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 Readme for:  Game » Children » tuxmath.lha


Description: Math game, mixed with Missile command
Download: tuxmath.lha       (TIPS: Use the right click menu if your browser takes you back here all the time)
Size: 2Mb
Version: 2001.09.07
Date: 25 Nov 2005
Author: Bill Kendrick / ToAks
Submitter: tony aksnes
Email: ToAks
Homepage: http://www.geekcomix.com/dm/tuxmath/
Requirements: OS4 Pre 3 or better
Category: game/children
License: GPL
Distribute: yes
Min OS Version: 4.0
FileID: 1345
Comments: 2
Snapshots: 1
Videos: 0
Downloads: 360  (Current version)
359  (Accumulated)
Votes: 0 (0/0)  (30 days/7 days)

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"Tux, of Math Command"
An educational math tutorial game starring Tux, the Linux Penguin

September 2, 2001

  In "Tux, of Math Command," you play the part of Commander Tux, as he
  defends his cities from an attack of math equations.

  Comets are crashing towards your cities, and you must destroy
  them by solving their equations.

  For instructions on installing the game on your system,
  please read the "INSTALL.txt" file.

Running The Program
    Simply type the command "tuxmath" at a command prompt (eg, in an xterm).

    Depending on your graphical interface or window manager, you can
    probably also create a clickable icon which will launch the game.
    See your interface's documentation or help screens for details.

    [ UNDER CONSTRUCTION ]  Just double-click the "tuxmath.exe" icon. ???
    To be prompted for command line options (see below), invoke the game
    from the "Run" dialog, which you can get by selecting the "Run Program"
    item from Windows' "Start" menu. [ IS THIS CORRECT? ]

    [ UNDER CONSTRUCTION ]  Just double-click the "tuxmath" icon. ???
    To be prompted for command line options (see below), hold the [OPTION] key
    as you double-click the icon.

  Command Line Options
    The following command-line options can be sent to the program.

      --fullscreen    -  Run the game in full screen, instead of in a window,
      -f                 if possible.

      --nosound       -  Do not play any sounds or music.

      --nobackground  -  Do not display photographic backgrounds in game.
      -b                 (Useful on slower systems.)

      --keypad        -  Display an on-screen numeric keypad.  (Useful
      -k                 for touch screens or in place of a physical keyboard.)

      --operator OP   -  Add an operator to the game (will cause the program
      -o OP              to ignore saved option screen settings).  You can
                         use this switch multiple times to run the game
                         with multiple operators.

                         Valid values for "OP" are:


      --demo          -  Demo mode.  The game will cycle back and forth
      -d                 between the title and the game, and it will
                         auto-play the game.  The only user interaction
                         can be for quitting or pausing.

    These command-line options display useful information, but the program
    does not attempt to start up in interactive mode.

      --help          -  Display a short help message, explaining how to
      -h                 play the game.

      --usage         -  Display the available command-line options.

      --version       -  Display the version of "tuxmath" you're running.

      --copyright     -  Display copyright information

Program Navigation
  Title Screen
    On this screen, you can choose to play the game, change the gameplay
    options, view the credits, or quit.

    Use the [UP] and [DOWN] arrow keys to select what you wish to do,
    and then press [ENTER / RETURN].  Or, use the mouse to click the
    menu item.

    Pressing [ESCAPE] will quit the program.

  Options Screen

  Credits Screen
    This screen displays the credits.  You can press [ESCAPE] to return
    to the title screen.

How To Play
  Destroying Comets
    As the comets fall towards your cities, you must solve their equations.

    To destroy it:
      First, figure out the answer to the equation.
      For example, "3 x 4" would be "12"

      Second, type in the answer.  As you type numbers on the keyboard, they
      will appear in the "LED"-style display at the top center of the screen.

      Finally, press [ENTER / RETURN].

    The comet that has the number you entered as its answer will
    be shot down by Tux the penguin.

    Note: Sometimes more than one comet will have the same answer.
          In this case, the comet closest to your cities will be
          destroyed first.  [Perhaps all should be destroyed?]

    Note: After typing [ENTER / RETURN], the "LED"-style display will
          automatically reset to "000" for you, so you can answer the
          next equation!

  Correcting Your Answer
    If you made a mistake as you typed in your answer, you can press
    [BACKSPACE / DELETE] and the "LED"-style display at the top center
    of the screen will reset to "000".

  Using the On-Screen Keypad
    If you launched the program with the "--keypad" (or "-k") option,
    the game screen will also have an 11-key numeric keypad on the
    center of the screen.  (It has a similar layout to most keyboard
    number pads and calculators.)

    Using the mouse pointer to click on the on-screen buttons acts
    just like typing numbers on the keyboard.

    This feature could be useful for computers with touchscreens,
    or for players who cannot use a keyboard.

  Losing A City
    If a comet crashes into one of your cities before you had the
    chance to answer its equation, the city's shields will be
    destroyed.  If the city is hit by another comet, it will be
    completely destroyed.

    Once you lose all of your cities, the game will end.

  Regaining Cities
    [ Rules will go here ]

  Advancing Waves

Setting Game Options

Setting Administrative Options
  "Tux, of Math Command" allows parents/teachers to adjust which parts
  of the game options can be changed by the player.

  For example, if you wish to, you can completely lock out all
  "Division" questions.  The students/children will still be able to enable
  and disable "Addition," "Subtraction," and "Multiplication" as they

  On the other hand, you may wish to lock-in the other three kinds
  of equations, so that the players cannot disable any of them.
  All games will always have addition, subtraction and multiplication
  problems, but will never had division problems.


  "Tux, of Math Command" is Free Software, distributable under the
  GNU General Public License (GPL).  Please read COPYING.txt for more info.

  Designed by Sam "Criswell" Hart  <criswell()geekcomix.com>
  Software by Bill Kendrick  <bill()newbreedsoftware.com>

  Please see the game's "Credits" screen for a complete list of contributors.

Software Used
  GNU C Compiler

  The GIMP


Copyright © 2004-2024 by Björn Hagström All Rights Reserved