harV1.2.249kb17 Feb 20074.0664¤ Mountdos - MountDos V1.2.2 make mountlist PC harddrive (MBR)
microwindows.lhauti/mis0.98Mb26 Dec 20074.0188¤ Microwindows - modern gfx windowing environments for small device
stackdump.lhauti/she1.03kb03 Apr 20244.044¤ stackdump - stackdump is a security demonstration tool
muteoutput.lhauti/she15kb08 Mar 20164.0126¤ muteoutput - when you can't use >NIL:
noguru.lhauti/she3.051kb16 Sep 20124.1293¤ Noguru - NoGuru redirects gurumediations to ringhio
deficons_dump.lhauti/she1.05kb30 Nov 20204.082¤ Deficons dump - show what project tools is associated to a file
ppmore2tool.lhauti/tex0.816kb16 Jul 20224.056¤ ppmore2tool - Unpack powerpacked text files, and open it in your
ispell.tar.gzuti/tex/mis3.2.062Mb08 Jul 20044.0242¤ Ispell - Ispell
users_and_groups.lhauti/wor1.255kb24 Dec 20084.0348¤ Users_and_groups - users and groups config tool
multiuser.lhauti/wor1.0beta149kb06 Nov 20084.0373¤ Multiuser - Enables user have there own settings.
excalibur.lhauti/wor1.4,24Mb10 Aug 20134.1506¤ Excalibur - A workbench start menu
liveforit-mplayer.lhavid/pla6.415Mb14 Jan 20154.1837¤ LiveForIt-mplayer - Mplayer optimized for Radeon HD
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