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 Readme for:  Game » Megazeux » demonearth.lha


Description: A Megazeux game called Demon Earth
Download: demonearth.lha       (TIPS: Use the right click menu if your browser takes you back here all the time)
Size: 3Mb
Date: 17 Jun 2008
Author: Nytar
Submitter: Spot / Up Rough
Email: spot/triad se
Category: game/megazeux
License: Other
Distribute: yes
Min OS Version: 4.0
FileID: 3785
Comments: 0
Snapshots: 0
Videos: 0
Downloads: 189  (Current version)
189  (Accumulated)
Votes: 0 (0/0)  (30 days/7 days)

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Demon Earth by Nytar.

A game for the Megazeux interpreter.
To play this game, you need the interpreter:

To install it, copy Demon_Earth/ to Megazeux:games/

Then run the interpreter and select the game.

About the game:

                        DEMON EARTH: BACKGROUND
                            written by Nytar

          The year is 4052, and Earth is still a living nightmare.  The
environments pulse with life, thick clouds cover the sky, and the
creatures that live there are evil monsters.  The Earth's moon, however,
is a different place.  It is a civilized refuge for a race of humanoids
simply known as demons.  They are called this, because they descended
from the Devil's demons, which bear resemblance to the fiends humans
have associated with religion and fantasy.  These demons are consider-
ably different than their descendants, which are more peaceful and have
adopted the physical characteristics of various animals.  Demons used to
live on Earth, but they moved to the moon when True Evil claimed it.
This is the story of how everything came to pass.
          A few millennia ago, back when humans populated Earth, the
Devil invaded.  He was a selfish, tyrannical demon that came from
another plane of existence.  With him, he brought an army of demons and
other minions.  This army caused mayhem and terror among the humans.
They were seemingly unstoppable and relentless with their ways, but this
changed.  An anonymous hero emerged to help the humans by giving them
hope and courage.  Soon, the tide of the war turned against the Devil.
All of his demons and minions were killed in very bloody skirmishes.
The humans also suffered many casualties, but this gave them more
motivation to win.  The Devil fled into hiding, trying to escape the
wrath of the humans.  He was quickly found by the hero and challenged to
a fight.  The hero won easily, but the Devil had something planned for
this.  As the Devil died, he scattered his power into three elemental
forces: Fire, Darkness, and True Evil.  Each force would then circle the
world, looking for a suitable creature to infest.
          As the war ended, the humans buried all of the slain demons.
Little did they know, that if demons were left to decay in a non-native
plane, their bodies would corrupt the environment.  In turn, the
corrupted environment would warp its inhabitants, giving them character-
istics from the dead demons.  Such corruption is caused by Demon Force,
which is the spiritual energy possessed by every demon.
          Several decades later, a new race of demons appeared from the
Demon Force.  They consisted of mutated animals, which humans thought
came from some radioactive accident.  Some of these mutant animals
terrorized humans and even killed some of them.  Many of the humans that
survived these attacks got infested with Demon Force and eventually
became demons themselves; usually crossed with the animals they loved.
Known as hybrids, these demonic humans were subject to various kinds of
attention, ranging from prejudice to sympathy.  Some of them joined the
mutant animals and caused more terror, while others used their new power
to protect the innocent from them.  A few of the normal humans tried to
find a cure for the hybrids, but they never succeeded, due to a few
reasons.  Many considered it to be a selfish act, because hybrids proved
to be superior to humans, and many of them grew to accept it.
          As the hybrids increased in number, so did their curiosity.
Though many clung to their old lives, some decided to venture the world,
searching for answers to explain their existence.  This was when some
more demons came to Earth.  Unlike those from the Devil's invasion,
these demons were very wise and peaceful.  They came for the sole
purpose of teaching hybrids and humans about the history of demons, and
their relation to hybrids.  The wise ones, as they were called, even
trained the hybrids, showing them how to manipulate their spirit force,
which would allow them to perform nearly every magical spell and tech-
nique ever conceived by human imagination.  From here, hybrids began
making up their own techniques, and sparring with each other for the
sheer fun of it.
          Humans did find these fights to be very entertaining, but they
were also very concerned about it.  Some thought the hybrids, now known
as demons, were planning some kind of insurrection against humankind.
The wise ones took notice of this and decided to make laws for the
demons to follow.  These laws managed to prevent war from occurring, but
it didn't stop the occasional riot, instigated by demon or human.  Such
revelers were punished by the wise ones and human authorities.
          While the humans and demons lived side by side, the three
beings that were chosen by the Devil's elements emerged.  There was
Falmara, a demon chosen by Fire; Nytar, a young boy chosen by Darkness;
and Zodimus, a mysterious creature chosen by True Evil.  The wise ones
were very suspicious about Zodimus, notably because he had no known
origin and probably wasn't a demon.  As they made their presence known,
everyone began referring to them as deities, because of their somewhat
godly power.  The deities helped the wise ones with watching over Earth,
and were even worshipped by some demons and humans.
          A few years later, Zodimus began to take a liking to control-
ling other creatures.  Because he was very ignorant to their feelings
and didn't care much, Zodimus decided to conquer Earth.  Falmara and
Nytar were assisted by the wise ones in an attempt to stop Zodimus, but
he defeated both of them.  Falmara barely escaped with his life, Nytar
mysteriously disappeared, and many of the wise ones perished.  With no
one to get in Zodimus' way, he was free to shape Earth and call it his
          The age of Zodimus now begins.  He started his rulership by
projecting powerful waves of energy.  All this energy corrupted the
world, making it breathe and move with life.  None of the creatures were
spared from this.  All of them, including every remaining human, were
warped into twisted monsters.  Some demons managed to resist this with
help from the few surviving wise ones, but they knew they couldn't
survive for long.  So they all fled to the moon, where they were pro-
tected by Falmara.  Everyone looked in horror as they saw their beauti-
ful home transform into an ungodly monstrosity.
          Since then, every demon has been living on the moon, with
Falmara watching over them.  Falmara longs for another chance to defeat
Zodimus and free Earth, but he is now too weak to fight.  All of his
hope now rests in a demon that is destined to be the savior of Earth.
This savior is a young demon, with a name that no one knows.

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