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 Readme for:  Game » Roleplaying » flare.lha


Description: A free action RPG
Download: flare.lha       (TIPS: Use the right click menu if your browser takes you back here all the time)
Size: 7Mb
Version: 1.06
Date: 30 May 2018
Author: Clint Bellanger and others
Submitter: Thematic
Homepage: http://www.flarerpg.org/
Requirements: 1.06 game data (link in description)
Category: game/roleplaying
Replaces: game/roleplaying/flare.lha
License: GPL
Distribute: yes
Min OS Version: 4.1
FileID: 10603
Comments: 22
Snapshots: 1
Videos: 0
Downloads: 123  (Current version)
974  (Accumulated)
Votes: 10 (0/0)  (30 days/7 days)

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So this is an advanced version of Flare.

You need to get this file
*I* have not tested later releases. Just extract it with its subdrawers:
if it would overwrite the README with an identical file, it is done correctly,
and moreover it doesn't matter which file you extract first. Though if you use
eg. UnArc you need to first unpack the Gzip packed tar file before getting the 
game data files out of it.

I have included a settings.txt to avoid some problems.
It can be altered in-game, unless there's something preventing
that interface from displaying. Of note is the hwsurface
setting, if it is 1 the graphics do not draw properly, but
that may have to do with the renderer setting. 
should work on systems where hardware compositing is present AFAIK.
And finally, the mouse pointer is more responsive if you set
- that's the only thing that you might want to change
if everything seems to be working.

Translations are cross-platform, and apparently display correctly.

- Thematic

Flare is a single-player 2D action RPG with fast-paced action and a dark fantasy

It is built on the FLARE engine (Free/Libre Action Roleplaying Engine). Its repo
is at https://github.com/clintbellanger/flare-engine

Flare uses simple file formats (INI style config files) for most of the game
data, allowing anyone to easily modify game contents. Open formats are preferred
(png, ogg). Maps are edited using Tiled.

For best results, please use the latest version of the FLARE engine with the
game data in this repository. Using an older version of the engine could result
in some game elements not working correctly.

![Flare screenshot](distribution/screenshot1.jpg)

The flare-game content contains depictions of violence, blood, and mild gore.

## Copyright and License

Flare (the game) is Copyright ©2010-2013 Clint Bellanger. Contributors retain
copyrights to their original contributions.

The Flare Engine is released under GPL version 3 or later.

All of Flare's art and data files are released under CC-BY-SA 3.0. Later
versions are permitted.

The Liberation Sans fonts version 2 are released under the SIL Open Font
License, Version 1.1.

The GNU Unifont font is released under GPL v2, with the exception that embedding
the font in a document does not in itself bind that document to the terms of the

## Links

* Homepage  http://flarerpg.org
* Repo      https://github.com/clintbellanger/flare-game
* Binaries  https://sourceforge.net/projects/flare-game/
* Forums    http://opengameart.org/forums/flare
* Email     clintbellanger()gmail.com

## The Simplest Setup

If you are building and running Flare Game from source, this is the simplest way
to get started on all operating systems. Here you build and play Flare in a
local folder instead of installing it to a standard OS folder (e.g. /usr/local
or Program Files).

* Clone the flare-engine repo and build the executable.
* Clone the flare-game repo into your user directory.
* Copy the flare-engine "default" mod into the flare-game mods folder.
* Put the flare executable inside the flare-game folder
* The executable and the "mods" folder should be in the same directory
* Run Flare

## Building and Running (non-Linux)

See the Flare-Engine repo for instructions on how to build/install Flare:


The mods folder should be in the same directory as the flare executable when
building from source.

Flare Game is installed as a set of mods for Flare Engine. Place the contents of
the "mods" folder inside Flare Engine's mods folder.

Then enable these mods in Flare's Configuration screen.


### Building and Running on Linux

Clone the repos:

	git clone https://github.com/clintbellanger/flare-engine
	git clone https://github.com/clintbellanger/flare-game

Move to the flare-engine repo and build:
For instructions more in detail see the INSTALL file in the
flare-engine repo.

	cd flare-engine
	cmake . && make

From this point we have two options:

Option 1
Install the game system-wide (requires root access):

	sudo make install
	cd ../flare-game
	cmake . && sudo make install
	cd ~ #this step is important because we don't want to load mods from the repo
	flare #alternatively, launch Flare from the desktop application menu

Option 2
Run the game without installing:

	cd ../flare-game
	ln -s ../flare-engine/flare flare
	cd mods
	ln -s ../../flare-engine/mods/default default
	cd ..

## Settings

Settings are stored in one of these places:


Here you can enable fullscreen, change the game resolution, enable mouse-move,
and change keybindings. The settings files are created the first time you run

## Save Files

Save files are stored in one of these places:


If permissions are correct, the game is automatically saved when you exit.

## Packaging and Distributing

If you are packaging Flare Game for release (e.g. on an operating system's
software repo), we suggest creating two packages.

* flare-engine the package that contains the single engine reused by several
* flare-game, a package that requires flare-engine that only contains this game

When distributing flare-game you may elect to omit these folders which are not
used at runtime.

* art_src contains the raw files (e.g. Blender files) used to generate Flare's
* tiled contains the Tiled-native map files used to export Flare's maps

Copyright (c) 2004-2018 by Björn Hagström All Rights Reserved