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 Readme for:  Office » Misc » luettjebookholler.lha

Luettje Bookholler

Description: Little Personal Finance program
Download: luettjebookholler.lha       (TIPS: Use the right click menu if your browser takes you back here all the time)
Size: 2Mb
Version: 1.84
Date: 06 Aug 2022
Author: A. Pankalla
Submitter: Samir Hawamdeh
Requirements: AmigaOS 4.1
Category: office/misc
Replaces: office/misc/luettjebookholler.lha
License: Other
Distribute: yes
Min OS Version: 4.1
FileID: 12179
Comments: 0
Snapshots: 6
Videos: 0
Downloads: 48  (Current version)
678  (Accumulated)
Votes: 0 (0/0)  (30 days/7 days)

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Luettje Bookholler (English)
It is a easy to use personal finance program. "Luettje Bookholler" is a german
dialect and means "little accountant" and that is what you are, when using my
little program. 
The program is capable to import account
data via csv-import.
LB is email-ware, if you want to use it permanent, please send me an email and
you will get some advantages! for examples updates...
LB needs at least AOS4.1u6 

Version history:

1.84 ab 26-Jul-2022
Change:	UTF characters are now converted to Amiga characters.  Eg.  umlauts
Bug: Now CSV entries can also be categorized without purpose.	

1.83 ab 07-Nov-2021
Bug: Error in csv import corrected.

1.82 ab 23-Dez-2020
Bug: In some cases a problem with "save as" appears.

1.81 ab 14-Aug-2020
Bug: If you read in csv-data under some circumstances the programm goes into a
endless loop.

1.80 ab 13-Apr-2020
!!!ATTENTION! With 1.80 saved projects can nor be longer read with 1.70 or
Bug: sometimes the use of the import-filter causes empty entries
New:Now you can also import qif files
Change: No longer a space separates the imported remark-entries
Change: categories now have a length of 47 characters (new save-format)
Change:	More entries for categories and adresses
Bug: adressbook are not completly ereased when project is closed
Bug: Wrong memory access corrected
Bug: When deleting a account the number of accounts a wrong
Bug: Some errors in handling unvisible accounts are corrected
Bug: Freeze System, when closing a accont and create a new.
Bug: Possible problem after leaving LB are corrected.
Bug: Some Problems in categories are now corrected.
Change: Some code optimizing

1.70 started 12-Sep-2018
New: Menu keyboard shortcuts
New: The position of the toobar is configurable with Tooltypes
New: Picture of the program can be put in a cache-dir.
New: Picture of the toolbar are although in the menu.
New: The number of visible accounts can be reduce to hide special accounts.
Bug: Some problems in the post-list are be solved
Changes: A new redesigned csv import has a better flexibility and is more stable

1.60 started 20-Nov-2017
New: DateBrowser for date-data fields
Changes: New about dialog
Bug: Some blocked memories are now freed

1.52 started 20-Jul-2016
Bug: "Save" does not work proberly
Bug: Importfiles lockt after import.

1.51 started 18-Jan-2016
Bug: Problems with path's possible, when saving or loading.
Bug: Do not close the pubscreen correctly when used by another program.
Bug: Do not disable the delete-buttom in the account-manager when selecting
internal account.
Bug: Date-column to small for some formats.
Bug: Some errors in the catalogs.

1.50 started 06-Aug-2015
New: Shows you now how much entries are free. (import-filter, adresses,
categories, account, etc)
New: Simple search-function to search in bookings. 
New: Analyse your data. the result is shown in your spreadsheet program. Actualy
support for ignition ans TurboCalc.
Changes: New About Dialog.
Bug: Correct wrong deletion of importfilters.
Bug: After deletions of accounts, a wrong behaviour of the program is possible.
Bug: Some data can not reach the possible maximum entries.
Bug: The standing order dialog, does not check the max. entry border.
Bug: Automatic refresh of the accounts, when changing a category.
Bug: Statistic maybe wrong, when accounts are moved.

1.40 started 20-Feb-2014
New: Changes code to fit new SDK.
New: Now you can change the format of the date for import. important for foreign
New: Dateformat can be changed for in- and output.
New: If you enter a wrong date, it will changed to actual date immediately.
Addition: Startdate at continous booking are checkt immediately.
Changes: No longer support for OS4.0.
Bug: No longer wrong data in Inportfilterdialog after moving accounts.
Bug: Problems by delete a catagory are solved.
New: Categories and Importfilter are now sorted.
Bug: It is no longer possible to delete catagories which are used.

1.30 started 07-Sep-2013
Changed: Now you can set the Owner of the posting, like it is possible  with
Changed: A double-click on a posting opens the posting-dialog.
Changed: Now it is possible to change the order of the accounts.
Addition: Now the actual account is the destination account in the post-dialog.
Bug: Only the first attemp of a filter was regonized. 
Changed: Statistic-Dialog is reachable over toolbar.
New: Adressdatabase with 100 entries for postings.
Changed: Ignores wrong LF/CR in CSV-Datafiles.
Bug: Changed some dialogs with bad formations.
Changed: Now it is possible to read a second data column with purpose data.
Changed: Optimize the function for detection of double csv-data.
Changed: New tooltypes CSVPath und DOCPath which set the path of the CSV and DOC
Bug: Corrects many little and big errors.
New: You can now connect a pdf-file to a posting, for example a bill. 

1.21 started 02-Aug-2013
Bug: Files can now load out of the root directory.
Changed: Now 60 categories
Bug: Some bug in windowssize and position corrected.
Bug: A debug message, which appears in non debug mode is disabled.
Bug: Correct a bug which in special behaveior changed the year into something in
New: New posting-type: LK-Cash deposit
New: Automatic generated column-size.

1.20 started 14-Jul-2013
New: Now you have timed postings.
New: LB allows you a (estimated) look in future, how you money amount changed.
Neu: Cash flow statistics per month.
Changes: Now 40 Categories.
New: Importfilter for CSV-Import.
Changes: Many changes to make it easier to use LB without CSV-Import.
Bug: Many bugs correct.

1.10 started 01-Feb-2013
New: Swedish and Spanish Catalog
Changes: New Gadget-Texts vor better understanding and translation.
Changes: New sortorder in About-dialog
New: More Gadgets in the toolbar for posting (new, change, delete and
New: New dialog for general-configs. this presets are saved in config-file.
New: Currency's are now changeable.
New: Posting-list are now sortable on date.
New: Now you can reduce the lists of posting, by setting an intervall. then you
see only the last three month for example.
Bug: Now, no longer a request is appears, when you want to delete nothing.
Bug: When you create a internal posting (LKPosting) the Obligee and Recipient a
not longer the same.

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