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 Files uploaded by spot / Up Rough

File Category Version Size Date OS Dls Readme
aacplusenc-src.lhaaud/con0.15246kb14 Nov 20084.0340¤ Aacplusenc-src - Encode AAC+ (AACPlus) music (Sources)
aifc2wav.lhaaud/con512kb03 Jul 20074.0494¤ Aifc2wav - Converts IMA4, SOWT and SDX2, AIFC to WAV.
asap2wav.lhaaud/con0.2.176kb03 May 20074.0842¤ Asap2wav - Converts Atari 8-bit SAP music to WAV
dro2imf.lhaaud/con181kb18 Mar 20094.0197¤ Dro2imf - Convert DOSBox OPL caps to id Software Music Files
dro2midi.lhaaud/con1.3134kb18 Mar 20094.0338¤ Dro2midi - Convert DRO files to MIDI
goatninja.lhaaud/con1.1121kb05 Sep 20064.0427¤ Goatninja - Convert Goat Tracker 1.x songs to Ninja Tracker
minigsf.lhaaud/con32kb27 Nov 20064.0460¤ Minigsf - A simple utility to convert a GBA Rom to a GSF
nes_8to1.lhaaud/con12kb20 Sep 20064.0359¤ Nes_8to1 - Converts 8-bit samples to NES's 1-bit format
psg2mid.lhaaud/con2.0162kb31 Aug 20104.0312¤ Psg2mid - Convert PSG (Spectrum AY files) to MIDI
ptmid.lhaaud/con122kb03 May 20074.0327¤ Ptmid - Converts midi music files to mod music files
q2mod.lhaaud/con445kb26 May 20094.0194¤ Q2mod - Converts AtariST Quartet music to Protracker MOD.
rom2gsf.lhaaud/con32kb27 Nov 20064.057¤ Rom2gsf - Convert your GBA music RIP into a GSF file
rom2snsf.lhaaud/con54kb23 Nov 20084.0348¤ Rom2snsf - snes music ripping tool (converts rom to snsf)
sid2wav.lhaaud/con253kb08 Nov 20064.0574¤ Sid2wav - Convert SID tunes to WAV
snd2mid.lhaaud/con52kb20 Sep 20064.0185¤ Snd2mid - Converts NES, GB, MS, GG .SND songs to MIDI.
ttaenc.lhaaud/con3.4.144kb12 Aug 20074.0401¤ Ttaenc - Encode your own lossless TTA audio files.
vgmstream.lhaaud/conSVN414kb31 Aug 20104.01238¤ Vgmstream - Converts A LOT of modern videogame music to wav
xmsnes.lhaaud/con230kb19 Jun 20094.0521¤ Xmsnes - converts Mods to SPC (Super Nintendo)
aahr.lhaaud/mis6kb15 Apr 20084.0494¤ Aahr - Rips HivelyTracker and AHX tunes
aldo.lhaaud/mis0.7.5487kb27 Aug 20084.0222¤ Aldo - A morse training app.
checkmate.lhaaud/mis0.1829kb25 Nov 20084.059¤ Checkmate - Checks MP3 files for errors
gcmrt.lhaaud/mis58kb12 Apr 20074.0739¤ Gcmrt - Gamecube music ripping tools
hvscupdate-src.lhaaud/mis2.8.4129kb25 Nov 20084.0219¤ Hvscupdate-src - High Voltage SID Collection (HVSC) Update tool src
hvscupdate.lhaaud/mis2.8.4221kb25 Nov 20084.0238¤ Hvscupdate - High Voltage SID Collection (HVSC) Update tool
id3ren.lhaaud/mis1.1b076kb03 Oct 20064.0357¤ Id3ren - Id3ren is a ID3 tag editor
malint.lhaaud/mis0.2283kb03 Oct 20064.0313¤ Malint - MPEG Audio stream validator
phatbeat.lhaaud/mis1.1867kb10 Aug 20074.0214¤ Phatbeat - A BPM Counter
psfpoint.lhaaud/mis1.0337kb27 Nov 20064.061¤ Psfpoint - Edit tags of PSF music files
psidren.lhaaud/mis1.333kb30 Oct 20054.0392¤ Psidren - PSIDRen - Renames PSID's into real name
samplayer.lhaaud/mis159kb23 Apr 20074.0621¤ Samplayer - SAM Speech Synthesizer program now with a GUI!
siddump.lhaaud/mis1.042kb05 Sep 20064.0273¤ Siddump - Output SID-chip & note data out of a .SID-file
spsfutils.lhaaud/mis88kb27 Nov 20064.055¤ Spsfutils - Simple PSF Utils
trimgym.lhaaud/mis0.19kb24 Nov 20064.0394¤ Trimgym - Trim_gym trims SEGA Genesis gym music files
vb2rip.lhaaud/mis1.446kb20 Sep 20064.01750¤ Vb2rip - Rip the music from your PSX/PS2 games!
zvocoder.lhaaud/mis1.3615kb03 May 20074.0309¤ Zvocoder - Zirius Vocoder - Creates trendy robot voices!
adplay.lhaaud/pla1.69Mb19 Sep 20074.0437¤ Adplay - A command line player for Ad Lib music modules
adplaybasic.lhaaud/pla1.62Mb20 Sep 20074.0214¤ Adplaybasic - A command line player for Ad Lib music modules
gmp.lhaaud/pla0.3.0282kb23 Jul 20064.0328¤ Gmp - Game Music Player - Plays video game music
gus_soundfont.lhaaud/plarelease430Mb05 Feb 20094.0917¤ Gus_soundfont - GravisUltraSound Patches/Soundfont
klysplay.lhaaud/pla1.184kb27 Dec 20104.0266¤ Klysplay - Klystrack commandline player
mpg123.lhaaud/pla20100831525kb30 Aug 20104.0263¤ Mpg123 - A commandline MP3 player.
organyaplayer.lhaaud/pla1.076kb27 Dec 20104.1268¤ Organyaplayer - plays Organya (.org) music (From Cave Story etc)
ptplaysrc.lhaaud/pla129kb15 Mar 20094.0365¤ Ptplaysrc - AHI protracker mod player (Source)
scplayer.lhaaud/pla1.0822kb15 Jan 20114.0254¤ Scplayer - A player for Sam Coupe (.cop/.sng) music
stsound.lhaaud/pla1.2-3718kb15 Oct 20074.0288¤ Stsound - plays ym ATARI tunes (with source)
vgmstreamplay.lhaaud/pla1.0290kb28 Dec 20104.1751¤ Vgmstreamplay - Plays over 200 modern videogame music formats!
vspcplay.lhaaud/pla1.3339kb28 Jul 20064.0268¤ Vspcplay - VSPCPlay a Super Nintendo Music Player/Tool.
tuneenc_lame.lhaaud/pla/tun1.4544kb15 Mar 20094.0264¤ Tuneenc_lame - A liblame based encoder for TuneNet (Source)
tunemp-src.lhaaud/pla/tun170kb15 Mar 20094.0268¤ Tunemp-src - TuneNet ModPlug Plugin (Source)
tunenet_xmp.lhaaud/pla/tun3.2881kb19 Sep 20104.0356¤ Tunenet_xmp - XMP multi-module plug-in for TuneNet
tunetfmx-src.lhaaud/pla/tun40kb15 Mar 20094.0263¤ Tunetfmx-src - TuneNet TFMX Plugin (Source)
adx2wavmod3.lhaaud/rip32kb30 Mar 20094.0346¤ Adx2wavmod3 - Rips music from Zack & Wiki
adxloop.lhaaud/rip4kb31 Mar 20094.0284¤ Adxloop - Forces an ADX to loop from end to beginning.
adxtract.lhaaud/rip8kb31 Mar 20094.0336¤ Adxtract - Extracts ADX files from any archive.
aix2adx.lhaaud/rip4kb31 Mar 20094.01313¤ Aix2adx - Extracts ADXs from interleaved AIX files.
ast_multi.lhaaud/rip5kb30 Mar 20094.047¤ Ast_multi - Rips music from Super Mario Galaxy and others.
bbegex.lhaaud/rip3kb30 Mar 20094.0294¤ Bbegex - Rips music from Batman Begins.
bfbs.lhaaud/rip5kb30 Mar 20094.0188¤ Bfbs - Rips music from Beyond Good and Evil.
bigfat.lhaaud/rip3kb30 Mar 20094.0278¤ Bigfat - Rips music from Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones.
brsar_unpack.lhaaud/rip24kb30 Mar 20094.0318¤ Brsar_unpack - Finds sounds in .brsar files and decodes them.
degod_guessadx.lhaaud/rip23kb30 Mar 20094.0492¤ Degod_guessadx - ADX encryption tools
dkdsp.lhaaud/rip4kb30 Mar 20094.0330¤ Dkdsp - Inject your own music in Donkey Konga or Star Fox
dumplarc.lhaaud/rip6kb30 Mar 20094.0310¤ Dumplarc - Rips music from some Doujin games.
fsbii.lhaaud/rip8kb30 Mar 20094.065¤ Fsbii - Rips music from various Wii games.
gcfsysd.lhaaud/rip4kb30 Mar 20094.0307¤ Gcfsysd - Rips music from Pokemon XD Gale of Darkness etc.
jbc.lhaaud/rip3kb30 Mar 20094.037¤ Jbc - Rips music from NHL Hitz Pro etc.
lafs.lhaaud/rip5kb30 Mar 20094.0319¤ Lafs - Extract files from AFS filesystems.
mood.lhaaud/rip4kb30 Mar 20094.0275¤ Mood - Rips music from Robotech: Battlecry.
pakthis.lhaaud/rip3kb30 Mar 20094.035¤ Pakthis - Rips music from Megaman X Collection.
prowiz.lhaaud/rip1.62400kb02 Aug 20104.0222¤ Prowiz - a music module (.mod) ripper
puff8.lhaaud/rip18kb30 Mar 20094.0190¤ Puff8 - Rips music from Space Invaders Get Even etc.
revolutionb.lhaaud/rip23kb30 Mar 20094.038¤ Revolutionb - Creates .brstm files from mono standard .dsp files
ripping_mama.lhaaud/rip16kb31 Mar 20094.0785¤ Ripping_mama - Extracts .rwav sounds from .brsar files.
sfxtract.lhaaud/rip4kb31 Mar 20094.0257¤ Sfxtract - Extracts DSP files from SFX files.
sptex.lhaaud/rip4kb31 Mar 20094.0321¤ Sptex - Extracts DSPs from Nintendo SPT/SPD pairs.
ssmex.lhaaud/rip5kb31 Mar 20094.039¤ Ssmex - Rips music from HAL (and others) games.
strip_silence.lhaaud/rip10kb31 Mar 20094.0288¤ Strip_silence - Strips or adds silence to and from WAV files.
thp_ripper.lhaaud/rip6kb31 Mar 20094.036¤ Thp_ripper - Extracts audio tracks from .thp video files.
tmnt3mn.lhaaud/rip4kb31 Mar 20094.0317¤ Tmnt3mn - Rips music from TMNT 3.
whdread.lhaaud/ripr25kb01 Apr 20094.045¤ Whdread - Rips music from Hitman 2.
wwdumpsnd.lhaaud/rip7kb31 Mar 20094.0386¤ Wwdumpsnd - Rips soundfx from Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker.
xtract360.lhaaud/rip10kb31 Mar 20094.0270¤ Xtract360 - Extracts files from XBOX 360 disc images.
dt-42.lhaaud/tra0.1.0374kb23 Sep 20064.0515¤ Dt-42 - DT-42 a drum machine with Roland TR-808 sounds.
