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 Readme for:  Utility » Text » Misc » amuidiff.lha


Description: Displays differences of two text files using MUI
Download: amuidiff.lha       (TIPS: Use the right click menu if your browser takes you back here all the time)
Size: 242kb
Version: 1.0b
Date: 02 Jun 2005
Author: Stephane SARAGAGLIA, Alexandre BALABAN (OS4 port)
Submitter: Alexandre BALABAN
Email: abalaban/free fr
Homepage: http://abalaban.free.fr
Requirements: MUI, MCC_TextEditor, MCC_Toolbar, diffutils-bin.tar.gz
Category: utility/text/misc
Replaces: utility/text/misc/amuidiff.lha
License: Freeware
Distribute: yes
Min OS Version: 4.0
FileID: 805
Comments: 1
Snapshots: 0
Videos: 0
Downloads: 351  (Current version)
351  (Accumulated)
Votes: 0 (0/0)  (30 days/7 days)

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Short:        Displays differences of two text files in a MUI window
Uploader:     Alexandre BALABAN (abalaban _at_ free _dot_ fr)
Author:       Stephane SARAGAGLIA (steff.amiga _at_ saragaglia _dot_ net),
Alexandre BALABAN (OS4 port)
Type:         dev/misc
Requires:     AmigaOS3.x/MorphOS/AmigaOS4, MUI,
aminet/dev/mui/MCC_TextEditor.lha, aminet/dev/mui/MCC_Toolbar.lha, diff cmd
Version:      1.0b
Replaces:     amuidiff.lha
Architecture: m68k-amigaos >= 3.0.0; ppc-amigaos >= 4.0.0; ppc-morphos

							  WHAT IS IT ?
AMuiDiff is a MUI based diff tool which compares couple of text files.
It is a GUI for diffutils commands...
This tool is free. There is no copyright.


   lha x amuidiff.lha

Copy the amigaos 68k version (amuidiff.aos), the morphos version (amuidiff.mos)
or the AmigaOS4 version (amuidiff.os4) in C: .
Copy the french catalog in locale:Catalogs/français/, or AMuiDiff speaks

AMuidiff needs the MUI TextEditor and ToolBar classes (YAM, ...) :
- aminet/dev/mui/MCC_TextEditor.lha
- aminet/dev/mui/MCC_Toolbar.lha

AMuiDiff needs a diff command tool. The following have been successfully tested
- aminet/util/gnu/HWGdiffP1_2_6.lha (SAS port)
- GG diffutils
- OS4 diff utils from OS4Depot (utility/filetool/diffutils-bin.tar.gz)

The source is provided. Go to the "src/core" directory, and perform "make
morphos" to compile the morphos version, "make amigaos" to compile the amigaos
(68k) version or "make amigaos4" to compile the AmigaOS4 version. AMuiDiff has
been compiled using GCC. Compilation problems could occur using other
compiler... I will try to perform
some tests with other compilers...

NB: A GoldED AIX project is also included in src/core which for now only
contains settings for OS4 compiler but could be easily modified for other

To use the Editor feature, the AMuiDiff/EDITOR env var has to be set, or
golded:golded will be used :
- setenv "AMuiDiff/EDITOR" the_editor_you_want
- copy ENV:AMuiDiff ENVARC:AMuiDiff

To make AMuiDiff uses fixed font, the AMuiDiff/FIXEDFONT env var has to be set
to TRUE :
- setenv "AMuiDiff/FIXEDFONT" TRUE
- copy ENV:AMuiDiff ENVARC:AMuiDiff


AMuiDiff can be launched from WB or cli.
Cli options are : FILE1,FILE2,OPTIONS,DEBUG/S
FILE1 and FILE2 : strings : files to compare
OPTIONS : strings : diff options.
  Ex : AMuiDiff.mos ss_amiga_lib_tools.c ss_lib_tools.c OPTIONS="-b"
  Ignore changes in the amount of white space
DEBUG : switch : amuidiff generate error log messages you can send me ;)

When the window is opened, it is easy to use...


I currently use AMuiDiff with CVS using this script :
.KEY file

echo "--> executing : cvs update -p <file> >T:cvs_amuidiff"
cvs update -p <file> >T:cvs_amuidiff
AMuidiff T:cvs_amuidiff <file>
delete T:cvs_amuidiff

So to compare a file with its cvs archived version, I invoke :
> cvs-diff file_modified.


