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 Readme for:  Graphics » Raytrace » blender.lha


Description: The free open source 3D content creation suite
Download: blender.lha       (TIPS: Use the right click menu if your browser takes you back here all the time)
Size: 66Mb
Version: 248.7
Date: 27 Nov 2016
Author: Blender Foundation , this port by Andy Broad
Submitter: Andy Broad
Email: andy/broad ology org uk
Homepage: http://www.broad.ology.org.uk/amiga/blender/
Requirements: AmigaOS 4.1 Update 1
Category: graphics/raytrace
Replaces: graphics/raytrace/blender.lha
License: GPL
Distribute: yes
Min OS Version: 4.1
FileID: 10088
Comments: 12
Snapshots: 2
Videos: 0
Downloads: 1061  (Current version)
3469  (Accumulated)
Votes: 1 (0/0)  (30 days/7 days)

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Welcome to Blender For AmigaOS 4.1

More information on blender for AmigaOS can be found here:


More information on blender in general can be found here:


238.7 (Novemebr 2016 Update)

  o Fix an logic error in the HD Audio code where an additional packet of 
    audio would be decoded and discarded when loading the cache resulting 
    in "glitches"
  o Redesign the audio cache loading to not seek but continue from the last 
    position when playing continuously, this elimineted another source of 
    audio glitches
248.6 (September 2016 Update)

  o When rendering videos from the sequencer, the audio would not reset 
    to the start of the section being rendered, but continued on from the 
    last section played, FIXED
  o Some types of audio file did not play as Audio(HD) (notably WAV files)
    as the codec did not set the channel_layout for them, now set to 
    AV_CH_LAYOUT_STEREO or AV_CH_LAYOUT_MONO for 2 and 1 channels when 
    not explicitly set by the codec.
  o The JPEG2000 import code took the wrong channel for the alpha part 
    (original bug)
248.5 (June 2016 Update)

  o Update libbffmpeg.so to the latest stable version off ffmpeg 
    Based on the 3.0.2 release this adds support for decoding many more codecs, 
    including AAC based audio formats.
    libffmpeg.so has also been built with large file support.
  o Resdesigned the sequencer audio to enable it to work with ffmpeg 3.0.2
  o Reqworked writeffmpeg.c 
  o SDL Audio based playback will now reinitialise when changing mixrates
    44.1 and 48. When scrubbing, update is immediate, when playing audio in the 
    sequencer, playback must be paused and restarted for the mixrate chnage to

248.4 (August 2013 Update)

  o Added support for loading 32 bit ILBM images, (older ilbm formats were
  o Fixed handling of close screen, when a visitor window is using the screen at
    program exit

FURTHER CHANGES: (June 2011 Update)

  o blender no longer scan the contents of $PATH when trying to identify the
    path to the executable. This would cause annoying insert volume requesters
    if blender was executed like appdir:bldyn or even just foo:bldyn
  o A further fix to crashes in low resources sitations. If the blender render
    window cannot open then blender would crash, as it did no checks for a
    open. It now contnues to render silently without a render display window.
  o rendering the "stamp" could cause a crash due a unititialised interface
  o Added a Amiga style version string. Version 248.3 To indicate
    blender version 2.48 amiga revision 3

CHANGES: (May 2010 update)

  o blender could crash in the GHOST_Window destructor if
    some resources hadn't been allocated. (FIXED)
  o Render Window Timer process now has ameaningful name
  o Render Window Timer process now only uses 32Kb stack
  o Absoulte paths were treating as relative on the command line
  o Fixed a problem with loading from a library with a relative windows path
  o Blender now sets it public screen as a public screen ...
  o The animation player now starts on the same public screen as the main
    blender program.
  o The direction of the mouse wheel was reversed. NB If you liked the behaviour
    of the mousewheel zoom in the 3D view, you can restore it by selecting
    Invert Zoom, in the user prefs panel, "Views & Controls" tab.
  o Fixed bug with relative paths, files in the same directory could not be
    loaded correctly due to an extra '/' added during the path conversion
  o blender no longer attempts to find libtiff.so on a unix style serach path
  o removed extraneous debug output
  o ffmpeg compiled as a seperate shared object, altivec build of libbffmpeg.so


AmigaOS 4.1 Update 1 or above. Update 2 or above recomended.
MiniGL 2.2 or above (2.2. should be provided with AmigaOS 4.1 Update 1)
2.4 is now recomended, but not required.