klystrack.lhaaud/tra1.5.1r867m223kb14 Dec 20104.0493¤ Klystrack - A chiptune tracker
a0xpretutorial_lq.aviaud/tra/mil9Mb09 Jul 20074.0413¤ A0xpretutorial_lq - Milky Tracker Video Tutorial 'Basic AXX usage'
example_music.zipaud/tra/mil9Mb21 Sep 20064.0590¤ Example_music - Milky Tracker Example Music
milkytracker-basic9xx.aviaud/tra/mil7Mb21 Sep 20064.0753¤ Milkytracker-basic9xx - Milky Tracker Video Tutorial 'Basic 9xx usage'
milkytracker_sinecrafting.zipaud/tra/mil450kb21 Sep 20064.0450¤ Milkytracker_sinecrafting - Milky Tracker Video Tutorial 'Sine Crafting'
milkytutorial.raraud/tra/mil1.027Mb21 Sep 20064.0498¤ Milkytutorial - Milky Tracker Video Tutorial 'General Usage'
strobe-bdcmptut.aviaud/tra/mil19Mb09 Jul 20074.0301¤ Strobe-bdcmptut - Milky Tracker Video Tutorial 'Compression'
strobe_3octaveharmony.zipaud/tra/mil6Mb21 Sep 20064.0333¤ Strobe_3octaveharmony - Milky Tracker Video Tutorial 'Harmony'
strobe_basicchiptracking.zipaud/tra/mil13Mb21 Sep 20064.0364¤ Strobe_basicchiptracking - Milky Tracker Video Tutorial 'Basic Chip Tune'
strobe_cubearptutorial.zipaud/tra/mil4Mb21 Sep 20064.0345¤ Strobe_cubearptutorial - Milky Tracker Video Tutorial 'Arpeggio'
strobe_drumdrawtutorial.zipaud/tra/mil5Mb21 Sep 20064.0373¤ Strobe_drumdrawtutorial - Milky Tracker Video Tutorial 'Drawing Drums'
strobe_resonancetutorial.zipaud/tra/mil5Mb21 Sep 20064.0340¤ Strobe_resonancetutorial - Milky Tracker Video Tutorial 'Resonance'
strobe_slides_porta.zipaud/tra/mil10Mb21 Sep 20064.0341¤ Strobe_slides_porta - Milky Tracker Video Tutorial 'Leads'
xi_-_instruments.raraud/tra/mil16Mb21 Sep 20064.0720¤ Xi_-_instruments - Milky Tracker Starter Sample Pack
flic_dt.lhadat/ani1.843kb31 Aug 20104.0385¤ Flic_dt - Autodesk Animator FLI/FLC datatype
pnm_dt.lhadat/ima1.252kb31 Aug 20104.0274¤ Pnm_dt - PNM PBM/PGM/PPM portable anymap datatype
4ksrccompo.lhadem/int373kb11 Sep 20084.1411¤ 4ksrccompo - #demoscene 4k source compo entries
bluecubes.lhadem/int328kb05 Jan 20094.0389¤ Bluecubes - YorHel's 'Blue Cubes' a small intro.
tharsis-fab.lhadem/int88kb10 Sep 20084.1416¤ Tharsis-fab - "Fab" by Tharsis - a 4k source(!) intro.
wavetraveler4k.lhadem/int83kb10 Sep 20084.0326¤ Wavetraveler4k - "Wave Traveler 4k" by Chazal Francois
cowsnbubbles.lhadem/mag4Mb08 Sep 20064.0339¤ Cowsnbubbles - Cows 'n' Bubbles by Nukleus
advanced97.lhadem/mis2Mb22 Sep 20084.0329¤ Advanced97 - Siggraph97 Advanced OpenGL Programs
bunchieloop.lhadem/mis2Mb13 Mar 20124.1171¤ Bunchieloop - A colored bunchie gif animation
chess.lhadem/mis51kb03 Sep 20084.0353¤ Chess - "Chess" a selfplaying GLUT example.
creeptea.lhadem/mis589kb27 Feb 20084.0299¤ Creeptea - CreepTea a nice demo, originally for GP2X.
creepteasrc.lhadem/mis476kb27 Feb 20084.0186¤ Creepteasrc - CreepTea a nice demo, source archive.
distort.lhadem/mis1Mb18 Sep 20084.0273¤ Distort - A quite nice looking GL water drop effect.
fireflies-src.lhadem/mis2.0798kb01 Oct 20084.0266¤ Fireflies-src - A nice OpenGL firefly effect (Sources)
fireflies.lhadem/mis2.07215kb01 Oct 20084.0434¤ Fireflies - A nice OpenGL firefly effect.
glblit.lhadem/mis461kb03 Sep 20084.0247¤ Glblit - An exhaustive OpenGL sprite blitting example
glflare.lhadem/mis224kb04 Sep 20084.1307¤ Glflare - How to do a lensflare in OpenGL (Src/Exe)
glpointz.lhadem/mis117kb03 Sep 20084.0204¤ Glpointz - a simple demo showing a waving cube made of points
glsmoke.lhadem/mis406kb03 Sep 20084.0224¤ Glsmoke - a simple particle engine demo showing white smoke
glut_examples.lhadem/mis210kb16 Sep 20084.0311¤ Glut_examples - A couple of basic glut examples.
glutbase.lhadem/mis27kb03 Sep 20084.0305¤ Glutbase - A basic GLUT example
ideas.lhadem/mis133kb18 Sep 20084.0265¤ Ideas - An OpenGL Example
jpminidemo.lhadem/mis311kb23 Sep 20084.0228¤ Jpminidemo - Straver's entry to NeHe's Mini Demo Compo
kendrick.lhadem/mis1.0275kb07 Nov 20064.0315¤ Kendrick - Stupid. Meaningless. But chanses are you'll smile.
lightning.lhadem/mis7Mb18 Oct 20064.0296¤ Lightning - A lightning graphics demo with some sound effects
lorenz.lhadem/mis35kb18 Sep 20084.0215¤ Lorenz - Lorenz Attractor - A GL exmaple.
mazerays.lhadem/mis164kb31 Mar 20094.0323¤ Mazerays - A simple raycaster engine. Run around in a maze.
melt.lhadem/mis27kb03 Sep 20084.0377¤ Melt - Example of DOOM screen melt using OpenGL
mesademos.lhadem/mis197kb06 Sep 20084.1442¤ Mesademos - a couple of MESA demos, compiled with MiniGL
meshtoy.lhadem/mis256kb04 Sep 20084.1182¤ Meshtoy - Right-Triangle Irregular Network (RTIN) Toy
newvox.lhadem/mis159kb17 Oct 20064.0348¤ Newvox - An SDL voxel landscape
noddingchod.lhadem/mis159kb18 Oct 20064.0371¤ Noddingchod - A basic SDL demo
opengoal.lhadem/mis0.1596kb01 Nov 20064.0218¤ Opengoal - A early non-playable demo of a football game
outline.lhadem/mis29kb03 Sep 20084.0311¤ Outline - A cartoon shaded glut example
phire.lhadem/mis1.0.0211kb18 Oct 20064.0280¤ Phire - An SDL particle-based flame effect
plasma.lhadem/mis1.0158kb25 Oct 20064.0316¤ Plasma - The classic Plasma effect now for SDL
podfather.lhadem/mis341kb27 Feb 20084.0301¤ Podfather - Podfather a nice demo, originally for Ipods!
podfathersrc.lhadem/mis166kb27 Feb 20084.0245¤ Podfathersrc - Podfather a nice demo, source archive.
ptcdemos.lhadem/mis1.0337kb25 Oct 20064.0222¤ Ptcdemos - The Fire and Tunnel SDL demos from the PTC library
ragdoll.lhadem/mis124kb09 Sep 20084.1313¤ Ragdoll - an interactive ragdoll demo. play with physics.
rc2000.lhadem/mis2000263kb03 Sep 20084.0332¤ Rc2000 - Ride 3D rollercoasters!
roaddemo.lhadem/mis1.01238kb25 Oct 20064.0770¤ Roaddemo - An SDL/GL (!) bezier curve demo that draws a road
screenart.lhadem/mis1.1.1169kb25 Oct 20064.0361¤ Screenart - A smally dizzyfying SDL demo
sdl_fire.lhadem/mis1.0161kb18 Oct 20064.0391¤ Sdl_fire - An SDL Fireworks demo
sdlflag.lhadem/mis117kb01 Sep 20084.0254¤ Sdlflag - A classic dotflag (demo effect).
sdlife.lhadem/mis321kb06 Apr 20094.0392¤ Sdlife - the classic AI demo 'Game of Life'.
sdlsinusfont.lhadem/mis616kb25 Oct 20064.0202¤ Sdlsinusfont - A SDL sinus font demo
shfire.lhadem/mis0.3124kb23 Apr 20094.0284¤ Shfire - Fire + particle demo
sierp.lhadem/mis1.0155kb17 Oct 20064.0426¤ Sierp - A small SDL gfx demo
signal.lhadem/mis32kb18 Sep 20084.0446¤ Signal - A simple GL example.
stars.lhadem/mis1.0158kb17 Oct 20064.0229¤ Stars - A rotating starfield
swirl.lhadem/mis1.1-241kb11 Jan 20094.1342¤ Swirl - a demo effect made using allegro.
underwater.lhadem/mis221kb18 Sep 20084.0336¤ Underwater - An OpenGL Underwater scene
warp.lhadem/mis1.1.4249kb17 Oct 20064.0328¤ Warp - A realtime picture 'gooing' SDL demo.
water.lhadem/mis1.0196kb17 Oct 20064.0454¤ Water - A realtime SDL water effect.
waves.lhadem/mis1.2135kb25 Oct 20064.0315¤ Waves - A small liquid surface modelling SDL demo
wormhole.lhadem/mis13kb14 Jun 20094.0265¤ Wormhole - A nice demo effect.
xflame.lhadem/mis1.0161kb17 Oct 20064.0304¤ Xflame - The classic fire effect, now through SDL.
nls-nwpfs.lhadem/mus56Mb27 Dec 20064.0307¤ Nls-nwpfs - 'Nukleus wears Prada feat. SAFIR' - a Musicdisk
planethively.lhadem/mus93kb09 Mar 20084.0362¤ Planethively - 'Planet Hively' a musicdisk by IRIS and Up Rough
solanoidsurfers.lhadem/mus4Mb06 Sep 20084.0284¤ Solanoidsurfers - Released in the Assembly 2008 extreme music compo
up-ep10n.lhadem/mus3Mb28 Mar 20124.0173¤ Up-ep10n - Saturday at Joe's EP by Up Rough
up-ep11n.lhadem/mus3Mb28 Mar 20124.0162¤ Up-ep11n - Super Sharp Shuriken EP by Up Rough
up-ep1ng.lhadem/mus2Mb29 Mar 20124.0153¤ Up-ep1ng - Tropic Fish EP by Up Rough
up-ep2ng.lhadem/mus1Mb29 Mar 20124.0142¤ Up-ep2ng - Elektrocity EP by Up Rough
up-ep3ng.lhadem/mus2Mb29 Mar 20124.0100¤ Up-ep3ng - Aggression Session EP by Up Rough
up-ep4ng.lhadem/mus2Mb29 Mar 20124.0123¤ Up-ep4ng - Mixagrip EP by Up Rough
up-ep7ng.lhadem/mus2Mb29 Mar 20124.0129¤ Up-ep7ng - Another Day EP by Up Rough
up-ep8ng.lhadem/mus2Mb28 Mar 20124.0205¤ Up-ep8ng - Twangin' EP by Up Rough
up-ep9ng.lhadem/mus2Mb28 Mar 20124.0156¤ Up-ep9ng - Jr. Francisco Inna Echochamber EP by Up Rough
up-lp1ng.lhadem/mus1Mb29 Mar 20124.0140¤ Up-lp1ng - Hits for Kids LP by Up Rough
up-lp3an.lhadem/mus1007kb28 Apr 20114.0177¤ Up-lp3an - Oh No! More Hits for Kids LP - Side A by Up Rough
up-lp3bn.lhadem/mus1007kb28 Apr 20114.0194¤ Up-lp3bn - Oh No! More Hits for Kids LP - Side B by Up Rough
up-lp4ng.lhadem/mus1Mb28 Apr 20114.0181¤ Up-lp4ng - Uh Oh, Even More Hits For Kids LP by Up Rough
ballfield.lhadem/sce1.0425kb17 Oct 20064.0476¤ Ballfield - A goodlooking SDL Amiga demo style ballfield
fractures.lhadem/sce4Mb30 Oct 20084.0488¤ Fractures - "Fractures and Rust" by Atomimaitokahvi
ledblur-src.lhadem/sce302kb11 Sep 20084.0200¤ Ledblur-src - 'Ledblur' by Mindlapse (Source archive)
ledblur.lhadem/sce352kb11 Sep 20084.0309¤ Ledblur - 'Ledblur' by Mindlapse (Originally for GP32)
neandertaler.lhadem/sce537kb03 Sep 20084.0332¤ Neandertaler - "Nean Der Taler" by Bypass
noisedemo.lhadem/sce9Mb12 Jan 20094.0423¤ Noisedemo - 'Noise Demo' by El Topo
boy.lhadem/sce/fit7Mb06 Sep 20084.1255¤ Boy - 'Boy' by FIT
leeko.lhadem/sce/fit909kb06 Sep 20084.1257¤ Leeko - 'Leeko' by FIT
bintap.lhadev/cro1.028kb31 Aug 20104.0251¤ Bintap - Converts binary data to Spectrum .TAP
c64tools.lhadev/cro1Mb05 Sep 20064.0600¤ C64tools - Covert Bitops C64 Tools
emutools.lhadev/cro106kb20 Sep 20064.0422¤ Emutools - Various emulator tools
gb2ngp.lhadev/cro1.14kb25 Mar 20084.0230¤ Gb2ngp - Convert Gameboy tile data to Neo Geo Pocket tiles
huc.lhadev/cro3.211Mb17 Mar 20084.0190¤ Huc - PC Engine/Turbografx compiler/assembler
megalz.lhadev/cro4.8951kb03 Oct 20064.0424¤ Megalz - MegaLZ Speccy packer/depacker
musicdump.lhadev/cro89kb01 Sep 20104.0137¤ Musicdump - Dumps music data from neo geo pocket roms
nes_dev.lhadev/cro218kb19 Sep 20064.0603¤ Nes_dev - NES Basic and NES ASM, develop your own NES games!
