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 Readme for:  Utility » Scientific » muiplot.lha


Description: Simple function plotter
Download: muiplot.lha       (TIPS: Use the right click menu if your browser takes you back here all the time)
Size: 905kb
Version: 0.2
Date: 09 Dec 2022
Author: Marcus Sackrow
Submitter: Samir Hawamdeh
Homepage: https://blog.alb42.de/programs/#smalltools
Category: utility/scientific
License: Other
Distribute: yes
Min OS Version: 4.0
FileID: 12340
Comments: 0
Snapshots: 0
Videos: 0
Downloads: 68  (Current version)
68  (Accumulated)
Votes: 0 (0/0)  (30 days/7 days)

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MUIPlot 0.2

simple function plotter

type the forumla into the edit choose the Range for the x Variable (X-Axis) and
press Recalculate to plot the curve.

Plot Context Menu
The plot menu has a context menu (click right mouse button to plot) with the

Rescale          Rescale the Plot to show the full calculated Curve

Zoom             Mouse Click in the plot zoom into the Curve
Position Data    Show Mouse position coordinates
Curve Data       Show nearest Curve Value
Set Marker       Set the Marker Position (not in use atm.)

Export as ASCII  Save the Curve Data as ASCII File (TAB separated)
Export as PNG    Save the Current shown Plot as PNG Image


To Zoom click into the plot and drag towards right-bottom to select the area to
zoom to.
If you start top left and move to right bottom you zoom in,
if you you start right bottom and move to top left it act as rescale.


you can use '.' or ',' as decimal separator

0..9       decimal numbers      e.g. "42"    result=42
           "1.54e3", "-134.44", "12,33e-4" 
$0..9 A..F hexadecimal numbers  e.g. "$42"   result=66
%0,1       binary numbers       e.g. "%0110" result=6
Pi         the number Pi        e.g. "pi"    result=3.14159265358979

  +        add numbers together e.g. "3+2" result=5
  -        subtract number      e.g. "3-2" result=1
  *        multipy numbers      e.g. "3*2" result=6
  /        divide numbers       e.g. "3/2" result=1.5
          integer divide       e.g. "32" result=1
  %        divide modulo        e.g. "3%2" result=1
  ^        raise to the power   e.g. "3^2" result=9
  &        bitwise and          e.g. "3&2" result=2
  |        bitwise or           e.g. "3|2" result=3
  #        bitwise xor          e.g. "3#2" result=1
  <        bitwise shift left   e.g. "3<2" result=12
  >        bitwise shift right  e.g. "5>2" result=1

Trigonometic Functions
  sin      sine function, parameter in degree    e.g. "sin(90)"  result=1
  cos      cosine function, parameter in degree  e.g. "cos(90)"  result=0
  tan      tangent function, parameter in degree e.g. "tan(45)"  result=1
  sinr     sine function, parameter in radiant    e.g. "sinr(pi/2)"  result=1
  cosr     cosine function, parameter in radiant  e.g. "cosr(pi/2)"  result=0
  tanr     tangent function, parameter in radiant e.g. "tanr(pi/4)"  result=1
  asin     arcsine function, parameter in degree    e.g. "asin(1)"  result=90
  acos     arccosine function, parameter in degree  e.g. "acos(0)"  result=90
  atan     arctangent function, parameter in degree e.g. "atan(1)"  result=45

  asinr    arcsine function, parameter in radiant    e.g. "asinr(1)" 
  acosr    arccosine function, parameter in radiant  e.g. "acosr(0)" 
  atanr    arctangent function, parameter in radiant e.g. "atanr(1)" 
other functions

round()    round using IEEE754 rounding rules e.g. "round(-1.5)" result=-2
"round(1.5)" result=2  
ceil()     round always upwards               e.g. "ceil(-1.1)"  result=-1
"ceil(1.1)"  result=2
floor()    round always downwards             e.g. "floor(-1.1)" result=-2
"floor(1.1)" result=1
int()      cut away the after point decimals  e.g. "int(-1.1)"   result=-1
"floor(1.1)" result=1

abs()      absolute value           e.g. "abs(-42)" result= 42 "abs(42)"
fak()      factorial (1*2*3*...*n)  e.g. "fak(5)" result=120
sqrt()     square root              e.g. "sqrt(9)" result=3
rand()     random between 0 and parameter e.g. "rand(100)" result=54
swap()     change 32 bit endianess  e.g. "swap($12345678)" result=2018915346
exp()      exponential (e^n)        e.g. "exp(5)"  result=148.413159102577
ln()       natural logarithm        e.g. "ln(5)"   result=1.6094379124341
lg()       logarithm base 10        e.g. "lg(100)" result=2   
lb()       logarithm base 2         e.g. "lb(8)"   result=3

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