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 Readme for:  Library » Hollywood » hwp_xmlparser.lha


Description: Hollywood plugin for parsing XML files
Download: hwp_xmlparser.lha       (TIPS: Use the right click menu if your browser takes you back here all the time)
Size: 387kb
Version: 2.0
Date: 05 Dec 2022
Author: Andreas Falkenhahn, LibExpat and LuaExpat authors
Submitter: Samir Hawamdeh
Homepage: http://www.hollywood-mal.com/
Requirements: AmigaOS 4.x
Category: library/hollywood
Replaces: library/hollywood/hwp_xmlparser.lha
License: Other
Distribute: yes
Min OS Version: 4.0
FileID: 12333
Comments: 0
Snapshots: 0
Videos: 0
Downloads: 53  (Current version)
439  (Accumulated)
Votes: 0 (0/0)  (30 days/7 days)

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The XML plugin allows Hollywood scripts to parse XML files easily and
efficiently enabling you to make use of this extremely flexible universal markup
language that can be used for so many different purposes. 
The plugin offers a powerful library interface that allows you to access all
kinds of data in XML documents like nodes, attributes, namespaces, entities,
attlists, CDATA and more.

On top of that, the XML plugin also supports Hollywood's serialization interface
which means that you can conveniently serialize Hollywood tables to XML
documents by just a single call to Hollywood's SerializeTable() function.
In the same manner you can also deserialize whole XML documents into Hollywood
tables by a single call to Hollywood's DeserializeTable() function. 
It just doesn't get any easier!


Version 2.0:    (03-Dec-22)
- Change: Amiga installer will now also copy the plugins for all platforms to
linker plugins directory so that they can be easily linked to executables
- New: Added help strings to the plugin; when using the Hollywood IDE you'll now
get live
help for all plugin functions and methods (requested by Michael Rupp)
- New: Finally added fully-featured documentation that describes the plugin's
functionality in great detail so it should hopefully be much easier to use now
- Change [Linux/macOS]: xml.hwp is now dynamically linked against the system's
libexpat which reduces the executable size by about 200kb
- New: xml.CreateParser() accepts an optional additional argument now that
allows you to
specify whether the "CharacterData" callback should try to merge the data or not
- Change: Renamed some methods: xmlparser.New() is now known as
xml.CreateParser(); parser:pos() has been renamed to parser:GetPosition() and
parser:close() is now called parser:Free()
- Change: On error, parser:Parse() doesn't return extended error information any
more but just a boolean value; to get extended error information, call the new
parser:GetError() method 
- New: Added the following new callback functions: EntityDecl, AttlistDecl,
ElementDecl, EndDoctypeDecl, SkippedEntity, XMLDecl; these allow you to parse
almost all elements of XML documents now
- New: Added xml.SetSerializeOptions() command; this command can be used to set
several options to be used when serializing a Hollywood table or deserializing
an XML document
- New: Added xml.SetSerializeMode(); this can be used to set the desired
mode; this can be #XML_SERIALIZEMODE_LIST (the default),
#XML_SERIALIZEMODE_HOLLYWOOD; list serialization mode stores the tree nodes as
sequential numeric table items whereas named serialization mode stores the tree
nodes as named table items, which means that there mustn't be two table items of
the same name at the same tree level; Hollywood serialization mode is a special
mode designed to (de)serialize arbitrary Hollywood tables; it uses a special
format to store additional information in the XML
- Change: Changed plugin name from xmlparser.hwp to xml.hwp because it can't
just parse but also write XML files now
- New: Plugin supports Hollywood 9's new serialization capabilities now; this
means that you can easily serialize a table to XML using Hollywood's
WriteTable()/SerializeTable()/SavePrefs() functions and read it back into a
table using ReadTable()/DeserializeTable()/LoadPrefs(); even the serialization
of binary data and functions is fully supported  

Version 1.1:    (02-Jul-15)
- New [Linux]: Added build for Linux ARM
- Fix [Linux/MacOS]: Plugin is now compiled as position-independent code (PIC)

Version 1.0:    (20-Mar-12)
- First release


This plugin was written by Andreas Falkenhahn <andreas()airsoftsoftwair.de>
See the COPYING file in this package for conditions concerning distribution
of this plugin. Visit http://www.hollywood-mal.com/ for more information
on Hollywood and more plugins.

