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 Readme for:  Network » Server » Misc » aamp.lha


Description: Amiga Apache MySQL PHP. A developer environment for webpages (and more).
Download: aamp.lha       (TIPS: Use the right click menu if your browser takes you back here all the time)
Size: 130Mb
Version: 2.0
Date: 10 Aug 2023
Author: Misc, OS4 port by Edgar Schwan
Submitter: Edgar Schwan
Email: eds/edgarschwan de
Homepage: https://www.schwan-clan.de
Requirements: AmigaOS 4.1 final update 2, sysvipc.library 51.4, pthreads.library 53.12
Category: network/server/misc
Replaces: network/server/misc/aamp.lha
License: Other
Distribute: yes
Min OS Version: 4.1
FileID: 12631
Comments: 13
Snapshots: 7
Videos: 0
Downloads: 50  (Current version)
791  (Accumulated)
Votes: 5 (0/0)  (30 days/7 days)

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  This package offers a development environment on your Amiga, with which you
  can create and test your own web projects. Similar to the well-known XAMPP
  package for Linux and Windows, it contains the HTTP (web) server "Apache"
  with compiled-in support for the scripting language "PHP" (version 8.0.28 and
  5.2.10) and the database server "MySQL" version 5.5.10.

  AAMP is not only interesting for developers. This means that web applications
  can also be run locally on the Amiga. These are e.g. the database administra-
  tor "phpMyAdmin" (https://www.phpmyadmin.net/) or the image manager
  "Coppermine" (https://coppermine-gallery.net/) - just to name a few.

  You can create your own tools with the included "php" interpreter. "PHP" is
  easy to learn and with its extensions a powerful language.
  New in PHP 8 is the ability to use the "php" tool as a web server, so it is a
  simple alternative to Apache.

  Last but not least, data can be managed with the "MySQL" database server,
  which can then also be accessed via the network. External programs
  (e.g. IODBC) can use this server as a database backend.


   1. New in AAMP 2.0
   2. Packages Included
      * Apache 2.2.11 (https://httpd.apache.org/)
      * MySQL 5.5.10 (https://www.mysql.com/)
      * PHP 8.0.28 + 5.2.10 (https://www.php.net/)
      * Additional tools
      * myApacheStarter 3.11
      * mySQLcontrol 2.12
   3. Starting and stopping the servers
   4. Documentation
   5. Important files and directories
   6. Use 'php' as web server
   7. Tested web applications
   8. Problems
   9. Bug reports
  10. Installation
  11. Donations
  12. Thanks to...

1. New in AAMP 2.0

  * New version 8.0.28 of PHP. Together with the new MySQL server, the latest
    web applications can be used again.
    The old version 5.2.10 is still included to keep older projects running.
    You can switch between the two versions at any time using a script.

  * Updated MySQL database server from version 5.1.35 to version 5.5.10.

  * Updates of the tools "myApacheStarter" and "mySQLcontrol" - now also with
    Italian and Spanish localization.

  * The Subversion package including Apache's WebDAV modules is now included
    and enabled by default.

  * Updates of the used libraries:

    - curl 7.19.7       -> curl 7.61.1
    - libgcrypt 1.2.4   -> libgcrypt 1.8.2
    - libgpg-error 1.4  -> libgpg-error 1.27
    - libiconv 1.9.2    -> libiconv 1.17
    - libpng 1.2.13     -> libpng 1.2.49
    - libxml2 2.6.19    -> libxml2 2.9.14
    - libxslt 1.1.14    -> libxslt 1.1.34
    - openssl 1.0.0d    -> openssl 1.0.2o
    - PDFlib-Lite 6.0.1 -> PDFlib-Lite 7.0.5p3 (only PHP 5)
    - tiff v3.4         -> tiff 3.8.2
    - neon 0.29.0       -> neon 0.31.1
    - sqlite 3.4.2      -> sqlite 3.9.3
    - subversion 1.6.17 -> subversion 1.6.23

  * Newly added libraries and tools:

    - cadaver 0.23.3   (WebDAV client)
    - coreutils 5.2.1  (utilities for the Unix shell)
    - gmp 6.2.0        (library for arbitrary precision arithmetic)
    - gnutls 3.7.3     (modern implementation of the TLS/SSL protocol)
    - libtasn1 4.9     (an ASN.1 encryption library)
    - libwebp 0.5.2    (library to encode and decode images in WebP format)
    - nettle 3.7       (a cryptographic library)
    - openldap 2.4.49  (implements LDAP directory services)

  * Now includes a customized version of the ABC shell called "ampsh". This
    avoids collisions with other packages that use the ABC shell, such as the
    AmigaOS4 SDK or AmiCygnix.
    With a script in the AAMP main directory you can start it on the workbench
    and access the AAMP tools directly.

