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 Files uploaded by Lorence Lombardo

File Category Version Size Date OS Dls Readme
e_string.lhadev/lan17may20167kb17 May 164.091¤ e_string - Extended string functions for E
ri_args_e.lhadev/lan20oct20154kb19 Oct 154.049¤ ri_args_e - new CLI args routine for E
e_mem.lhadev/lan28oct201511kb28 Oct 154.091¤ e_mem - Extended memory functions for E
c_mem.lhadev/lan21jun201510kb05 Nov 154.0101¤ c_mem - Extended memory functions for C
c_string.lhadev/lan30apr201610kb30 Apr 164.096¤ c_string - Extended string functions for C
searchln.lhauti/scr1.18kb27 Oct 164.054¤ searchln - A search command alternative
execon.lhauti/scr1.16kb26 Jul 154.0104¤ execon - A newshell alternative.
getstack.lhauti/scr1.24kb26 Jul 154.089¤ getstack - gets the current shell stack
a2u.lhauti/scr1.3a6kb15 Oct 154.059¤ a2u - Converts Amiga paths to Unix paths
fxstr.lhauti/scr1.110kb16 Oct 164.055¤ fxstr - Converts strings to ReadArgs format
tabren.lhauti/tex/edi1.1e5kb08 Aug 154.059¤ TabRen - renders tabs to spaces & vice versa
publist.lhauti/worv1.18kb04 Sep 154.074¤ publist - lists public screens & titles
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