File Version Size Date OS Dls Readme
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hwp_flicanim.lha1.227kb22 May 20234.050¤ Hwp_FLICAnim - Hollywood plugin for FLI/FLC anims
hwp_glgalore.lha1.13Mb12 Jan 20184.0103¤ Hwp_GLGalore - Hollywood plugin for OpenGL
hwp_htex.lha1.013Mb03 Jun 20244.029¤ Hwp_hTeX - Hollywood plugin for LaTeX
hwp_httpstreamer.lha1.174kb12 Jan 20184.0118¤ Hwp_HTTPStreamer - Hollywood plugin for video/audio streaming
hwp_hurl.lha2.04Mb30 Apr 20234.047¤ Hwp_hURL - The multi-protocol data transfer plugin
hwp_iconic.lha1.0109kb23 Jan 20224.067¤ Hwp_Iconic - Hollywood plugin for icon loader
hwp_jpeg2000.lha1.2379kb22 May 20234.044¤ Hwp_JPEG2000 - Hollywood plugin for JPEG2000 images
hwp_malibu.lha1.4640kb13 Jan 20184.099¤ Hwp_Malibu - Run Scala presentations
hwp_moviesetter.lha1.257kb30 Jul 20154.0381¤ Hwp_MovieSetter - Hollywood plugin for MovieSetter anims
hwp_muiroyale.lha1.75Mb12 Jan 20184.0326¤ Hwp_muiroyale - Hollywood plugin for MUI GUIs
hwp_oggtheora.lha1.1920kb30 Jul 20154.0288¤ Hwp_OGGTheora - Hollywood plugin for Ogg Theora
hwp_oggvorbis.lha1.1709kb30 Jul 20154.0354¤ Hwp_OGGVorbis - Hollywood plugin for Ogg Vorbis
hwp_pangomonium.lha1.013Mb18 Mar 20244.020¤ hwp_pangomonium - Hollywood plugin for advanced text rendering
hwp_pcx.lha1.226kb22 May 20234.042¤ Hwp_PCX - Hollywood plugin for PCX file format
hwp_plananarama.lha2.2462kb11 Dec 20234.034¤ Hwp_Plananarama - Hollywood plugin for planar screen
hwp_polybios.lha1.322Mb08 Dec 20204.183¤ hwp_polybios - plugin for Hollywood to easily create PDF
hwp_rapagui.lha2.17Mb10 Oct 20224.093¤ Hwp_RapaGUI - Hollywood plugin for GUI creation
hwp_rebelsdl.lha1.15Mb01 Oct 20204.165¤ Rebel SDL - plugin for Hollywood that allows you use SDL
hwp_sid.lha1.0203kb06 Mar 20194.0103¤ HWP_Sid - This plugin allows Hollywood to load and play SID
hwp_sqlite3.lha1.2952kb12 Jan 20184.0213¤ Hwp_SQLite3 - Hollywood plugin for SQL databases
hwp_svgimage.lha1.34Mb06 Mar 20194.0226¤ Hwp_SVGImage - Hollywood plugin for loading SVG images
hwp_tiff.lha1.2808kb22 May 20234.044¤ Hwp_TIFF - Hollywood plugin for TIFF images
hwp_vectorgfx.lha1.21Mb06 Mar 20194.0222¤ Hwp_VectorGFX - Hollywood plugin for vectorgraphics
hwp_xad.lha1.062kb12 Jan 20184.0106¤ hwp_xad - Allow to open archives using the XAD system.
hwp_xlsx.lha1.01Mb05 Nov 20224.041¤ Hwp_XLSX - Hollywood plugin to create and edit XLSX documents
hwp_xmp.lha1.02Mb06 Apr 20204.084¤ HWP_XMP - Play many module formats with Hollywood
hwp_yafa.lha1.269kb22 May 20234.039¤ Hwp_YAFA - Hollywood plugin for YAFA anims
hwp_zip.lha2.0297kb10 Jul 20234.042¤ Hwp_Zip - Read and write zip archives for Hollywood
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