Copy contents to the destination of your choice.
If you have an altivec enabled processor then rename libbffmpeg.so_altivec to
replacing the non altivec default.


This archive might be considered a 'very advanced beta' as such I have included
nonstripped version of the main exectable 'bldyn'. Also some extra "junk" is
printed to
the console. This is not too much more than the usual amount and should help
down any issues. If you wish to ingnore it >NIL: but beware some python scripts
console output.


The main blender exectable is named 'bldyn' a example start script named
with an associated icon (using the official blender logo) is provided. Blender
has a generous stack cookie set so you shouldn't need to set the stack.
Please eidt the startup script to suit your needs. If you need to find the
screen mode ID
then start blender from the command line like so

bldyn -M

then choose the screen mode you like. The ID will printed to the console before
and you can then add to the script with

bldyn -MM<id>

Further tip if you run blender from it's own screen (with -MM as above) try the
option as well to gain maximum workspace (borderless main window).

Start either from shell or by clicking on the start scripts icon in the
, please don't start bldyn itself from the workbench as this is not fully

do bldyn --help   for more info on command line options

Amiga specific

  o Command line Options

    -M start blender on own screen, with mode requester
    -MM<screenmode> starts blender on own scren with specified screen mode
    -MN<screename> starts blender on named screen (must be open or defined in
sreens prefs)
        With the above two oprion there must be no space between option and args

    -G enable graphics.library based workarround for glDrawPixel bug on some
graphics cards
        Only supports RGBA bits ATM, but does supports scaling. It handles alpha
blending but very crudely
        so that icons etc look a bit more contrasty than the blender standard
(better than invisible though :-))

  o Experimental Arexx Port  PORTNAME "BLENDER.1"
    This version of blender has an ARExx Port, with a limited but powerful
command set
    The main power comes being asbe to call python scripts via the ARexx port,
    more options for automation integration etc.


        Load blender project  from specified file. FORCE prevents the requestsr
        The Blender GUI.


        Save blender project to current file. FILENAME specifies a new filename
        prevents the overwrite requester.


        Stops whatever blender is doing and quits.


        Stops what ever blender is doing. Equivalent to pressing the ESC key.
        Rendering, anim display, etc.


        Run a python script in the blender interpreter.

        The default is to run a script passed in a string. As readargs is used
to parse
        the ARexx commands this string must be escaped AmigaDOS style

        eg "import Blender*Nprint dir(Blender)" where *N is a newline etc **
must be used
        for *

        FILE run python script from specified filename instead. No escaping
required here

        VAR specify a python variable to be returned to ARexx as the RESULT

        eg 'RUNPYTHON VAR="foo" "foo = 3 ** 4"'

        returns 12 in result

        The variable will be converted to an Arexx string so must be of a
suiatable type.


        Move the blender window to the front. SCREEN specifies move the screen


        Opposite of above.

  o File handling and paths

    This version of blender uses AmigaDOS paths, throughout. However there are
    a few quirks. For instance to get a list of drives you need to type the dir
"/" in
    the blender filerequester

    Blender should now handle non AmigaDOS paths in loaded blend files. And will
    resulting mixed paths so long as the unix / windows bit is normalised (ie no
    slashes etc.) and obviously the paths must be relative.
    This is not as exhaustively tested so if you find a blend file that can't
load properly
    becauase of paths let me know.

    When saving a blend file it will only be "portabale" to another blender on
another OS if
    all files that blender needs are in the same or subdirectories of the same
directory as
    blender file.

    Plugins scripts etc can be found in PROGDIR:.blend

Have fun!

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