  * This package is a complete rebuild of AAMP. This and extensive trouble-
    shooting eliminated many problems that were still in AAMP 1.0.

  * The base library "libaos4util" has been completely revised.

2. Packages Included

  This package contains several software packages and programs:

  * Apache 2.2.11 (https://httpd.apache.org/)

    1. The "Apache HTTP Server Project" aims to develop and maintain an open-
       source HTTP server for modern operating systems such as Linux and
       Windows. This includes the implementation of a secure, efficient and
       extensible server that supports the HTTP protocol according to the
       current HTTP standards.
       Apache has become the most popular web server on the Internet since
       April 1996.

       These modules are compiled into Apache:

       - actions_module (internal)
       - alias_module (internal)
       - asis_module (internal)
       - auth_basic_module (internal)
       - authn_default_module (internal)
       - authn_file_module (internal)
       - authz_default_module (internal)
       - authz_groupfile_module (internal)
       - authz_host_module (internal)
       - authz_user_module (internal)
       - autoindex_module (internal)
       - cgi_module (internal)
       - core_module (internal)
       - dav_fs_module (internal)
       - dav_lock_module (internal)
       - dav_module (internal)
       - dir_module (internal)
       - env_module (internal)
       - filter_module (internal)
       - headers_module (internal)
       - http_module (internal)
       - imagemap_module (internal)
       - include_module (internal)
       - info_module (internal)
       - log_config_module (internal)
       - mime_module (internal)
       - mpm_prefork_module (internal)
       - negotiation_module (internal)
       - rewrite_module (internal)
       - setenvif_module (internal)
       - so_module (internal - only for linking external modules statically)
       - ssl_module (internal)
       - status_module (internal)
       - userdir_module (internal)

       - php_module (external - loaded like a shared object)
       - dav_svn_module (external - loaded like a shared object)
       - authz_svn_module (external - loaded like a shared object)

    2. These tools from Apache package are included:

       - ab -          Apache HTTP server benchmarking tool
       - apachectl     Apache HTTP Server Control Interface (Unix shell script)
       - checkgid      Checks for the presence of a group
       - dbmmanage     Manage user authentication files in DBM format
                       (Perl script)
       - htcacheclean  Clean up the disk cache
       - htdbm         Manipulate DBM password databases
       - htdigest      Manage user files for digest authentication
       - htpasswd      Manage user files for basic authentication
       - httxt2dbm     Generate dbm files for use with RewriteMap
       - logresolve    Resolve IP-addresses to hostnames in Apache log files
       - rotatelogs    Piped logging program to rotate Apache logs

       The Unix man files can be found in "AAMP:Apache/man" and can be viewed
       with the "Next" indicator (available on Aminet).

    The "myApacheStarter" tool is included for starting and configuring Apache.
    The documentation for this can be found in "AAMP:Docs". Many thanks to
    Michael Christopher!

    The Apache HTTP Server is a project of the Apache Software Foundation and
    is licensed under the "Apache License" Version 2.0. See "LICENSE" in

    Important NOTE:

    Although Apache has a compiled SSL module and corresponding scripts are
    contained in "AAMP:Apache", the configuration for this is unfortunately
    not complete. This means that "https://" cannot be used at the moment.

  * MySQL 5.5.10 (https://www.mysql.com/)

    MySQL is a relational database system with more than 6 million installa-
    tions. MySQL stands for "My Structured Query Language". The program runs as
    a server that offers multi-user access to a large number of databases.