nes_example.zipdev/cro23kb19 Sep 20064.0593¤ Nes_example - An example project for NES Basic and NES ASM.
nes_mina.lhadev/cro249kb20 Sep 20064.0388¤ Nes_mina - Minachun Disassembler for 6502 Famicom (NES)
nes_palette.pngdev/cro11kb19 Sep 20064.0434¤ Nes_palette - A NES palette to use when making NES graphics
nes_sprtools.lhadev/cro500kb19 Sep 20064.0533¤ Nes_sprtools - Tools to convert BMP images to NES formats
ps2client.lhadev/cro3.0.3114kb06 Oct 20084.0271¤ Ps2client - Interact with your PS2 via the network
raw2chr.lhadev/cro6kb20 Sep 20064.0418¤ Raw2chr - NES CHR-ROM Creator
s3m2nsf.lhadev/cro65kb31 Aug 20104.0281¤ S3m2nsf - Convert S3M tunes to NSF (Nintendo 8bit) tunes.
sjcrunch.lhadev/cro2.175kb29 Sep 20084.0788¤ Sjcrunch - a Playstation 2 (PS2) elf cruncher.
memtrace.lhadev/deb186kb15 Apr 20084.0372¤ Memtrace - memtrace - a memory debugger
alabastra.lhadev/edi0.21b2Mb08 Aug 20134.0263¤ Alabastra - a C++ code editor
bouncing.lhadev/exa429kb18 Oct 20064.0302¤ Bouncing - A SDL example with a bouncing penguin
colormouse.lhadev/exa0.1236kb18 Oct 20064.0247¤ Colormouse - One way to implement color mouse cursors with SDL
curvetest.lhadev/exa470kb17 Oct 20064.0280¤ Curvetest - Spline, Bezier and Hemite SDL examples
glutsdlgears.lhadev/exa1.0.2295kb04 Apr 20094.0376¤ Glutsdlgears - The classic Gears example for both GLUT and SDL/GL
openglintro.lhadev/exa1.1.15Mb04 Apr 20094.0281¤ Openglintro - An OpenGL tutorial
regcom.lhadev/exa2Mb08 Nov 20064.0179¤ Regcom - Regimental Command - A cool strategy game engine
sdl_mix.lhadev/exa431kb08 Nov 20064.0344¤ Sdl_mix - A SDL example on how to use SDL_mixer
sdlisomouse.lhadev/exa291kb25 Oct 20064.0290¤ Sdlisomouse - An example on Isometric landscapes + mouse for SDL
sdlmousescrolling.lhadev/exa461kb25 Oct 20064.0241¤ Sdlmousescrolling - A SDL example of how to do smooth scrolling
sdlmousetile.lhadev/exa290kb25 Oct 20064.0221¤ Sdlmousetile - An SDL example on how to use mouse and tiles
sdlpathfind.lhadev/exa134kb25 Oct 20064.0207¤ Sdlpathfind - A SDL path find example
sdlpngsavesurf.lhadev/exa343kb13 Nov 20064.01206¤ Sdlpngsavesurf - An example on how to save a SDL surface as PNG
vistk.lhadev/exa0.1.0336kb17 Oct 20064.0306¤ Vistk - The Visualize ToolKit Example(!) library
gameblade.lhadev/gam2003011070kb07 Jul 20084.0258¤ Gameblade - Gameblade - a game creation library
gamebladealph.lhadev/gam20021013863kb07 Jul 20084.0189¤ Gamebladealph - An alpha example for Gameblade
gamebladebg.lhadev/gam20021007903kb07 Jul 20084.0144¤ Gamebladebg - A background example for Gameblade
gamebladebo.lhadev/gam895kb07 Jul 20084.0164¤ Gamebladebo - 'GM Space Breakout' An example game for Gameblade
gamebladeexp.lhadev/gam20021013819kb07 Jul 20084.0172¤ Gamebladeexp - An explosion example for Gameblade
gameblademsx.lhadev/gam200210071Mb07 Jul 20084.0157¤ Gameblademsx - A music example for Gameblade
gamebladepng.lhadev/gam1Mb07 Jul 20084.0149¤ Gamebladepng - 'GM Space Pong' An example game for Gameblade
gamebladerz.lhadev/gam853kb07 Jul 20084.0171¤ Gamebladerz - A rotozoom example for Gameblade
gamebladespr.lhadev/gam20021007816kb07 Jul 20084.0177¤ Gamebladespr - A music example for Gameblade
gamebladessg.lhadev/gam1Mb07 Jul 20084.0171¤ Gamebladessg - 'GM Spaceship Galaxy' An example for Gameblade
gamebladetxt.lhadev/gam20021007826kb07 Jul 20084.0153¤ Gamebladetxt - A text example for Gameblade
koreengine.lhadev/gam3Mb03 Sep 20084.0217¤ Koreengine - Kore-Engine, a game engine with examples.
mappy.lhadev/gam1.01138kb13 Jun 20094.0273¤ Mappy - A tilemap editor
mappyal.lhadev/gam11D277kb13 Jun 20094.0338¤ Mappyal - Enables you to use 'Mappy' tilemaps in Allegro.
neheglsdl.lhadev/gamRevision1223kb23 Sep 20084.0331¤ Neheglsdl - NeHe's great OpenGL framework ported to SDL
sge2d.lhadev/gam2008071214Mb15 Jul 20084.0196¤ Sge2d - A 2D Game engine.
cbmbasic.lhadev/lan239kb10 Nov 20084.0680¤ Cbmbasic - C64 basic for AmigaOS 4.x
pyrex.lhadev/lan0.9.3898kb18 Aug 20104.0226¤ Pyrex - A language for writing Python extension modules.
libayemu.lhadev/lib/aud0.9.5374kb21 Nov 20064.0242¤ Libayemu - libAYEmu use this to play AY music
libgme.lhadev/lib/aud0.5.2a283kb28 Jun 20074.0282¤ Libgme - Plays GBS, VGM/VGZ, GYM, SPC and NSF, etc. music
libsaasound.lhadev/lib/aud3.2491kb30 Nov 20064.0248¤ Libsaasound - libSAASound - Plays Sam Coupe music!
libsap.lhadev/lib/aud1.51161kb15 Nov 20064.0168¤ Libsap - libSAP 1.51 use this to play Atari SAP music
libsidplay.lhadev/lib/aud1.36.59706kb09 Nov 20064.0182¤ Libsidplay - the old libSIDPlay 1.36 (No reSID support)
libtimidity-dev.lhadev/lib/aud0.1.0r2960kb07 Oct 20084.0253¤ Libtimidity-dev - add midi playback to your app! (Shared/Static)
unmo3.lhadev/lib/aud0.5236kb08 Oct 20074.0139¤ Unmo3 - MO3 decompression/decoding.
bfont.lhadev/lib/gra1.1.03Mb05 Oct 20084.0171¤ Bfont - a font library for SDL
bitmask.lhadev/lib/gra1.6a30kb19 Oct 20064.0299¤ Bitmask - Simple and efficient bitmask collision detection
glpng.lhadev/lib/gra1.44174kb08 May 20084.0466¤ Glpng - Load PNG graphics files as an OpenGL textures
libgfx.lhadev/lib/gra1.1.0949kb01 Oct 20084.0218¤ Libgfx - a graphics library
libjpeg6b-dev.lhadev/lib/gra6b182kb25 Aug 20104.1261¤ Libjpeg6b-dev - libJPEG 6b developer archive.
libjpeg6b-usr.lhadev/lib/gra6b102kb25 Aug 20104.1314¤ Libjpeg6b-usr - libJPEG 6b shared object (.so) user archive.
libmng_so.lhadev/lib/gra1.0.10650kb31 Aug 20104.0165¤ Libmng_so - MNG graphics library static/SObj
libsdl_anim.lhadev/lib/gra0.5.0709kb25 Oct 20064.0309¤ Libsdl_anim - libSDL_anim displays anim files
libsdl_draw.lhadev/lib/gra1.2.11421kb07 Oct 20064.0343¤ Libsdl_draw - Simple SDL library to draw basic elements
libsdl_rtf.lhadev/lib/gra0.1.0571kb16 Oct 20064.0304¤ Libsdl_rtf - Display simple RTF files
libtinysdgl.lhadev/lib/gra0.4316kb15 Oct 20064.0323¤ Libtinysdgl - TinyGL software renderer.
libxmi.lhadev/lib/gra1.2575kb31 Aug 20104.1265¤ Libxmi - GNU 2D rasterisation library newlib/sobj
pdcurses.lhadev/lib/gra3.32Mb12 Nov 20074.0202¤ Pdcurses - An NCurses clone that outputs through SDL.
sdl_blitpool.lhadev/lib/graRelease2408kb20 Oct 20064.0208¤ Sdl_blitpool - Blit/Fill operation pool with optimizer
sdl_oglblit.lhadev/lib/gra0.5891kb03 Sep 20084.0182¤ Sdl_oglblit - Do fast HW accelerated 2D operations.
sdl_sprite.lhadev/lib/gra1.2b35kb09 Oct 20064.0271¤ Sdl_sprite - SDLSprite - Display animated sprites
sdllayer.lhadev/lib/gra0.164Mb06 Aug 20084.0169¤ Sdllayer - Layered display mechanism for SDL, with examples.
sdltty.lhadev/lib/gra0.0.1820kb02 Jul 20084.0159¤ Sdltty - SDL_TTY
aedgui.lhadev/lib/gui0.1.8a5Mb19 Oct 20064.0181¤ Aedgui - A cross platform GUI C++ GUI library
guilib.lhadev/lib/gui1.1.21Mb20 Oct 20064.0250¤ Guilib - A very simple GUI framework for SDL
kuroiui.lhadev/lib/gui0.247kb17 Oct 20074.0156¤ Kuroiui - Kuroiui GUI Library, early version.
fftw-single.lhadev/lib/mat3.1.21Mb16 Jun 20084.0137¤ Fftw-single - FFTW3 - single precision version
fftw.lhadev/lib/mat3.1.21Mb16 Jun 20084.0146¤ Fftw - FFTW3 - a math library
aalib.lhadev/lib/mis1.4.0781kb30 Oct 20074.0191¤ Aalib - An ascii art library
drac.lhadev/lib/mis1.0b288kb25 Apr 20074.0322¤ Drac - A card game engine, includes Klondike as example.
libcheapglk.lhadev/lib/mis0.9.0163kb10 Nov 20064.0270¤ Libcheapglk - Cheapass Implementation of the Glk API
libcrtxy.lhadev/lib/mis0.0.1956kb06 Aug 20084.0148¤ Libcrtxy - Line-drawing lib for creating retro arcade games.
libftgl.lhadev/lib/mis2.1rc54Mb17 Jul 20104.0140¤ Libftgl - libftgl
libical.lhadev/lib/mis0.442Mb31 Aug 20104.1136¤ Libical - iCalendar protocol/format implementation
libjabber.lhadev/lib/mis274kb31 Oct 20074.0270¤ Libjabber - Add Jabber support to your messenger app.
liblcms_so.lhadev/lib/mis1.17759kb31 Aug 20104.1155¤ Liblcms_so - Colour management library static/SObj
libmsn.lhadev/lib/mis566kb04 Nov 20074.0199¤ Libmsn - Use this to add MSN support to your messenger app.
libmspack.lhadev/lib/mis0.0.200609485kb21 Feb 20084.0206¤ Libmspack - Microsoft packing library (CAB,CHM,HL
liborganya.lhadev/lib/mis0.191kb19 Dec 20104.0254¤ Liborganya - A library that plays Cave Story (Organya) music
libpcre.so.lhadev/lib/mis8.10215kb17 Jul 20104.1248¤ Libpcre - Perl-compatible regular expression lib (shared)
libsdl_console.lhadev/lib/mis2.1560kb07 Oct 20064.0244¤ Libsdl_console - A quake-like drop-down console for SDL
libucl.lhadev/lib/mis1.03207kb29 Sep 20084.0321¤ Libucl - UCL is a lossless data compression library
libyahoo2.lhadev/lib/mis0.7.5700kb31 Oct 20074.0164¤ Libyahoo2 - Add Yahoo2 support to your messenger app.
