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 Readme for:  Game » Adventure » scummvm.lha


Description: 2D Point-and-Click adventure interpreter
Download: scummvm.lha       (TIPS: Use the right click menu if your browser takes you back here all the time)
Size: 18Mb
Version: 1.9.0
Date: 11 Oct 16
Author: The ScummVM team
Submitter: Raziel
Email: raziel_nosgoth/web de
Homepage: http://scummvm.org
Requirements: AmigaOS4 and at least one of the supported games
Category: game/adventure
Replaces: game/adventure/scummvm.lha
License: GPL
Distribute: yes
Min OS Version: 4.1
FileID: 10031
Comments: 143
Snapshots: 3
Downloads: 211  (Current version)
4531  (Accumulated)
Votes: 25 (0/0)  (30 days/7 days)

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For a more comprehensive changelog of the latest experimental code, see:

1.9.0 (2016-10-17)
 New Games:
   - Added support for Myst.
   - Added support for Myst: Masterpiece Edition.
   - Added support for U.F.O.s.
   - Added support for Hi-Res Adventure #0: Mission Asteroid.
   - Added support for Hi-Res Adventure #1: Mystery House.
   - Added support for Hi-Res Adventure #2: The Wizard and the Princess.

   - Fixed audio corruption in the MS ADPCM decoder.
   - Fixed audio pitch in the CMS/GameBlaster emulation.
   - Switched SDL backend to SDL2 by default. SDL1 is still a fallback.

   - Added support for Hercules rendering. Both green and amber modes are
   - Added support for the Hercules high resolution font. The font is also
     usable outside of Hercules rendering.
   - Added optional "pause, when entering commands" feature, that was only
     available in the original interpreter for Hercules rendering.

 Beneath a Steel Sky:
   - Fixed a bug that could possibly make the game unfinishable due to a
     wrong animation for Officer Blunt that makes further interaction with
     this character impossible.

   - Fixed graphical issues in Gobliiins (EGA version).

   - Updated Italian EOB1 translation.
   - Fixed a bug that caused a crash in Lands of Lore.

   - Fixed a missing dialog line in QfG3 which awards the player with 3
     points. This is a bug in the original game interpreter. Due to this bug,
     it was not possible to get all points in the original game.
   - Fixed a bug in Space Quest 1 that caused issues with the spider droid.
   - Fixed a bug in Laura Bow: The Colonel's Bequest that could cause a lock-up
     interacting with the armor in room 37 (main house, downstairs). This bug is
     present in the original game.
   - Fixed auto-saving in the fan-made Cascade Quest.
   - Fixed a game bug in the Conquests of Longbow scripts that could cause
crashes in Sherwood Forest.
   - Added support for the ImagiNation Network (INN) demo.

   - Fixed missing translations in the in-game quit and restart dialogs in
Pajama Sam 1.
   - Fixed visual glitches in DOTT that occured after loading a savegame with
the stereo
     in Green Tentacle's room turned on.
   - Improved timing and pathfinding in Maniac Mansion (C64 and Apple II
   - Added support for the Dutch demo of Let's Explore the Airport with Buzzy.

   - Fixed a bug that could cause a crash in The Case of the Serrated Scalpel.
   - Fixed an issue with item hotspots in The Case of the Serrated Scalpel.
   - Fixed a bug that caused game lockups in the inventory of The Case of the
Rose Tattoo.

 Amiga port:
   - Added support for AmiUpdate autoupdates.

 Linux port:
   - Added basic support for the snap packaging system.

 Windows port:
   - Fixed taskbar support on Windows 10 onwards.
   - Fixed keymapping for non-QWERTY keyboards.
   - Added support for WinSparkle updater.

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scummvm-src.zip1.9.039Mb11 Oct 164.135¤ scummvm-src - ScummVM Source
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