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 Files uploaded by Sinan Gurkan

File Category Version Size Date OS Dls Readme
chess-sdl2.lhagam/boa1.05Mb18 Sep 20224.1137¤ Chess SDL2 - Chess Game for AmigaOS4/SDL2
drally.lhagam/dri1.03Mb17 Feb 20234.1119¤ DRally - AmigaOS4/SDL2 Port of Open Source Death Rally Game
wenova-roc.lhagam/fig1.021Mb07 May 20214.196¤ Wenova R.O.C - Wenova - Rise of Conquerors 2x2 2D fighting game.
dungeonrush.lhagam/mis1.1beta15Mb26 Mar 20214.173¤ Dungeon rush - A game inspired by Snake
basque.lhagam/mis1.011Mb07 Apr 20214.185¤ Basque - Basque is a cross-platform top-down 2d game engine
opensupaplex.lhagam/puz1.022Mb18 Sep 20224.151¤ Opensupaplex - Open Source version of 90's game Supaplex
fallout-ce.lhagam/rolv1.04Mb08 May 20234.135¤ Fallout - Fallout Community Edition port for AmigaOS4
fallout2-ce.lhagam/rol1.25Mb24 Feb 20234.1100¤ Fallout2-CE - Fallout2 Community Port for AmigaOS4
devilutionx.lhagam/rolV1.4.111Mb26 Sep 20224.193¤ DevilutionX - DevilutionX - SDL Port of Diablo and Hellfire
vanillaconquer-td.lhagam/str1.0R.1Fix8Mb21 Aug 20224.1107¤ VanillaConquerTD - Vanilla Conquer C&C Tiberian Dawn AmigaOS4 SDL2
augustus.lhagam/strV1.023Mb02 Oct 20224.162¤ Augustus - Augustus - Open Source Enhanced port of Caesar III
vanillara.lhagam/str1.14Mb25 Mar 20234.144¤ VanillaRA - Red Alert/VanillaRA V1.1 Port for AmigaOS4
fheroes2.lhagam/strv1.08Mb18 Mar 20234.142¤ fheroes2 - Engine Heroes of Might and Magic II game
vanillatd.lhagam/str1.13Mb25 Mar 20234.133¤ VanillaTD - Tiberian Dawn/VanillaTD V1.1 Port for AmigaOS4
viewstl.lhagra/vie1.0351kb23 Feb 20214.189¤ viewstl - An STL (3D Model) viewer (MiniGL)
simplesmbfsgui.lhanet/ser/rem0.942kb18 Jan 20194.1138¤ Simple SMBFS GUI - A simple Reaction GUI for smbfs
flipclock.lhauti/mis1.03Mb06 Mar 20214.1144¤ Flipclock-OS4 - Fullscreen Flipclock for OS4 (SDL2)
x5000-mcu-watcher.lhauti/wor1.02Mb15 Jan 20214.0114¤ X5000-MCU-Watcher - Workbench Tool To Show X5000 MCU Values
a1222-mcu-watcher.lhauti/wor1.12Mb15 Jan 20214.155¤ A1222 MCU Watcher - Workbench Tool To Show A1222 MCU Values
onscreenkeyboard.lhauti/wor1.02Mb05 May 20214.081¤ OnScreenKeyboard - Keyboard for Touch Screens
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