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Description: UAEGfx/UltraHD for UAE/OS4 V1.1
Download: uaegfxforos4.lha       (TIPS: Use the right click menu if your browser takes you back here all the time)
Size: 5kb
Version: 1.1
Date: 10 Apr 2021
Author: Holger.Hippenstiel AT gmx.de
Submitter: Samir Hawamdeh
Requirements: AmigaOS 4.x
Category: driver/video
License: Other
Distribute: yes
Min OS Version: 4.0
FileID: 11654
Comments: 1
Snapshots: 0
Videos: 0
Downloads: 305  (Current version)
305  (Accumulated)
Votes: 5 (0/0)  (30 days/7 days)

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UAEGfx/UltraHD for UAE/OS4 V1.1

You got OS4 running on (Win)UAE, got P96 installed, but only got
PicassoIV-Emulation with 4MB VRam, hence can only use low resolutions ?

Here is a simple solution ! You need:


Delete/Move any Devs:Monitors/#?
Copy from the P96-archive Devs/Monitors/Picasso96 to Devs:Monitors/UAEGfx
Copy from the P96-archive Libs/Picasso96/uaegfx.card to SYS:Kickstart
Copy from this archive UAEGfx.info to Devs:Monitors

Set your Workbench to PAL/NTSC Highres Laced.
Wait 3 Seconds.

Close the UAE running.
Set your RTG-Board to UAE Zorro III with 64MB (or more if you like).
Check "Match host and RTG color depth if possible"
Check "Multithreaded"
Check "Hardware sprite emulation"
Select "Color modes" with an (*) in the right columns - if possible.

If you had PicassoIV-Emulation before, go to "Expansions" ->
"Graphics boards" -> "Picasso IV" -> select the empty row on the right.

Save your config.

Load your config (WinUAE has a bug when just doing restart
still partially using old settings).
Start the emulation, wait till Workbench has loaded, then choose
any Resolution you like including 3840x2160 Pixels. :D

Which resolutions can i use ?
This depends on how much VRam you assign to the UAEGfx-Card and
which resolutions your real gfx-card supports.
You can caluculate the needed VRam roughly: width*height*4/1024/1024
So for 3840*2160 it's 31.4 MB - but keep in mind that workbench-pictures
and so on also need VRam.
Resolutions bigger than 3840x2160 are possible, for example i can
choose 5120x2880 even on a Intel Celeron J3355 (10W Part) with an
IGP HD500 - because the Intel-driver supports this resolution.

Can i add own resolutions ?
Yes and no, dont try to add resolutions in Prefs:Screenmode, it will change
the Arguments in UAEGfx.info and it will no longer work.
Add own resolutions to your real gfx-card, then they will show up under
UAEGfx aswell (after a restart).

Can i use PicassoIV or an other P96-Card at the same time as UAEGfx?
No, this doesnt work. WinUAE supports multiple RTG-Cards, but if you try to
add an PicassoIV, the UAEGfx-screen will be garbage - others like Picollo SD64
dont cause this problem, but wont start in OS4. It seems P96 only supports
one card, or maybe because the 68k-Emulationpart of P96 is running it
causes problems.

The workbench shows a different memorysize than i have entered for UAEGfx?
Start Prefs:Workbench and change the Title-Formatline, after %g change %mvm
to %mgm

Can't you add part of the UAEGfx-Ram to the OS4 memory?
In theory yes, like i did for the EGS-Spectrum:
http://aminet.net/package/util/boot/AddEGS it works as long as 68k is
running (and i wont release it for 68k either, because Picasso96 doesn't
use the expansion-entrysize and will overwrite the memory when higher
resolutions are used), but OS4 wont use this memory, it will show up as a
free memoryblock in for example http://aminet.net/package/util/moni/Scout_os4
but you may notice there is only the chipram listed, even with 
http://aminet.net/package/util/boot/TLSFMem which completly redos the
memorysystem OS4 wont use the additional memory.
WarpOS/OS4 handles memory-allocations differently.

Send comments or bug-reports to:
Holger.Hippenstiel AT gmx.de

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    4160    3516 15.4% 16-Aug-20 14:45:20  UAEGfx.info
    3317    1654 50.1% 22-Aug-20 19:12:08  UAEGfxForOS4.txt
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    7477    5170 30.8% 22-Aug-20 19:13:26   2 files

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