pygame.lhadev/lib/mis1.9.14Mb18 Aug 20104.1442¤ Pygame - an SDL binding for Python
pygamesrc.lhadev/lib/mis1.9.12Mb18 Aug 20104.1108¤ Pygamesrc - pygame source archive
sdl_eventmap.lhadev/lib/mis0.1486kb16 Oct 20064.0266¤ Sdl_eventmap - A uniform event-mapping library for SDL
xerxces-c.lhadev/lib/mis3.0.048Mb11 May 20094.0150¤ Xerxces-c - Xerces-C++ XML Parser
xfd.lhadev/lib/mis115kb31 Aug 20104.0332¤ Xfd - xfdmaster.library glue code & dev files
zziplib-src.gzdev/lib/mis0.10.02777kb01 Sep 20084.0139¤ Zziplib-src - ZZipLib source archive
zziplib.lhadev/lib/mis0.10.02158kb01 Sep 20084.0217¤ Zziplib - A library for transparent read access to zip files
libflatzebra.lhadev/lib/too581kb20 Nov 20074.0174¤ Libflatzebra - A game engine for 2D double-buffering animation
sdl-clib2.tar.bz2dev/lib/too1.2.11962kb28 Dec 20084.0179¤ Sdl-clib2 - Simple Direct Media Library (SDL) for Clib2
sdl-diff.gzdev/lib/too1.2.11298kb28 Dec 20084.0116¤ Sdl-diff - Simple Direct Media Library (SDL) source diff
sfont.lhadev/mis2.0.31Mb25 Sep 20064.0187¤ Sfont - Easy usage of bitmap fonts when using SDL
asp2php.lhadev/uti0.77.2169kb13 Sep 20064.0330¤ Asp2php - ASP to PHP converter
bindata.lhadev/uti5kb17 Oct 20064.0225¤ Bindata - Converts raw binary contents to into C source
png2c.lhadev/uti1.161kb18 Apr 20074.0291¤ Png2c - Convert PNG images into C source
qhexedit2.lhadev/uti0.6.31Mb23 Jul 20134.1348¤ QHexedit 2 - A small QT hex editor
sfontmkr.lhadev/uti0.0.4288kb17 Apr 20074.0195¤ Sfontmkr - make PNG fonts w/ alpha channel for use with SFont
smoothscroll.lhadev/uti1.1266kb17 Oct 20064.0324¤ Smoothscroll - A smooth subpixel SDL/GL(!!!) scroller/map editor
spots-pfd.lhadoc/man2.462kb04 May 20094.01202¤ Spots-pfd - Spot's Porting for Dummies
gerber2eps.lhadoc/mis05.06.200163kb29 Sep 20084.0319¤ Gerber2eps - converts Gerber (.gbr) layouts to EPS
fading_tut.lhadoc/tut3181kb25 Sep 20064.0363¤ Fading_tut - An SDL tutorial on Fading for Varthall :)
bchunk.lhadri/mis1.2.037kb24 Apr 20074.0386¤ Bchunk - CD image format conversion from bin/cue to iso/cdr
gplink.lhadri/mis1.5345kb31 May 20084.0182¤ Gplink - Connect your GP32 to your AmigaOne
funnymu.lhaemu/com0.411Mb31 Jan 20074.0287¤ Funnymu - A Whizzard, Funvision and Creativision emulator.
pspzx81.lhaemu/com1.2.0a1Mb31 Aug 20104.0289¤ Pspzx81 - ZX80/ZX81/TS1000 emulator based on xz81
vice_old.tgzemu/com1.228Mb13 Aug 20074.0391¤ Vice_old - Versatile Commodore Emulator
atr2unix.lhaemu/con7kb27 Aug 20104.0241¤ Atr2unix - Extract files from an Atari DOS or MyDOS .ATR file
bas2tap.lhaemu/con2.451kb04 Mar 20084.0224¤ Bas2tap - Converts 'BASIC in an ASCII file' to a TAP image
dat2slt.lhaemu/con20kb04 Mar 20084.0152¤ Dat2slt - Two utilities to convert between DAT and SLT files
dcm2atr.lhaemu/con9kb27 Aug 20104.0275¤ Dcm2atr - Converts Atari DCM files to Atari ATR files
direct.lhaemu/con11kb04 Mar 20084.0195¤ Direct - Convert .voc to spectrum .tzx
snapconv.lhaemu/con420kb04 Mar 20084.0200¤ Snapconv - A Spectrum snapshot format converter
snaplist.lhaemu/con1.0016kb04 Mar 20084.0221¤ Snaplist - Extracts the basic listing from a .sna snapshot
tap2tzx.lhaemu/con5kb04 Mar 20084.0286¤ Tap2tzx - A TAP to TZX Converter
tzx2tap.lhaemu/con13b7kb04 Mar 20084.01798¤ Tzx2tap - Converts Spectrum TZX to TAP files.
desmume.lhaemu/gamAlpha261kb17 Jan 20074.0821¤ Desmume - Desmume, a NintendoDS emulator.
gngeo_scrpack.lhaemu/gam1.04Mb16 Mar 20084.0272¤ Gngeo_scrpack - A pack with screenshots for the GNGeo GUI
siemu.lhaemu/gam1.03319kb29 Aug 20064.0463¤ Siemu - A Space Invaders Arcade Emulator
vbaguigfx.lhaemu/gam1.031kb16 Apr 20054.0495¤ Vbaguigfx - Alternative GFX for the Visual Boy Advance GUI.
pokeit.lhaemu/mis4kb04 Mar 20084.0273¤ Pokeit - Inserts multiface POKEs permenantly into SNA files
xzx2plus3.lhaemu/mis28kb14 May 20074.0250¤ Xzx2plus3 - Convert XZX-tape files and raw bins to +3DOS files
afid.lhaemu/uti1.148kb09 Aug 20064.0413¤ Afid - Apple ][ DOS 3.3 disk image utility V1.1
buildcpr.lhaemu/uti18kb15 Mar 20074.0335¤ Buildcpr - An Amstrad Binary to CPR converter tool
c64bin2p00.lhaemu/uti27kb10 Aug 20064.0232¤ C64bin2p00 - Convert C64 name to popular emulators xxx.P00 name
cas_tools.lhaemu/uti1.1104kb25 Apr 20064.0439¤ Cas_tools - MSX Cas (tapefile) converters
charlie.lhaemu/uti5kb20 Sep 20064.0301¤ Charlie - A NES CHR-ROM Optimizer
chr2nam.lhaemu/uti8kb20 Sep 20064.0345¤ Chr2nam - A NES Name Table Creator
dcmtoatr.lhaemu/uti28kb10 Aug 20064.0191¤ Dcmtoatr - Conv DCM files to ATR files to use with Atari Emus
img2dsk.lhaemu/uti25kb25 Apr 20064.0905¤ Img2dsk - IMG to DSK MSX disk image converter
jabba.lhaemu/uti1.05kb20 Sep 20064.0399¤ Jabba - Expand snes ROM's.
makelnx.lhaemu/uti528kb09 Aug 20064.0442¤ Makelnx - .LYX to Atari Lynx .LNX file conversion utility
msxditools.lhaemu/uti74kb23 Oct 20054.0337¤ Msxditools - MSX Disk Image Tools
n64rom.lhaemu/uti1.026kb24 Oct 20054.0532¤ N64rom - A Tool to handle Nintendo64 roms
ndstrim.lhaemu/uti1.0177kb16 Jan 20074.0357¤ Ndstrim - Strips dummy data off NDS ROM's
nesdevtools.lhaemu/uti1.074kb06 Nov 20054.0258¤ Nesdevtools - NES Development Graphics Tools
ngptool.lhaemu/uti0.936kb30 Oct 20054.0327¤ Ngptool - NeoGeo Pocket ROM Tool
removeffs.lhaemu/uti20kb24 Apr 20074.0169¤ Removeffs - Strips dummy data off GBA roms
romsearcher.lhaemu/uti227kb06 Nov 20054.0373¤ Romsearcher - RomSearcher
showlnx.lhaemu/uti0.760kb09 Aug 20064.0186¤ Showlnx - Displays info about the Atari Lynx cart images
sna2tiff.lhaemu/uti75kb10 Aug 20064.0173¤ Sna2tiff - Dumps ZX Spectrum Snapshots to TIFF Pic
stlist.lhaemu/uti1.626kb30 Oct 20054.0326¤ Stlist - Lists AtariST disk image content
tap2mbhdd.lhaemu/uti0.0b20kb30 Nov 20074.0185¤ Tap2mbhdd - Spectrum TAP to MB HDD Converter
trdetz.lhaemu/uti0.1b121kb23 Oct 20074.0270¤ Trdetz - TRD Spectrum utilities
z802tzx.lhaemu/uti1.0119kb28 Jul 20064.0436¤ Z802tzx - Spectrum Z80 Snapshot to TZX Tape Converter
zip2d64.lhaemu/uti24kb10 Aug 20064.0337¤ Zip2d64 - ZipCode 2 D64 - Extract Zipcode disks to .D64 img
zxscredit.lhaemu/uti0.9213kb28 Jul 20064.0262¤ Zxscredit - A ZX Spectrum image (SCREEN$) editor.
zxscrview.lhaemu/uti0.2160kb28 Jul 20064.0253¤ Zxscrview - ZX Screen Viewer
abuse.lhagam/act0.7.1-R27Mb11 Jul 20094.01057¤ Abuse - A very good run 'n' gun game! A Classic!
abusesrc.lhagam/act0.7.1964kb09 Jul 20094.0252¤ Abusesrc - Abuse - Source archive
afternoonst.lhagam/act619kb20 Nov 20074.0224¤ Afternoonst - Afternoon Stalker a clone of Midnight Stalker
ambassadorop.lhagam/act173kb29 Oct 20074.0313¤ Ambassadorop - An NCurses based game called 'Ambassador of Pain'
bloboats.lhagam/act1.0.1-28Mb11 Dec 20074.0337¤ Bloboats - 'Bloboats' an SDL/GL action game similiar to Xmoto
bloboatssrc.lhagam/act1.0.1-2324kb20 Jul 20084.0219¤ Bloboatssrc - Bloboats sources (no datafiles).
bomberins.lhagam/act0.8.72Mb04 Nov 20074.0332¤ Bomberins - 'Bomber Instinct' a good Bomberman clone!
btripper.lhagam/act190kb24 Apr 20074.0413¤ Btripper - Baloon Tripper - A Baloon Fight Clone
bumprace.lhagam/act1.5.31Mb21 Feb 20084.0261¤ Bumprace - Fly to the exit type of game with multiplayer sup.
burgerspace.lhagam/act583kb20 Nov 20074.0201¤ Burgerspace - A Burger Time clone.
cosmosmash.lhagam/act504kb20 Nov 20074.0363¤ Cosmosmash - A clone of Astrosmash
crabber.lhagam/act404kb13 Jun 20094.0288¤ Crabber - a boulderdash clone. you are a crab. eat.
freedroid.lhagam/act1.0.25Mb28 Dec 20084.0332¤ Freedroid - A clone of that C64 classic, Paradroid.
freenukum.lhagam/act0.2.103Mb15 Jul 20104.1342¤ Freenukum - A free duke nukem engine remake
frogsofwar.lhagam/act919kb10 Jul 20084.0162¤ Frogsofwar - The Frogs of War - a weird platform shooter
heroes.lhagam/act0.214Mb03 Mar 20084.0400¤ Heroes - 'Heroes' a VERY nice and polished nibbles clone
hhhorse.lhagam/act0.2d4Mb09 Feb 20074.0255¤ Hhhorse - Help Hannah's Horse - A cute one for the young
hhills.lhagam/act316kb10 Jan 20094.0357¤ Hhills - a bob racing game.
highmoon.lhagam/act1.2.42Mb28 May 20084.0403¤ Highmoon - The First Worms Clone on OS4 , and it's in Space.
humphrey.lhagam/act3Mb02 Jan 20104.1281¤ Humphrey - An action game. Step on all the tiles!
kulic.lhagam/act2Mb03 Jan 20104.1260¤ Kulic - think counterstrike, in 2d, seen from above.
leibomber.lhagam/act1Mb04 Nov 20064.0403¤ Leibomber - A Bomberman clone with graphics from Doom
longwaydown.lhagam/act388kb13 Jun 20094.0377¤ Longwaydown - A Cave Flyer clone with a small twist. Addictive.
lunavader.lhagam/actEarly2Mb22 Nov 20064.0342¤ Lunavader - Toho Shien-So 'Lunavader' a Japanese shooter
miffonoid.lhagam/act400kb13 Jun 20094.0256¤ Miffonoid - two bat 'n' ball games in one.
moon-lander.lhagam/act1.0pre1b2Mb27 Sep 20064.0466¤ Moon-lander - Moon-Lander game.
