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 Readme for:  Graphics » Viewer » bigsister.lha


Description: A webcam viewer
Download: bigsister.lha       (TIPS: Use the right click menu if your browser takes you back here all the time)
Size: 192kb
Version: 53.3
Date: 14 Apr 2014
Author: Massimiliano Scarano
Submitter: Massimiliano Scarano
Email: mscarano/libero it
Requirements: AmigaOS 4.1 Update 1
Category: graphics/viewer
Replaces: graphics/viewer/bigsister.lha
License: BSD
Distribute: yes
Min OS Version: 4.1
FileID: 8742
Comments: 6
Snapshots: 5
Videos: 0
Downloads: 397  (Current version)
746  (Accumulated)
Votes: 0 (0/0)  (30 days/7 days)

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  BigSister is a webcam viewer.
  The application is suitable for displaying Internet hosted images of web
  Examples of webcams:
  * city
  * weather
  * traffic
  * surveillance
  * ...

  Watch live your favourite webcam!

  In general, it can be used to monitor web images which are regularly updated,
  not necessarily generated by webcams (graphs, maps, ...).

  - AmigaOS 4.1 Update 1 running on PowerPC based computers
  - Internet connection (TCP/IP stack up and running)

  - Workbench application with GUI (ReAction)
  - HTTP web protocol support, use of the Roadshow tcp-handler (TCP: device)
  - It displays all the image formats supported by the DataTypes system:
    * JPEG
    * PNG
    * GIF
    * ...
  - It updates the current webcam at the specified time interval
  - Tested OK with MemGuard and Sashimi
  - Written in C language from scratch, source code supplied

  - Version 53.0 released 10-Apr-2013, first public release

  - Version 53.1 released 16-Feb-2014:
    * added feature to add /delete custom webcams via the app icon Tool types,
      up to 8 webcams configurable, a few samples already configured
    * added selection of your favourite webcam image by name from a
preconfigured list
    * added "Jump to screen" option,
      this requires AmigaOS 4.1 Update 3 or it is ignored
    * brand new application logo
    * few minor changes

  - Version 53.2 released 02-Mar-2014:
    * improved the quality of rendered images
    * updated the list of custom webcams
    * few minor fixes and changes

  - Version 53.3 released 14-Apr-2014:
    * added feature to auto cycle custom webcams
    * updated the list of custom webcams
    * improved documentation
    * few minor fixes and changes

  Support my projects for AmigaOS 4.x with a PayPal donation thanks.
  PayPal donate to mscarano()libero.it

  Massimiliano Scarano
  E-mail: mscarano()libero.it

  Amiga hacker since 1990.

  - Projects for AmigaOS 4.x
similiano+Scarano ]
  - Projects for AmigaOS 3.x
    [ http://aminet.net/search?readme=scarano&sort=date&ord=DESC ]
  - Google Map of Amiga
om=7 ]

  Graphics (Workbench drawer and application icons, application logo) courtesy
  Frank Ruthe www.ruthe.info

  Special thanks to Bal Xavier for sending his artwork contribution.

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