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 Files uploaded by Mike Steed

File Category Version Size Date OS Dls Readme
gifanimdt.lhadat/ani54.0164kb22 Sep 20234.1106¤ GifAnim Datatype - Datatype for animated GIFs
profyler.lhadev/deb1.11Mb06 Mar 20224.175¤ Profyler - Software performance profiler
giflib-extras.lhadev/lib/gra5.2.1126kb22 Sep 20234.179¤ GifLib-Extras - Some extras to go with GifLib.
dtconvert.lhauti/fil1.248kb22 Sep 20234.1107¤ DTConvert - File format conversion using datatypes
passpocket.lhauti/mis1.1505kb06 Nov 20214.096¤ PassPocket - Password manager utility
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