myman.lhagam/act0.62Mb06 Nov 20074.0351¤ Myman - An EXCELLENT NCurses based Pac-Man clone!
ncfighter.lhagam/act0.1244kb02 Jul 20084.0299¤ Ncfighter - An NCURSES based vertical shoot em up
notln.lhagam/act103kb22 Jun 20094.1280¤ Notln - Night of the living nerd - a Speedhack 2007 entry
osgg.lhagam/act3Mb04 Apr 20094.0263¤ Osgg - A thrust clone.
pangos4.lhagam/act2Mb11 Jun 20084.0493¤ Pangos4 - The alltime classic Pang - now on modern amigas!
sdlkurve.lhagam/act406kb16 Oct 20074.026¤ Sdlkurve - a cross platform remake of "Achtung, die kurve"
snakeme.lhagam/act1.02Mb13 Aug 20074.0243¤ Snakeme - A Snake game for many players with lots of options
solarwolf.lhagam/act2Mb19 Aug 20104.1233¤ Solarwolf - A very nice action puzzle game set in space.
spaceinf.lhagam/act168kb30 Oct 20074.0230¤ Spaceinf - An NCurses based game called 'Space Inflators'
stp.lhagam/act0.011Mb04 Mar 20074.0148¤ Stp - Save The Penguins - A shooter
tankgame.lhagam/act1.0e769kb05 Jan 20104.1262¤ Tankgame - a multiplayer tank war game
tcgsblock.lhagam/actEarly6Mb23 Nov 20064.0348¤ Tcgsblock - A mix between modern Jap shooters and Arkanoid
thew.lhagam/act155kb30 Oct 20074.0251¤ Thew - An NCurses based snake game called 'Thew'
thezoninrun.lhagam/act2Mb13 Mar 20124.1251¤ Thezoninrun - A polished Qix clone!
tomatoes-src.lhagam/act114kb04 Apr 20094.0231¤ Tomatoes-src - 'I Have no Tomatoes' sourcecode.
turbokaca.lhagam/act146kb28 Oct 20074.0261¤ Turbokaca - An Ncurses based snake game
vor.lhagam/act0.5.3782kb03 Jun 20074.0330¤ Vor - A great Rock Dodger variant.
wurmhole-src.lhagam/act247kb04 Sep 20084.1295¤ Wurmhole-src - Wurmhole an SF Cave clone (Source archive).
wurmhole.lhagam/act716kb04 Sep 20084.1277¤ Wurmhole - Wurmhole an SF Cave clone, quite good too.
zatacka.lhagam/act0.1.8805kb21 Feb 20084.0253¤ Zatacka - A snake game with a slight twist
thegooniessrc.lhagam/adv12Mb03 Sep 20084.0169¤ Thegooniessrc - The Goonies (Sources)
ulmosadventure.lhagam/adv1.03Mb18 Dec 20134.1221¤ Ulmosadventure - A cute action RPG.
braincurses.lhagam/boa0.5b218kb28 Oct 20074.0225¤ Braincurses - An NCurses based mastermind clone.
lpairs.lhagam/boa1.0.3534kb01 Dec 20074.0381¤ Lpairs - A memory game
msweeper.lhagam/boa169kb24 Apr 20074.0282¤ Msweeper - A Japanese Mine Sweeper game. No music sadly.
deckofcards.lhagam/car259kb18 Aug 20104.1232¤ Deckofcards - a deck of cards
pyhearts.lhagam/car140kb22 Aug 20104.1270¤ Pyhearts - Hearts, the playing card game.
appledrop.lhagam/chi200kb13 Jun 20094.0326¤ Appledrop - An apple picking game for children.
tcgscar.lhagam/dri6Mb22 Nov 20064.0377¤ Tcgscar - A Jap oldskool racer originally for PSP
fighter.lhagam/fig2Mb19 Aug 20104.1623¤ Fighter - An International Karate Remake
bse.lhagam/fps2Mb14 Dec 20094.0207¤ Bse - Black Shades Elite - a First Person Shooter
armageddonsword.lhagam/meg179kb17 Jun 20084.0278¤ Armageddonsword - A Megazeux game called Armageddon Sword
arobowars3d.lhagam/meg1Mb17 Jun 20084.0194¤ Arobowars3d - A Megazeux game called ASCII Robo Wars 3D
bombbrothers.lhagam/meg294kb17 Jun 20084.0300¤ Bombbrothers - A Megazeux game called Bomb Brothers
demonearth.lhagam/meg3Mb17 Jun 20084.0192¤ Demonearth - A Megazeux game called Demon Earth
ejet.lhagam/meg2Mb17 Jun 20084.0183¤ Ejet - A Megazeux game called Endless Journey Ethens Test
ffedventure.lhagam/meg3Mb17 Jun 20084.0207¤ Ffedventure - A Megazeux game called Final Fantasy Edventure
halflifewpns.lhagam/meg1Mb17 Jun 20084.0197¤ Halflifewpns - A Megazeux game called Half-Life Weapons
katamaricd.lhagam/meg85kb18 Jun 20084.0311¤ Katamaricd - A Megazeux game called Katamari Damacy Clone Demo
megamangears.lhagam/meg953kb17 Jun 20084.0199¤ Megamangears - A Megazeux game called Megaman: Gears
megazeux.lhagam/meg2.821012kb17 Jun 20084.0358¤ Megazeux - A fantastic game interpreter
megazeuxsrc.lhagam/meg2.822Mb20 Jul 20084.0156¤ Megazeuxsrc - Megazeux sources
mzxrace.lhagam/meg109kb18 Jun 20084.0337¤ Mzxrace - A Megazeux game called MZX Race
sm4mzx.lhagam/meg1Mb18 Jun 20084.0193¤ Sm4mzx - A Megazeux game called Super Mario for MZX (Demo)
snarfoogle.lhagam/meg1007kb17 Jun 20084.0192¤ Snarfoogle - A Megazeux game called Snarfoogle
spiritrevenge.lhagam/meg1Mb17 Jun 20084.0200¤ Spiritrevenge - A Megazeux game called Spirit Revenge
taoyarin.lhagam/meg13Mb17 Jun 20084.0175¤ Taoyarin - A Megazeux game called Eternal Eclipse Taoyarin
termination.lhagam/meg3Mb18 Jun 20084.0177¤ Termination - A Megazeux game called Termination Rehash
univers.lhagam/meg444kb17 Jun 20084.0267¤ Univers - A Megazeux game called Univers
weirdness1.lhagam/meg522kb17 Jun 20084.0236¤ Weirdness1 - A Megazeux game called Weirdness Chapter 1
xenogenesis.lhagam/meg1Mb17 Jun 20084.0184¤ Xenogenesis - A Megazeux demo called Xenogenesis
zombiequest.lhagam/meg2Mb18 Jun 20084.0190¤ Zombiequest - A Megazeux game called Zombie Quest
agility.lhagam/mis1.1.1381kb03 Oct 20064.0444¤ Agility - AGT/AGX game interpreter
asciiportal.lhagam/mis1.2a11Mb25 Nov 20094.0188¤ Asciiportal - a Portal clone, original, funny, nice music.
bjldump.lhagam/mis0.3.030kb21 Jan 20064.0325¤ Bjldump - Dump Bombjack levels (arcade ROM dumps)
convey.lhagam/mis1.3569kb05 Nov 20064.0249¤ Convey - Collect all blue blobs and cross the finish line!
conways.lhagam/mis9kb13 Jun 20094.0342¤ Conways - Conway's way of life - with gui + etc
crapgamesvol1.lhagam/mis1.05Mb04 Nov 20064.0252¤ Crapgamesvol1 - Crap Games Vol.1 (UFO, Paratim, Tux Learn notes)
crapgamesvol10.lhagam/mis2Mb10 Jan 20094.0194¤ Crapgamesvol10 - Crap Games Vol.10(I. Castle, T. Tetris, Tuxblox)
crapgamesvol11.lhagam/mis579kb10 Jan 20094.0200¤ Crapgamesvol11 - Crap Games Vol.11 (Flash Flood, NGHJ, SSG)
crapgamesvol13.lhagam/mis1.07Mb10 May 20094.0156¤ Crapgamesvol13 - Crap Games Vol.13 (Enemy Lines 1, 2 and 4)
crapgamesvol14.lhagam/mis1.010Mb10 May 20094.0153¤ Crapgamesvol14 - Crap Games Vol.14 (Enemy Lines 5, 6 and 7)
crapgamesvol15.lhagam/mis1.0672kb13 Jun 20094.0186¤ Crapgamesvol15 - Crap Games Vol.15 (Auto, Ind. Day, Batafaje)
crapgamesvol16.lhagam/mis1.0792kb13 Jun 20094.0164¤ Crapgamesvol16 - Crap Games Vol.16 (Sopwith, Pickin Sticks, Barney)
crapgamesvol17.lhagam/mis1.01Mb13 Jun 20094.0162¤ Crapgamesvol17 - Crap Games Vol.17 (S.Cobra, Megamania , UFO Watch)
crapgamesvol18.lhagam/mis1.0698kb16 Jun 20094.0183¤ Crapgamesvol18 - Crap Games Vol.18 (L.balls, P.Fighter, Spaceships)
crapgamesvol19.lhagam/mis1.01019kb16 Jun 20094.0153¤ Crapgamesvol19 - Crap Games Vol.19 (Quack, Octi, Razor - GTF)
crapgamesvol2.lhagam/mis1.02Mb04 Nov 20064.0225¤ Crapgamesvol2 - Crap Games Vol.2 (Minas, Space Rider, 2 Minutes..)
crapgamesvol20.lhagam/mis5Mb15 Jul 20104.0155¤ Crapgamesvol20 - Crap Games Vol.20 (Quadnut, RestaZero,Too Many..)
crapgamesvol21.lhagam/mis2Mb02 Aug 20104.0154¤ Crapgamesvol21 - Crap Games Vol.21(Crazee Spod, Inbedia, Tombstone)
crapgamesvol3.lhagam/mis1.05Mb09 Apr 20074.0221¤ Crapgamesvol3 - Crap Games Vol.3 (Chanta, MicroRacers, RPong)
crapgamesvol4.lhagam/mis1.03Mb11 Sep 20074.0199¤ Crapgamesvol4 - Crap Games Vol.4 (Black Star, PentagoSDL, Tennix)
crapgamesvol5.lhagam/mis1.01Mb16 Oct 20074.0210¤ Crapgamesvol5 - Crap Games Vol.5 (Bombman, Sh. Pong, Tileminator)
crapgamesvol6.lhagam/mis1.02Mb02 Jun 20084.0206¤ Crapgamesvol6 - Crap Games Vol.6 (Batrachians, FreeCell, Ships)
crapgamesvol7.lhagam/mis1.02Mb09 Jul 20084.0197¤ Crapgamesvol7 - Crap Games Vol.7 (Double Dash, Snake, Snoopy)
crapgamesvol8.lhagam/mis1.06Mb17 Aug 20084.0171¤ Crapgamesvol8 - Crap Games Vol.8 (PCMaziacs, Sets, Slime Volley)
crapgamesvol9.lhagam/mis1.03Mb19 Aug 20084.0171¤ Crapgamesvol9 - Crap Games Vol.9 (Combinations, T2RS, Tetricrisis)
curlian.lhagam/mis133kb11 Jan 20094.0305¤ Curlian - a game of stars and orbits
dzip.lhagam/mis2.9216kb19 Feb 20074.0192¤ Dzip - (de)compresses NetQuake demo (.dem) files
eversion.lhagam/mis0.1.0694kb06 Nov 20064.0228¤ Eversion - A 2D tile-based cross-platform RPG engine.
frotz.lhagam/mis2.41529kb06 Nov 20064.0244¤ Frotz - Infocom game interpreter
gluxle.lhagam/mis0.3.0563kb10 Nov 20064.0605¤ Gluxle - An interpreter for text adventure games
magx.lhagam/mis0.65865kb29 Sep 20064.0189¤ Magx - A text adventure compiler
marinerescue.lhagam/mis6Mb18 Aug 20104.1200¤ Marinerescue - rescue the divers, shoot the sharks!
melite.lhagam/mis543kb25 Aug 20134.1398¤ mELITE - A remake of the classic Amiga game Elite
monkey.lhagam/mis0.1280kb26 Nov 20064.0257¤ Monkey - A cute little Marble Madness / Monkey Ballish game
passage.lhagam/mis3752kb21 Mar 20084.0295¤ Passage - A beautiful game about life
qwdtools.lhagam/mis0.02107kb19 Feb 20074.0341¤ Qwdtools - Convert QuakeWorld .qwd demo files to .mvd
refrax.lhagam/mis2Mb06 Nov 20064.0212¤ Refrax - A beautiful, different and funny multiplayer game!
sheep.lhagam/mis559kb26 Jun 20094.1229¤ Sheep - A strange multiplayer game.
