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 Readme for:  Game » Shmup » formido.lha


Description: SDL top-view shooter orgy for 1 player
Download: formido.lha       (TIPS: Use the right click menu if your browser takes you back here all the time)
Size: 4Mb
Version: 1.0
Date: 07 Nov 2004
Author: Mika Halttunen, AmigaOS4 port: Costel 'Cyborg' Mincea
Submitter: Costel 'Cyborg' Mincea
Homepage: http://koti.mbnet.fi/lsoft/formido/formido.html
Category: game/shmup
Replaces: game/action/formidoaos4.lha
License: GPL
Distribute: yes
Min OS Version: 4.0
FileID: 294
Comments: 0
Snapshots: 1
Videos: 0
Downloads: 306  (Current version)
306  (Accumulated)
Votes: 0 (0/0)  (30 days/7 days)

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Formido (AmigaOS4)

Recompile/Port of Formido for AmigaOS4.
(Top-view shooter for 1 player)

Formido is one of those games, where you are loaded with some guns
and you go shooting different things. 'Things' in this case are big,
ugly, - not green though - alien insects. The idea is to kill as many
of those bastards as possible. Eventually they will overcome you, but
struggle as long as you can. There are some power-ups to aid you in
your honorable quest. Keep in mind, that those critters are rather
tough and generally do nasty things when in close range of any

For more informations/instructions see the Readme's inside
the archive.

Have a lot of fun!

Costel 'Cyborg' Mincea <cyborg()embyte.net>

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