    1. Supported storage engines:

       - "MyISAM":             Standard engine available since MySQL 3.23 with
                               excellent performance.
       - "MRG_MYISAM":         For collections of identical MyISAM tables.
       - "CSV":                Storage engine in CSV file format.
       - "MEMORIES":           Hash based stores in memory, useful for temporary
       - "PERFORMANCE_SCHEMA": Provides a way to check the internal execution of
                               the server at runtime.
       - "InnoDB":             Supports transactions, row-level locking and
                               foreign keys.
                               Is disabled by default. Unfortunately, the
                               function is not stable. For this reason, the
                               InnoDB engine should not be used.

    2. Included tools:

       - mysql                       The MySQL command-line tool
       - mysql_client_test           Test client API
       - mysql_convert_table_format  Convert tables to use a given storage
                                     engine (perl script)
       - mysql_find_rows             Extract SQL statements from files (perl
       - mysql_fix_extensions        Normalize table file name (perl script)
       - mysql_install_db            Initialize MySQL data directory (Unix
                                     shell script)
       - mysql_secure_installation   Improve MySQL installation security
                                     (Unix shell script)
       - mysql_setpermission         Interactively set permissions in grant
                                     tables (perl script)
       - mysql_tzinfo_to_sql         Load the time zone tables
       - mysql_upgrade               Check tables for MySQL upgrade
       - mysqlaccess                 Client for checking access privileges
                                     (perl script)
       - mysqladmin                  Client for administering a MySQL server
       - mysqlbinlog                 Utility for processing binary log files
       - mysqlcheck                  A table maintenance program
       - mysqld_multi                Manage multiple MySQL servers (perl script)
       - mysqld_safe                 MySQL server startup script (Unix shell
       - mysqldump                   A database backup program
       - mysqldumpslow               Summarize slow query log files (perl
       - mysqlhotcopy                A database backup program (perl script)
       - mysqlimport                 A data import program
       - mysqlshow                   Display database, table, and column
       - mysqlslap                   Load emulation client
       - mysqltest                   Program to run test cases
       - myisam_ftdump               Display full-text index information
       - myisamchk                   MyISAM table-maintenance utility
       - myisamlog                   Display MyISAM log file contents
       - myisampack                  Generate compressed, read-only MyISAM
       - my_print_defaults           Display options from option files
       - msql2mysql                  Convert mSQL programs for use with MySQL
       - perror                      Explain error codes
       - replace                     A string-replacement utility
       - resolveip                   Resolve host name to IP address or vice

       The Unix man files can be found in "AAMP:MySQL/man" and can be viewed
       with the "Next" indicator (available on Aminet).

    The "mySQLcontrol" tool is included for configuring and managing the
    databases and tables. The documentation for this can be found in
    "AAMP:Docs". Many thanks to Michael Christopher!

    MySQL is a project of Oracle Corporation.

  * PHP 8.0.28 + 5.2.10 (https://www.php.net/)

    PHP is a scripting language that can be used to create dynamic websites. A
    command line interpreter called "php" is included that allows these scripts
    to be run directly. In addition, an interpreter is compiled into the HTTP
    server Apache as an Apache module.

    New in PHP 8 is that the "php" tool can also be started as a simple web
    server. This can therefore be used as an alternative to Apache. See chapter
    "6. Using 'php' as a web server".

    In order to be able to use older projects as well, the old version
    PHP 5.2.10 is included in addition to PHP 8.0.28. With the script
    "PHP-Switch.bat" in "AAMP:PHP" you can switch back and forth between the
    versions at any time.

    These extensions are included in PHP 8.0.28:

    - bcmath
    - bz2
    - calendar
    - Core
    - ctype
    - curl
    - date
    - dom
    - exif
    - fileinfo (not in PHP 5.2.10)
    - filter
    - ftp
    - gd
    - gettext
    - gmp
    - hash
    - iconv
    - json
    - ldap
    - libxml
    - mbstring
    - mysqli
    - openssl
    - pcre
    - PDO
    - pdo_mysql
    - pdo_sqlite
    - Phar (not in PHP 5.2.10)
    - posix
    - Reflection
    - session
    - SimpleXML
    - soap
    - SPL
    - sqlite3 (not in PHP 5.2.10)
    - standard
    - sysvmsg
    - sysvsem
    - sysvshm
    - tidy
    - tokenizer
    - xml
    - xmlreader
    - xmlwriter
    - xsl
    - zip
    - zlib

    These extensions are also included in PHP 5.2.10:

    - dbase
    - mcrypt
    - mhash
    - mysql
    - pdf
    - ps
    - SQLite

    The Unix man files can be found in "AAMP:PHP/man" and can be viewed using
    the "Next" indicator (available on Aminet).