textelite.lhagam/mis1.129kb06 Nov 20064.0326¤ Textelite - Text version of space trading game Elite
tiltnrolldemo-src.lhagam/misDemo1Mb04 Sep 20084.1140¤ Tiltnrolldemo-src - Tilt 'n' Roll a (Source archive)
tiltnrolldemo.lhagam/misDemo3Mb04 Sep 20084.1218¤ Tiltnrolldemo - Tilt 'n' Roll a game similiar to Rock'n'Roll
tree.lhagam/mis0.603Mb23 Dec 20064.0230¤ Tree - Spot wishes you a merry x-mas w/ 'Christmas Tree'
tsim.lhagam/mis459kb06 Sep 20084.1371¤ Tsim - a helicopter simulator.
wadext.lhagam/mis2.0.1.048kb29 Sep 20064.0215¤ Wadext - dump the lumps of a wad to files
walls.lhagam/mis1Mb10 Feb 20094.0216¤ Walls - a remarkably simple and addictive game
abe.lhagam/pla1.03Mb28 Dec 20084.0405¤ Abe - Abe's Amazing Advanture, a platform game.
abusimpeldx.lhagam/pla3Mb27 Feb 20084.0272¤ Abusimpeldx - 'Abu Simbel Profanation Deluxe' - a platformer.
asylum.lhagam/pla2Mb26 Jun 20094.0270¤ Asylum - A platform game.
barbiesha.lhagam/pla3Mb19 Aug 20104.1280¤ Barbiesha - Barbie Seahorse Adventure - a very good platformer
bubbman.lhagam/pla594kb21 Aug 20104.1216¤ Bubbman - A nice but short oldskool gameboy style platformer
gravitation.lhagam/pla3765kb21 Mar 20084.0296¤ Gravitation - A very original and nice game about gravity
holotzcastle.lhagam/pla1.3.144Mb17 Jul 20104.1270¤ Holotzcastle - A nice oldskool opengl platformer
jumpaction.lhagam/pla2Mb22 Jun 20084.0313¤ Jumpaction - A semi-cute japanese mario style platformer.
lunaroid.lhagam/pla407kb18 Aug 20104.1292¤ Lunaroid - A Metroid clone
mazeofgalious.lhagam/pla0.6331Mb14 Jun 20084.0337¤ Mazeofgalious - A top ranking remake of Maze of Galious!
mogsrc.lhagam/pla0.63154kb20 Jul 20084.0219¤ Mogsrc - Maze of Galious Source (No data files).
moleinvasion.lhagam/pla0.377Mb11 Jun 20084.0280¤ Moleinvasion - A so-so platformer, similiar to Super Tux.
moleinvsrc.lhagam/pla0.365kb20 Jul 20084.0271¤ Moleinvsrc - Mole Invasion Source
primateplunge.lhagam/pla6Mb21 Sep 20064.0746¤ Primateplunge - A very beautiful and funny platform game!
sdljump.lhagam/pla1.0.08Mb11 Oct 20064.0325¤ Sdljump - A Platform game, that is a clone of Xjump
supermethanebros-src.lhagam/pla1.4.72Mb11 Sep 20084.0170¤ Supermethanebros-src - Super Methane Bros (Source)
supermethanebros.lhagam/pla1.4.7801kb11 Sep 20084.0471¤ Supermethanebros - Super Methane Bros
whichwayisup.lhagam/pla2Mb23 Aug 20104.1213¤ Whichwayisup - A nice platform game.
winterjumper.lhagam/plaEarly194kb19 Nov 20064.0674¤ Winterjumper - A Giana Sisters remake
zoidsquest.lhagam/pla0.0.16Mb03 Nov 20064.0312¤ Zoidsquest - A platform game starring Zoid
2h4u.lhagam/puz1.24Mb05 Nov 20064.0255¤ 2h4u - A weird puzzle game
4stattack.lhagam/puz2Mb18 Aug 20104.1177¤ 4stattack - A polished four in a row game
amoebax.lhagam/puz0.2.010Mb23 Aug 20074.0276¤ Amoebax - A great Puyo Puyo clone
bellrunner.lhagam/puz0.62Mb25 Aug 20104.1150¤ Bellrunner - a different puzzle game, read notes, ring bells.
between.lhagam/puz5322kb15 Nov 20084.0241¤ Between - a brain bending networked puzzle game
biniax.lhagam/puz1.2464kb25 Sep 20064.0261¤ Biniax - A puzzle game
blockrage.lhagam/puz277kb02 Jul 20084.0250¤ Blockrage - A gem puzzle game. Quite nice.
blockragesrc.lhagam/puz128kb20 Jul 20084.0250¤ Blockragesrc - BlockRage sources
brickshooter.lhagam/puz3Mb01 Jun 20084.0221¤ Brickshooter - A puzzle game. Quite ordinary.
brikx.lhagam/puz0.4.15Mb21 Feb 20084.0188¤ Brikx - A puzzle game, connect the blocks
caphgame.lhagam/puz759kb12 Sep 20104.1203¤ Caphgame - A physics based game
columns.lhagam/puz1Mb26 Jun 20094.0197¤ Columns - A columns clone
drstrange.lhagam/puz273kb26 Jun 20094.0342¤ Drstrange - A Dr. Mario clone
friction.lhagam/puz0.1390kb15 Aug 20064.0258¤ Friction - A Puzzle Game - Alpha Release, still enjoyable.
funfield.lhagam/puz3Mb23 Aug 20104.1151¤ Funfield - a cute two player co-op puzzle game
game.lhagam/puz2Mb15 Aug 20064.0288¤ Game - A funny and beatiful Tetris Attack clone.
gnurobbo.lhagam/puz0.572Mb07 Nov 20064.0203¤ Gnurobbo - GNURobbo a remake of an old Atari XL game
greed.lhagam/puz3.1165kb05 Nov 20074.0315¤ Greed - An NCurses based game called 'Greed'
jooleem.lhagam/puz10Mb01 Jun 20084.0321¤ Jooleem - A quite decent and nice looking puzzle game.
kickle.lhagam/puz0.81454kb13 Jun 20094.0209¤ Kickle - a cute little puzzle adventure
letris2011.lhagam/puz1.07Mb06 Dec 20114.0183¤ Letris2011 - ZX game remake (Hollywood4)
lmarbles.lhagam/puz1Mb15 Sep 20084.0192¤ Lmarbles - An Atomix clone
lothello.lhagam/puz1.0972kb16 Oct 20074.0230¤ Lothello - A semi decent Othello clone.
majongg.lhagam/puz1.050kb26 Jun 20094.0464¤ Majongg - A Mahjong clone.
mineflags.lhagam/puz1.085kb26 Jun 20094.0319¤ Mineflags - A minesweeper clone.
miner.lhagam/puz1114kb18 Dec 20134.1273¤ Miner - a puzzle game
minesweeper2.lhagam/puz2648kb30 Oct 20064.0278¤ Minesweeper2 - A clone of MS minesweeper.
mmemory.lhagam/puz734kb10 Jan 20074.0240¤ Mmemory - Martian Memory - A very Amigaish memory game
mpsdl.lhagam/puz1Mb17 May 20074.0187¤ Mpsdl - A columns clone
netwalk.lhagam/puz0.4.8418kb31 Oct 20064.0241¤ Netwalk - Connect every terminal to the main server.
nimesweeper.lhagam/puz1.0122kb28 Oct 20074.0237¤ Nimesweeper - An NCurses based Minesweeper game
nodereviewer.lhagam/puz1.0699kb14 Sep 20124.1157¤ Nodereviewer - a small puzzle game
npush.lhagam/puz0.6215kb16 Jun 20084.0297¤ Npush - An NCurses based Sokoban/Boulder Dash clone
plonx.lhagam/puz0.03107kb29 Oct 20074.0297¤ Plonx - An NCurses based puzzle game.
pysudoku.lhagam/puz2Mb24 Aug 20104.1167¤ Pysudoku - A Sudoku game.
reverzi.lhagam/puz588kb11 Nov 20064.0283¤ Reverzi - A classic puzzle game
rezerwar.lhagam/puz0.14Mb02 Jun 20094.0184¤ Rezerwar - a classic puzzle game with a twist and some polish
rgblocks.lhagam/puz2.0885kb03 Jul 20084.0250¤ Rgblocks - RGBlocks an OpenGL Tetris clone
rgblockssrc.lhagam/puz2.0382kb20 Jul 20084.0152¤ Rgblockssrc - RGBlocks Source
righteous.lhagam/puz0.7.13Mb02 Sep 20064.0309¤ Righteous - A Lumines (PSP) clone! A nice puzzler!
sdlame.lhagam/puz1.05Mb19 Nov 20064.0183¤ Sdlame - SDLame a small puzzle game
sdltetris.lhagam/puz954kb03 Jun 20074.0230¤ Sdltetris - Yet another so-so Tetris clone.
snowball.lhagam/puz1Mb19 Aug 20104.1199¤ Snowball - A Solomon's Key Clone
symbolica.lhagam/puz0.820Mb11 Jul 20074.0197¤ Symbolica - A nice remake of a puzzle game.
tailtale.lhagam/puz3Mb21 Nov 20064.0269¤ Tailtale - A commercial quality Jap Anime puzzler
tetrispack.lhagam/puz928kb18 Oct 20074.0231¤ Tetrispack - 3 Tetris games: BlueCube, STetris and Tedris
tileminator.lhagam/puz887kb10 Feb 20094.0190¤ Tileminator - A game similiar to Picross
tileworld.lhagam/puz1.3.01Mb31 Aug 20064.0428¤ Tileworld - A clone/remake of Chips Challenge
tint.lhagam/puz0.3b168kb05 Nov 20074.0197¤ Tint - An NCurses based Tetris clone called 'TINT'
towerwars.lhagam/puz740kb11 Dec 20074.0262¤ Towerwars - 'Tower Wars' a tower defense SDL/GL puzzle game.
tubularix.lhagam/puz0.5.1.7652kb25 Jul 20134.0309¤ Tubularix - A tetris clone in 3D
wizznic.lhagam/puz2Mb29 Nov 20094.0246¤ Wizznic - A great Puzznic clone.
lotr.lhagam/rol5Mb16 Feb 20094.0412¤ Lotr - The Lord of the Rings Vol.1
porrog.lhagam/rol598kb29 Oct 20074.0180¤ Porrog - An NCurses based game called 'PORROG'
powder-src.lhagam/rol1112Mb26 Nov 20094.0121¤ Powder-src - Source of the game Powder
powder.lhagam/rol1112Mb08 Jun 20094.0262¤ Powder - A roguelike RPG
spaceblade.lhagam/rol696kb10 Jul 20084.0261¤ Spaceblade - A spaceship RPG using GameBlade
chromium-source.lhagam/shm0.9R22Mb03 Sep 20084.0146¤ Chromium-source - Chromium (Source archive)
criticalmass-src.lhagam/shmR211Mb05 Apr 20094.0116¤ Criticalmass-src - Critical Mass source archive
criticalmass.lhagam/shmstaticr27Mb05 Apr 20094.0240¤ Criticalmass - a space shmup. recompiled with static libs.
dangen.lhagam/shm0.31Mb04 Nov 20064.0257¤ Dangen - The successor of Tenmado, an abstract JAP shooter!
duel2.lhagam/shm3Mb03 Jul 20094.0175¤ Duel2 - A two player shmup.
grenslim.lhagam/shm268kb03 Jul 20094.0290¤ Grenslim - a small shmup.
insanerz_shooter.lhagam/shm0.511Mb29 Jan 20094.0330¤ Insanerz_shooter - A galaga clone
kobodeluxe.lhagam/shm0.4pre91Mb28 Dec 20084.0247¤ Kobodeluxe - An addictive and fast-paced shoot-em-up
kuklomenos.lhagam/shm0.3.1939kb30 Oct 20084.0199¤ Kuklomenos - An abstract vector shoot em up
kuklomenossrc.lhagam/shm0.2.3.2396kb15 Sep 20084.0184¤ Kuklomenossrc - Kuklomenos sources
lacewing.lhagam/shm1.10886kb04 Dec 20094.1221¤ Lacewing - An abstract arena shooter
mobiusskies.lhagam/shm5Mb18 Aug 20104.1299¤ Mobiusskies - a nice horizontal shmup!
nvaders.lhagam/shm9Mb22 Jun 20094.1220¤ Nvaders - A space Invaders clone.
overgod.lhagam/shm2Mb05 Jan 20104.1204¤ Overgod - An abstract arena shmup.
