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 Readme for:  Utility » Hardware » mountdos.lha


Description: MountDos V1.2.2 make mountlist PC harddrive (MBR)
Download: mountdos.lha       (TIPS: Use the right click menu if your browser takes you back here all the time)
Size: 49kb
Version: V1.2.2
Date: 17 Feb 2007
Author: Kjetil Hvalstrand
Submitter: Kjetil Hvalstrand
Category: utility/hardware
License: GPL
Distribute: yes
Min OS Version: 4.0
FileID: 2591
Comments: 1
Snapshots: 0
Videos: 0
Downloads: 664  (Current version)
664  (Accumulated)
Votes: 0 (0/0)  (30 days/7 days)

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 * MS-Dos partitiontable lister and Cross-Dos mounter for PC-HD"s.
 * v1.0: (c) K.P. van Beem (patrick()aobh.xs4all.nl or 2:280/464.2)
 * v1.1 - v1.2: (c) Harry "Piru" Sintonen (sintonen()iki.fi)
 * v1.2.2 (c) Kjetil Hvalstrand (NutsAboutAmiga()Amigaworld.net /
 * Based on information gained from the source of the Linux FDisk, by
 * A. V. Le Blanc (LeBlanc()mcc.ac.uk)
 * This program is free software.  You can redistribute it and/or
 * modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as
 * published by the Free Software Foundation.
 * Version 1.0, 28-1-96, Initial version.
 * Version 1.1, 31-7-00, Fixed tempfile problems. Fixed QUIET-option
 *	related memory loss. Blindly assumed String() always succeed,
 *	crashed if it didn"t. Added custom error message for
 *	"No disk in the drive" and "Block len not supported" ioerr cases.
 * Version 1.2, 2-12-00, Added dozens of new partition identifiers.
 *	Compacted the list output a bit. Now always add "maxtransfer" to
 *	mountlist to prevent problems, default 0xfffe00. Added 32-bit FAT
 *	support with fat95. Changed BufMemType from MEMF_ANY to MEMF_PUBLIC.
 *	Added "buffers" to mountlist, default 20. Added MAXTRANSFER,
 *	BUFFERS, FAT95 and INCLHIDDEN options. Fixed a deadly bug from
 *	Workbench startup I introduced in v1.1, oops.
 * Version 1.2.2, AmigaOS4 port, 
 *	Translated program from Amiga E to C
 * 	changed device read command from CMD_READ to NSCMD_TD_READ64.
 *	EX2FileSystem support added
 *	CrossDOSFileSystem used, Fat95 option removed,
 *	hacks removed.
 *	Droped support for MAXTRANSFER, BUFFERS, FAT95, INCLHIDDEN, MOUNT options.

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