    PHP is a project of the "PHP Group" and is licensed under the "PHP License,
    Version 3.01". See "LICENSE" in "AAMP:PHP".

  * Additional tools:

    - cadaver 0.23.3

      A WebDAV client for the command line.

    - coreutils 5.2.1

      The Unix coreutils required by the Unix scripts.

    - ampsh 53.3

      A special version of the ABC shell tailored for AAMP.

    From the libraries used:

    - curl     A tool to transfer data from or to a server (from curl-7.61.1)
    - iconv    A program that converts text from one encoding to another
               encoding (from libiconv-1.17)
    - sqlite3  A command line interface for SQLite version 3 (from sqlite-3.9.3)
    - tidy     Tool to cleanup HTML code (from tidy 26.10.2005)

    - from openssl-1.0.2o:
      - openssl   OpenSSL command line tool
      - c_rehash  Scan all files in a directory and add symbolic links to their
                  hash values

    - from gnutls 3.7.3:
      - certtool          Tool to parse and generate X.509 certificates,
                          requests and private keys.
      - gnutls-cli        Simple client program to set up a TLS connection to
                          some other computer
      - gnutls-cli-debug  TLS debug client
      - gnutls-serv       Server program that listens to incoming TLS


      - localetool       Language tool for DOS scripts, author: E. Schwan
      - sh               From abc-shell 53.3, author: Henning Nielsen Lund
      - shutdown_http    To end an Apache server process, author: E. Schwan
      - shutdown_mysql   To end a MySQL server process, author: E. Schwan
      - xlaunch utility  For starting programs, author: E. Schwan

  * myApacheStarter 3.11

    A tool with a reaction interface to change important Apache HTTP Server
    settings. The server can also be started and stopped with this.

    Tip: This version of myApacheStarter is able to handle this version and
    the version 1.3.33 available on OS4-Depot.

    Written by Michael Christoph (http://www.meicky-soft.de).

  * mySQLcontrol 2.12

    A tool with a reaction interface for editing MySQL databases similar to
    phpMyAdmin. The MySQL server can also be started and stopped with this.

    Written by Michael Christoph (http://www.meicky-soft.de).

3. Starting and stopping the servers

   There are several ways to start and stop the above servers:

   * During the installation you will be asked if you want the servers to start
     automatically at system startup. So a manual start is not necessary. Before
     turning off the computer, however, the servers should be stopped using the
     "Stop_AAMP.bat" script, which can be found in the "AAMP:" directory.

   * With the script "Start_AAMP.bat" from "AAMP:" both servers can be started
     manually. As described above, the servers should be stopped with
     "Stop_AAMP.bat" before shutting down.

   * The servers can be started and stopped with the tools "myApacheStarter" and

4. Documentation

  If you want to learn more about Apache, type


  in the address line of a browser. The Apache HTTP Server must be active.

  Little information is included in the package about MySQL. However, the
  "AAMP:MySQL" directory contains the Unix info file "mysql.info", which can be
  viewed with the "Next" viewer (available on Aminet).

  My suggestion: The MySQL manager "phpMyAdmin-5.0.4" (or newer) contains
  extensive online help. In this context, I recommend using version 5.0.4. See
  also chapter "7. Tested web applications".

  For the latest information on PHP, visit the page on


  in a browser.

5. Important files and directories

  * The default directory for custom web projects is:


    Can be modified with "myApacheStarter".

  * The configuration files for the Apache HTTP Server are located in the


  * The default directory for MySQL databases is:


  * The MySQL configuration file "my.cnf" is located in:


    If you want to make your own changes to it, it is best to copy the file with
    the name ".my.cnf" to "AAMP:Common/Home/root" and edit it there. Then it
    will not be overwritten when AAMP is updated.