randomshooter.lhagam/shm1Mb03 Mar 20084.0253¤ Randomshooter - A small shooter
rrootagesrc.lhagam/shm0.235Mb18 Oct 20084.0136¤ Rrootagesrc - rRootage sources
sdlsopwith.lhagam/shm1.7.1192kb06 Jul 20084.0313¤ Sdlsopwith - A remake of the DOS classic Sopwith
sdlsopwithsrc.lhagam/shm1.7.1256kb20 Jul 20084.0151¤ Sdlsopwithsrc - SDLSopwith sources
shippy1984.lhagam/shm416kb28 Jun 20074.0356¤ Shippy1984 - A very good and stylish retro shoot 'em up.
shrapnel.lhagam/shm1Mb23 Apr 20094.0213¤ Shrapnel - a small shoot em up
simplevaders.lhagam/shm3Mb03 Sep 20084.0224¤ Simplevaders - a space invaders clone
solarconquest-src.lhagam/shm0.2140kb03 Sep 20084.0200¤ Solarconquest-src - a space shmup (source archive)
solarconquest.lhagam/shm0.23Mb03 Sep 20084.0221¤ Solarconquest - a space shmup
spacemonster.lhagam/shm0.3798kb21 Mar 20084.0273¤ Spacemonster - A Space Invaders clone
spacewar.lhagam/shm0.3435kb26 Oct 20064.0315¤ Spacewar - A simple 2 player shooter
tenmado.lhagam/shm0.7925kb04 Nov 20064.0272¤ Tenmado - A good, modern, abstract shoot 'em up
quantumminigolf.lhagam/spo1.1.01Mb16 Jun 20084.0268¤ Quantumminigolf - Officially the weirdest game for OS4 to date.
crimsonfields.lhagam/str0.5.27Mb16 Jun 20084.0428¤ Crimsonfields - BattleIsle-like strategy game, now w/ network play
dwars.lhagam/str294kb30 Oct 20074.0287¤ Dwars - An NCurses based Drugwars clone called 'DWars'
lightyears.lhagam/str1.3A1Mb25 Aug 20104.1216¤ Lightyears - 20,000 Light-Years Into Space - A space RTS game.
maxr.lhagam/str0.2.4-r219Mb17 Feb 20094.0376¤ Maxr - Mechanized Assault and Exploration Reloaded
outerspace.lhagam/str0.5.67r23Mb25 Aug 20104.1175¤ Outerspace - A MMORPG set in space!
planetumi.lhagam/str959kb21 Aug 20104.1260¤ Planetumi - A cute sim city type of game
qonk.lhagam/str0.3.0723kb07 Oct 20074.0322¤ Qonk - A space strategy/colonisation game
starlanes.lhagam/str1.3.0131kb29 Oct 20074.0306¤ Starlanes - An NCurses based space trading game.
50games.lhagam/uti109kb31 Aug 20104.0262¤ 50games - 50 Great games launcher
deutex.lhagam/uti4.4.0456kb03 Oct 20064.0280¤ Deutex - A wad composer for Doom, Heretic, Hexen and Strife
fzeropw.lhagam/uti33kb18 Mar 20094.0283¤ Fzeropw - F-Zero Maximum Velocity Password Generator
miniville.lhagam/uti901kb08 Jan 20094.0153¤ Miniville - A cheat program for the online game Miniville
scummer.lhagam/utiBeta5148kb03 Jun 20074.0252¤ Scummer - Reads and display images from LucasArts games.
sudokusolver.lhagam/uti5kb08 Apr 20084.0263¤ Sudokusolver - Sudoku solver with source
ataripac2pbm.lhagra/con33kb23 Oct 20054.0327¤ Ataripac2pbm - Atari PAC2PBM - An Image Converter
bmp2spec.lhagra/con1.043kb12 Aug 20064.0308¤ Bmp2spec - Windows BMP -> Spectrum TAP/Screen$
c64gfx.lhagra/con1.5509kb18 Oct 20054.0252¤ C64gfx - C64GFX - Conv between C64 and Amiga Image formats
cpc2ilbm.lhagra/con1.060kb01 Oct 20074.0205¤ Cpc2ilbm - CLI converter for Amstrad CPC images
jp2a.lhagra/con0.9.22582kb10 Aug 20064.0288¤ Jp2a - Converts JPEG images to Ascii Art
png2lin.lhagra/con1.02127kb03 Oct 20064.0235¤ Png2lin - Converts a PNG image into a Linux logo.
pngminus.lhagra/con142kb26 Nov 20084.0234¤ Pngminus - Converts between png and pnm
ppm2fli.lhagra/con1.9283kb01 Dec 20084.0291¤ Ppm2fli - Converts PPM images to a FLI anim
ppmtovic.lhagra/con1.150kb07 Apr 20094.0158¤ Ppmtovic - PPM <-> VIC-20 conversion utilities
st2iff.lhagra/con55kb12 Aug 20064.0276¤ St2iff - Converts Atari ST NEOchrome/DEGAS -> IFF ILBM.
tilemaker.lhagra/con2.5587kb11 Jan 20094.0147¤ Tilemaker - Converts graphics to tile data
xtopng.lhagra/con0.3379kb17 Oct 20064.0241¤ Xtopng - A general-purpose image converter based on SDL
bse2.lhagra/edi91kb10 Jan 20094.0256¤ Bse2 - A sprite editor
editpal.lhagra/edi25kb11 Jan 20094.0308¤ Editpal - a palette editor.
photocrop.lhagra/edi0.2225kb02 May 20074.0617¤ Photocrop - Crop and Resize images easilly.
2001.lhagra/ico390kb23 Feb 20064.0290¤ 2001 - '2001 a Space Odyssey' a PNG iconset.
aluminium.lhagra/ico1.0997kb10 Mar 20064.0576¤ Aluminium - 'Aluminium Folders Lite' a PNG iconset.
animauls.lhagra/ico213kb23 Feb 20064.0424¤ Animauls - A PNG iconset. (128x128)
aquastars.lhagra/ico372kb26 Feb 20064.0528¤ Aquastars - A PNG iconset. (128x128, 64x64, 48x48)
bindle_wt.lhagra/ico162kb01 Mar 20064.0382¤ Bindle_wt - A PNG iconset. (128, 64).
bitter_boy.lhagra/ico386kb02 Mar 20064.0411¤ Bitter_boy - A PNG iconset. (128, 64).
cheesefolders.lhagra/ico246kb24 Feb 20064.0361¤ Cheesefolders - A PNG iconset. (128x128, 64x64)
chocolatefolders.lhagra/ico154kb24 Feb 20064.0478¤ Chocolatefolders - A PNG iconset (128x128, 64x64)
cowmilk.lhagra/ico102kb24 Feb 20064.0491¤ Cowmilk - A PNG iconset. (128x128, 64x64)
crystal_clear.lhagra/ico1.05Mb07 Mar 20064.0577¤ Crystal_clear - A Sys Rep. Icon Set with Installer
crystal_clear2.lhagra/ico1.03Mb07 Mar 20064.0572¤ Crystal_clear2 - Sys Icons with Installer (46x46)
digital_video.lhagra/ico235kb23 Feb 20064.0513¤ Digital_video - A PNG iconset. (128x128, 64x64)
evilroboballs.lhagra/ico169kb27 Feb 20064.0360¤ Evilroboballs - A PNG iconset.
fight_club.lhagra/ico555kb23 Feb 20064.0390¤ Fight_club - A PNG iconset. (128x128, 64x64)
geekysweets.lhagra/ico390kb26 Feb 20064.0379¤ Geekysweets - A PNG iconset. (128x128)
hamtaro1.lhagra/ico243kb01 Mar 20064.0432¤ Hamtaro1 - A PNG iconset. (128x128, 64x64).
hamtaro2.lhagra/ico216kb01 Mar 20064.0491¤ Hamtaro2 - A PNG iconset. (128x128, 64x64).
icollection.lhagra/ico1.0657kb23 Feb 20064.0550¤ Icollection - A PNG icon collection.
jacks_cds.lhagra/ico1.0340kb03 Mar 20064.0449¤ Jacks_cds - A PNG iconset. (128x128, 64x64).
katamari.lhagra/ico1.0709kb04 Oct 20064.0440¤ Katamari - Katamari Damacy PNG Icons (64x64, 128x128, Huge)
kids.lhagra/ico1.07Mb09 Mar 20064.0430¤ Kids - A Sys Rep. Icon Set with Installer
kiwiana.lhagra/ico147kb23 Feb 20064.0390¤ Kiwiana - A PNG iconset. (128x128, 64x64)
lila-kde-blue.lhagra/ico0.8.116Mb13 Feb 20064.0576¤ Lila-kde-blue - Lila Icon Theme, AmigaOS 4.0 version
metal_folders.lhagra/ico128kb01 Mar 20064.0515¤ Metal_folders - A PNG iconset. (128, 64, 32).
mini_robots.lhagra/ico167kb03 Mar 20064.0516¤ Mini_robots - A PNG iconset. (128x128, 64x64).
nuvola.lhagra/ico9Mb01 Feb 20074.0450¤ Nuvola - A Sys Rep. Icon Set with Installer
origami.lhagra/ico302kb01 Mar 20064.0388¤ Origami - A PNG iconset. (128x128, 64x64).
pizzaicons.lhagra/ico962kb24 Feb 20064.0314¤ Pizzaicons - A PNG iconset. (128x128)
pure.lhagra/ico3Mb10 Mar 20064.0544¤ Pure - A PNG iconset. (128, 64, 48, 32)
samuraivol1.lhagra/ico1Mb01 Feb 20074.0398¤ Samuraivol1 - A PNG iconset. (64, 48, 32)
samuraivol2.lhagra/ico1Mb02 Feb 20074.0386¤ Samuraivol2 - A PNG iconset. (64, 48, 32)
sanrio.lhagra/ico304kb09 Mar 20064.0498¤ Sanrio - A PNG iconset. (128, 64)
smurf_houses.lhagra/ico267kb02 Mar 20064.0400¤ Smurf_houses - A PNG iconset. (128x128, 64x64)
soda_jerks.lhagra/ico884kb02 Mar 20064.0300¤ Soda_jerks - A PNG iconset. (128x128, 64x64).
star_wars.lhagra/ico724kb09 Mar 20064.0458¤ Star_wars - A PNG iconset. (128, 64, 48, 32, 16)
thhgttg.lhagra/ico132kb10 Mar 20064.0397¤ Thhgttg - A PNG iconset.
tiny_pets.lhagra/ico162kb03 Mar 20064.0360¤ Tiny_pets - A PNG iconset. (128x128, 64x64).
transformersx2.lhagra/ico326kb07 Mar 20064.0460¤ Transformersx2 - A PNG iconset. (128, 64)
xywe.lhagra/ico324kb02 Mar 20064.0392¤ Xywe - A PNG iconset. (128, 64).
ale.lhagra/mis0.9.0.39Mb31 Aug 20104.0136¤ Ale - Image processor accepting multiple inputs
alfonted.lhagra/mis1.19b732kb13 Jun 20094.0229¤ Alfonted - A nice bitmap font editor
colortool.lhagra/mis1.0372kb24 Jul 20134.1328¤ colortool - Converting colors between different color models
crapgamesvol12.lhagra/mis2Mb11 Jan 20094.0127¤ Crapgamesvol12 - Crap Games Vol.12 (AGSD, Moonlander, R. Machine)
fractal.lhagra/mis0.11235kb02 May 20074.0370¤ Fractal - A fractal explorer.
funintgra.lhagra/mis1Mb10 Jan 20094.0188¤ Funintgra - A cool graphics toy that renders nice images
ibtoolbar.lhagra/mis13kb19 Oct 20044.0435¤ Ibtoolbar - New IBrowse toolbar based on PNG icons
image2raw.lhagra/mis283kb21 Aug 20064.0244¤ Image2raw - Converts jpg, png and bmp to RAW64 format.
kipfractal.lhagra/misbeta142kb13 Jun 20094.0289¤ Kipfractal - a fractal explorer
lsystem.lhagra/mis157kb03 Sep 20084.0202¤ Lsystem - A L-System fractal generator
netbrush.lhagra/mis0.1.01Mb31 Oct 20064.0305¤ Netbrush - Paint images together with friends over internet!
qstrange.lhagra/mis54kb12 Aug 20134.1228¤ QStrange - Qt Strange Attractor Function visualizer.
starmap.lhagra/mis126kb25 Oct 20064.0328¤ Starmap - A strange but cool fractal program
terrain.lhagra/mis24kb28 Nov 20094.0389¤ Terrain - a small landscape generator/toy
topaz-a500.lhagra/mis1.12kb20 Oct 20084.0365¤ Topaz-a500 - The A500 version of Topaz for Hi-Res screens.
zeespace.lhagra/mis0.1328kb24 Sep 20064.0245¤ Zeespace - Play around with some heightfields, bumpmapping.