  * The PHP configuration files are located in "AAMP:Common/lib":

    - for PHP 8.0.28

      - "php/php-apache2handler.ini" - if PHP is used by Apache
      - "php/php-cli.ini"            - if the command line tool 'php' is used
      - "php/php-cli-server.ini"     - if 'php' is started as a web server

    - for PHP 5.2.10

      - "php5/php-apache2handler.ini" - if PHP Apache is used
      - "php5/php-cli.ini"            - if the command line tool 'php' is used

6. Use 'php' as web server

  The PHP8 version of the command line tool 'php' can also serve as a simple
  web server. To do this, call the tool e.g. as follows in a shell:

    php -S localhost:8080 -t /AAMP/Apache/htdocs/test

  Then you can, for example, call up the PHP info page with the following
  address in the browser:


7. Tested web applications

     Application        home page                        status

  * 4images 1.10        https://www.4homepages.de/       working
  * coppermine 1.6.25   https://coppermine-gallery.net/  working
  * phpBB 3.3.10        https://www.phpbb.com/           working
  * phpMyAdmin 5.0.4    https://www.phpmyadmin.net/      working
  * phpMyAdmin 5.2.1                                     working (*)
  * Joomla 3.10.12      https://www.joomla.de/           working
  * wordpress 6.2.2     https://wordpress.com/de/        working (*)
  * XoopsCore25 2.5.10  https://xoops.org/               not compatible with
                                                         PHP 8 or PHP 5

  (*) = does not work properly with Odyssey 1.23 r5

  Unfortunately, phpMyAdmin 5.0.4 has some incompatibilities with PHP 8. A patch
  in "AAMP:Contrib/Patches" fixes most errors. Simply copy the contents of the
  "phpMyAdmin-5.0.4" directory into the root directory of phpMyAdmin.

8. Problems

  Serious problems:

  * Problems with Amiga browsers and Apache:

    - The Odyssey Web Browser only works correctly with Apache if either
      "Default Setting" or "Odyssey Web Browser" is selected as browser
      identifier in Odyssey. Otherwise, pages will not load correctly.

    - The Amiga implementation of the browser "NetSurf" (tested with version
      3.10) usually cannot load pages. The AmiCygnix version of "NetSurf" works.

    Older browsers like "AWeb" or "IBrowse" work.

  * Unfortunately, the Apache module "mod_ssl" does not work as it should.
    Unfortunately it is not usable at the moment. The problem will be fixed in
    an update if possible.
    The configuration of the SSL module is incomplete!

  Other problems:

  * The Apache server does not support subprocesses. Since this package is not
    intended to actually host websites, this is not really a problem.

  * The MySQL server cannot be stopped if InnoDB table support is enabled.
    At the moment I have to advise against activating InnoDB tables!

8. Bug reports

  Please send bug reports to the address "eds()edgarschwan.de" or post any bugs
  in the bug tracker of the OS4 depot (http://os4depot.net/).

9. Installation

  Simply double-click the "Install" icon. Everything is automatically installed
  on the hard disk. Please follow the instructions of the installer script.

  Additional packages that are necessary for the operation of AAMP are also
  installed during the installation. This is the package:

    * SystemV_IPC (sysvipc.library) by Peter Bengtsson

  The package is located in the "AAMP:Contrib" folder, but is automatically
  installed during installation.

  Please do not install AAMP by hand!

11. Donations

  If you want to support my work, you can transfer a donation to my PayPal


  Thanks very much!

12. Thanks to...

  ... all, who donated to the AAMP bounty! Especially I want to mention
      Philippe Ferrucci, but I also want to thank:
      - Mario Locati
      - Marko Seppänen  
      - Olivier Claes
      - Jamie Sayer
      - Mathias Parnaudeau
      - Troels Ersking  
      - Martin Rebentisch 
      - Andreas Schmidt  
      - Simon Sharratt
  ... Michael Christoph, who wrote the administration tools!
  ... Samir Hawamdeh (beta test and translations into Italian)
  ... Daniel Reimann (beta-test)
  ... Mario Locati (beta-test)
  ... Hans de Ruiter (help with SSL module)
  ... Henning Nielsen Lund (author of abc-Shell)
  ... Peter Bengtsson (author of sysvipc.library)
  ... Chris Young (author of http-handler)

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