imagin.lhagra/ray0.0.2647kb17 May 20074.0294¤ Imagin - A command line Raytracer
renderer.lhagra/ray2.0l2Mb14 Apr 20094.0246¤ Renderer - a Phong, ZBuffer, Soft-ShadowMap, etc SW renderer.
smooth.lhagra/ray2Mb18 Sep 20084.0227¤ Smooth - A Wavefront (later Maya) object viewer.
asnuvola.lhagra/the1.055kb02 Feb 20074.0338¤ Asnuvola - Icons for AmiStart
wookieclassy.lhagra/the1.0540b23 Aug 20074.0361¤ Wookieclassy - A classy colour theme for WookieChat
qdiagram.lhagra/vec0.1572kb24 Jul 20134.1277¤ QDiagram - a diagram graphics tool
aview.lhagra/vie1.3.0186kb26 Nov 20084.0299¤ Aview - Displays bitmap images as ascii art images
meshviewgl.lhagra/vie502kb04 Apr 20094.0202¤ Meshviewgl - Displays 3D objects
pslide.lhagra/vie554kb24 Oct 20064.0335¤ Pslide - Perigee Slideshow - A picture viewer
showimage.lhagra/vie1.2.6282kb08 Aug 20074.0530¤ Showimage - Displays images
libao-usr.lhalib/aud0.8.8r2111kb08 Oct 20084.0396¤ Libao-usr - Cross-platform Audio Library, (Shared)
qgmail.lhanet/ema585kb16 Aug 20134.1268¤ QGmail - A GMail notifier that lives in AmiDock
sdlmail.lhanet/ema0.2127kb11 Oct 20064.0245¤ Sdlmail - A dirt-simple commandline SMTP mailer
webmonx.lhanet/mis0.21Mb17 Aug 20134.1149¤ Webmonx - Monitor your favourite websites for updates
createtorrent.lhanet/p2p1.1.422kb25 Nov 20084.0269¤ Createtorrent - Create torrents
hagelslag-src.lhanet/p2p0.13220kb25 Nov 20084.0207¤ Hagelslag-src - A console based gnutella client (src)
hagelslag.lhanet/p2p0.13210kb25 Nov 20084.0261¤ Hagelslag - A console based gnutella client
passkeychanger.lhanet/p2p0.1.0.0153kb16 Aug 20134.1121¤ PassKeyChanger - Changes passwords of torrent files
easywake.lhanet/ser/mis3.1206kb16 Aug 20134.1167¤ Easywake - Wake up LAN computers
lifetime2.lhaoff/mis2.0.1540kb08 Aug 20134.1149¤ Lifetime2 - helps you keep track of your working time.
hunpack.lhauti/arc0.138kb15 Aug 20064.0316¤ Hunpack - .HPA files unarchiver
nomarch.lhauti/arc1.381kb15 Oct 20054.0239¤ Nomarch - Nomarch, extract arc files
testdms.lhauti/arc13kb03 Oct 20064.0335¤ Testdms - Test DMS archives
uncps.lhauti/arc5kb12 Mar 20074.0346¤ Uncps - Unpacks .CPS files from many games.
uncpt.lhauti/arc4kb12 Mar 20074.0342¤ Uncpt - Unpacks Sinclair QL .CPT files.
unshar.lhauti/arc1.38kb11 May 20094.0359¤ Unshar - Unpack shar archives
xpklzma.lhauti/arc52.289kb09 Apr 20074.0394¤ Xpklzma - XPK sublibrary based on LZMA SDK 4.43
sdlbench.lhauti/ben1.0124kb28 Feb 20084.0762¤ Sdlbench - An SDL Benchmark test
adepack.lhauti/fil0.0323kb26 Feb 20084.0349¤ Adepack - Depacks packed Amiga files.
algo.lhauti/fil0.45108kb08 Aug 20134.1274¤ Algo - Organises files to perfectly fill up a CD/DVD
applyppf.lhauti/fil3.038kb13 Oct 20054.0731¤ Applyppf - Apply PPF patches to your ISO files
b5i2iso.lhauti/fil0.237kb11 Oct 20054.0714¤ B5i2iso - BlindWrite - CD image converter
bcrypt.lhauti/fil1.1149kb19 Nov 20084.0186¤ Bcrypt - A cross platform file encryption utility
bfunpack.lhauti/fil3kb29 Sep 20084.0320¤ Bfunpack - Kong bigfile unpacker 
bin2iso.lhauti/fil31kb11 Oct 20054.01074¤ Bin2iso - Bin - CD image converter
cbmconvert.lhauti/fil2.1.2277kb13 Oct 20054.0258¤ Cbmconvert - CBMConvert - A C64 archive converter
ccd2iso.lhauti/fil0.3119kb31 Jan 20074.0551¤ Ccd2iso - CloneCD - CD image converter
cdi2iso.lhauti/fil0.138kb11 Oct 20054.0630¤ Cdi2iso - DiscJuggler - CD image converter
d64tozipcode.lhauti/fil1.035kb25 Jan 20064.0293¤ D64tozipcode - Converts D64 image files to Zipcode format
dact.lhauti/fil0.8.41365kb01 Sep 20084.0288¤ Dact - a file compression tool similiar to gzip
decrunchmania.lhauti/fil9kb24 Nov 20094.0210¤ Decrunchmania - Decrunchmania - decrunch 68k Crunchmania files
ecm.lhauti/fil1.069kb20 Sep 20064.0574¤ Ecm - Reduces size of CD images
fcrackzip.lhauti/fil212kb31 Aug 20084.0337¤ Fcrackzip - Cracks password protected Zip files
fimp.lhauti/fil25kb07 Jul 20084.0300¤ Fimp - fimp (imploder) portable C version
gpatch.lhauti/fil3.166kb06 Dec 20114.0288¤ Gpatch - Patch system for software updates
gzrt.lhauti/fil0.530kb15 Nov 20074.0326¤ Gzrt - Recover files from broken gzip archives
ixadump.lhauti/fil6kb12 Mar 20074.0303¤ Ixadump - Extracts the files in an iXalance (TBL) demo.
lzop.lhauti/fil1.02rc1577kb01 Sep 20084.0230¤ Lzop - a fast file compression tool
makeppf.lhauti/fil3.042kb13 Oct 20054.0482¤ Makeppf - Create PPF patches.
mdf2iso.lhauti/fil0.3241kb11 Oct 20054.01291¤ Mdf2iso - Alcohol 120% - CD image converter
pdi2iso.lhauti/fil0.141kb11 Oct 20054.0375¤ Pdi2iso - Instant copy bin - CD image converter
ppmd.lhauti/filJ58kb31 Aug 20104.0181¤ Ppmd - Prediction by Partial Matching filepacker
qrename.lhauti/fil1.1102kb08 Aug 20134.1269¤ QRename - A file rename tool
shed.lhauti/fil1.13466kb28 Oct 20074.0240¤ Shed - An NCurses based HEX Editor
soesplit.lhauti/fil6kb03 Oct 20064.0303¤ Soesplit - Split big files.
uips.lhauti/fil35kb17 Oct 20054.01142¤ Uips - Universal IPS patcher - patches ROM files
usfv.lhauti/fil1.418kb27 Nov 20064.0334¤ Usfv - Verify or Create SFV files
vobps2fix.lhauti/fil0.19kb31 Oct 20064.0330¤ Vobps2fix - Fix for Playstation2 VOBs
fmgpuccrbrr.lhauti/har1.012kb05 Sep 20064.0275¤ Fmgpuccrbrr - Make your own Retro Replay ROM
anno.lhauti/mis0.3.0108kb28 Oct 20074.0258¤ Anno - An NCurses based Almanack.
deslike.lhauti/mis0.224kb17 Dec 20074.0328¤ Deslike - DES-like encryption
eggshell.lhauti/mis69kb10 Jan 20094.0401¤ Eggshell - A particle simulator written using allegro
eggtimer.lhauti/mis1Mb24 Oct 20064.0213¤ Eggtimer - An Eggtimer
fitr.lhauti/mis1.331kb31 Aug 20104.0274¤ Fitr - App-specific text file mods for installs
gource.lhauti/mis0.26b1Mb17 Jul 20104.1224¤ Gource - 3D visualisation tool for source control reps.
horloge.lhauti/mis410kb06 Jan 20094.0203¤ Horloge - a fugly clock made using SDL.
ipqalc.lhauti/mis111kb14 Apr 20124.1345¤ Ipqalc - a small qtbased tool to help you calculate subnets
jsi-tfb.lhauti/mis1.0291kb09 Sep 20064.0928¤ Jsi-tfb - The Fart Button
meshview.lhauti/mis46kb18 Sep 20084.0268¤ Meshview - Simple tool to visualize a mesh.
patchwarp3d.lhauti/misbeta636kb06 Dec 20114.0508¤ Patchwarp3d - Patch some Warp3D functions
poet.lhauti/mis1.1+45kb15 Aug 20064.0352¤ Poet - PoetPlus - Generates random poetry
psid64.lhauti/mis0.7689kb13 Nov 20064.0184¤ Psid64 - Make a C64 exe from a PSID file
psptools.lhauti/mis210kb24 Apr 20074.0269¤ Psptools - Makes your PSX games playable on your PSP!
pwcrack.lhauti/mis1.125kb12 Aug 20064.0334¤ Pwcrack - Pwcrack; decrypts PassWorm-encrypted passwords.
qclock.lhauti/mis1.122kb02 May 20074.0344¤ Qclock - Ask your miggy about the time
scm2wav.lhauti/mis0.124kb03 Oct 20064.0335¤ Scm2wav - Rips the sound files from the official ICQ client
sex.lhauti/mis13kb09 Apr 20074.0472¤ Sex - Generates random sex stories, funny!
taskreminder.lhauti/mis1.0290kb12 Aug 20134.1261¤ Task Reminder - Add tasks and display them on a webpage
funiter.lhauti/sci2.3.4192kb12 Jan 20094.0303¤ Funiter - A graph generator
glglobe.lhauti/sci4Mb01 Oct 20084.0354¤ Glglobe - A nice OpenGL worldglobe
qtresistors.lhauti/sci0.147kb25 Jul 20134.0388¤ QTResistors - calculate resistance of resistors
sdlcalc.lhauti/sci0.0.1462kb17 Oct 20064.0363¤ Sdlcalc - An advanced calculator
sdlsand.lhauti/sci124kb03 Jun 20074.0440¤ Sdlsand - A cool falling sand simulator toy.
vizmol.lhauti/sci0.4367kb23 Jul 20134.0346¤ VizMol - A Simple PDB format molecule viewer using Qt/OGL
die.lhauti/she1.01kb01 Oct 20084.0285¤ Die - Kill your Amiga!
2pnotes.lhauti/tex2.0.5396kb28 Jul 20134.0230¤ 2pnotes - a password protected notebook
kombine.lhauti/tex2.0.1822kb12 Aug 20134.0122¤ Kombine - Build up words from entered random letters
alt2koi.lhauti/tex/con23kb21 Aug 20064.0292¤ Alt2koi - Convert a file in ALT coding to KOI-8.
ascii2jascii.lhauti/tex/con1.1l28kb15 Aug 20064.0191¤ Ascii2jascii - ASCII to Japanese ASCII
conv_ara_html.lhauti/tex/con32kb15 Aug 20064.0184¤ Conv_ara_html - HTML arabic character entities converter
multicv.lhauti/tex/con1.0150kb09 Aug 20064.0326¤ Multicv - Convert ASCII from/to Amiga, DOS & MAC
petcat.lhauti/tex/con1.962kb16 Oct 20054.0248¤ Petcat - PetCat - conv and disp C64 PETSCII or BASIC files
petcom.lhauti/tex/con1.05kb21 Aug 20064.0337¤ Petcom - an ASCII <-> PETSCII converter
wordwrap.lhauti/tex/con2.335kb03 Sep 20104.0258¤ Wordwrap - Reformat ASCII texts to new width
buzzword.lhauti/tex/mis19kb21 Aug 20064.0249¤ Buzzword - Generates random buzzwords
figlet.lhauti/tex/mis2.2.1320kb23 Oct 20054.0218¤ Figlet - Makes big ASCII Characters
qpassgen.lhauti/tex/mis1.084kb23 Jul 20134.1370¤ qPassGen - a simpe QT password generator.
showfont.lhauti/tex/mis2.0.9253kb08 Aug 20074.0272¤ Showfont - Displays TTF fonts
babyname.lhauti/wor0.1176kb28 Jul 20134.1248¤ Baby Name Choser - A tool that helps you find the right baby name
clockcalendar.lhauti/wor0.293kb28 Jul 20134.1294¤ ClockCalendarWidget - A QT clock/calendar widget that lives in AmiDock
cinplay.lhavid/pla130kb03 Sep 20084.09¤ Cinplay - A HW accelerated Quake II videoplayer.
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