In priority order :
- Correct bugs users could discover                    : Permanent
- directory diffs management                           : In next release
- Drag'n'Drop to load files                            : OK
- Edit files from GUI                                  : OK
- Confirm or correct diffs from one
  file to the other (merge)                            : Planned
- Clean the source !                                   : Permanent
- Correct the AOS bug of the virtualgroup which
  prevents the user from selecting text on the right
  view or from clicking on arrows when the left
  virtgroup is too large                               : investigation needed


Author   : Stephane SARAGAGLIA steff.amiga _at_ saragaglia _dot_ net 
web site : http://aurora.gotdns.org/amiga
OS4 Port : Alexandre BALABAN abalaban _at_ free _dot_ fr

MuiDiff_V0_01 : Now this proto use the TextEditor gadget... Nothing works but
the GUI...
MuiDiff_V0_02 : Comments + changed gadgets from labels to text. Now the window
can be resized.
AMuiDiff_V0_03 : Heavy changes : Morphos + return of TextEditor + highlit
management + ...
AMuiDiff_V0_04 : Heavy changes : . Source files renamed
								 . Nb diffs displayed
								 . File name displayed in buttons
								 . Color management regarding add, del, or changes diffs
AMuiDiff_V0_05 : 21 April 2003 : Added Cycle management to go to diff pos in
view buffer...
								 Smart layout is stil missing
AMuiDiff_V0_06 : 21 April 2003 : Cycle management now handles a better "jump
								 AMuidiff now uses SSToolLib library
AMuiDiff_V0_07 : 4 May 2003 :    Major cleanings
								 AMuidif now uses SSTooLib functions
AMuiDiff_V0_08 : 10 May 2003 :   Major Modifications : View buffer is now
allocated correctly ;)
								 Modification not fully working about managing nb cols and
AMuiDiff_V0_09 : 11 May 2003 :   Log management when compiled in DEBUG mode.
								 Sliders are dependant when diffed, independant when not.
								 First version provided to a beta tester : fab1
AMuiDiff_V0_10 : 16 May 2003 :   Added the about window
								 Corrected a relative to absolute path to prevent the GG: diff to bug
								 with "$ amuidiff //src/toto.c //////////toto.c" (files beginning with
AMuiDiff_V0_11 : 18 May 2003 :   Added the binary file management (in fact
management with not decoded
								 diff result file).
								 The view automatically jumps to the first diff
								 Added double-quote after and before file names when invoking the diff
								 command to prevent from space caracter problems...
AMuiDiff_V0_12 : 25 May 2003 :   Now compiles as well for AmigaOS 68k
AMuiDiff_V0_13 : 21 June 2003 :  Now handle catalogs
AMuiDiff_V0_15 : 29 Sept 2003 :  New catalog management : builtin = english
								 Corrected some minor bugs
								 Added drag'n'drop to load files
								 Added SwapStack for MOS version (AOS to check)
AMuiDiff_V0_16 : 15 Nov 2003 :   The user can now swap files between views
								 The stack issue now works as well for AOS/68k
								 The requester has now path memory ;)
								 The default view size is larger beacause of my new tft screen. It
should not be a problem for others...
								 New toolbar for open and swap buttons :)
								 Cycle button displays now line numbers for both 1st and 2nd view
AMuiDiff_V0_17 : 15 Jan 2004 :   Requesters and Toolbar debug
AMuiDiff_V0_18 : 15 Jan 2004 :   New Reload system by buttons : if modified
externally file is reloaded.
								 Now 2 requesters, one for each view, with path memory.
								 New StackSwap system. AOS was suffering from this lack, because
Amuidiff uses more than 4Ko (#5.5Ko)
								 New Toolbar management. The last was no more working with AOS version
of Amuidiff.
								 New file notification system. When a file is externally modified, the
file view bottom shine. The Reload button permits to reload it.
								 An external editor can be called for each file.
                                 A lot of minor bugs corrected.
AMuiDiff_V0_19 : 13 Mar 2004 :   The used editor now depends on the
env:AMuiDiff/EDITOR configuration. Default is golded:golded
								 The path is now correctly set in order to call "diff" cmd, when
AMuiDiff is launched from WB.
								 The env:AMuiDiff/FIXEDFONT var, if set to TRUE, now makes AMuiDiff use
fixed font for the view (TextEditor)
								 The AOS version was opening an empty console when opened from WB when
calling diff command. I have replaced the system() invokation bny a Execute()
AMuiDiff_V0_20 : 13 Mar 2004 :   The stack was set to 8KB : not enough for MOS.
The stack is now 16KB.
								 The view files was open in read/write mode, so files could not be
opened from cdroms. Now files are opened in read only mode.
AMuiDiff_V0_21 : 14 Mar 2004 :   The built PATH from WB was freed twice, one by
system(), and another time by me...
								 There were problems editing files with spaces in path...
AMuiDiff_V0_22 : 20 Mar 2004 :   Bottom file buttons replaced by string gadget
popup button
								 When a new file is opened, "nb diffs" text gadget and cycle gadget are
								 The notification of a modified file is no more the shine of the botton
button, but a selected state of the "reload" button.
AMuiDiff_V1_00 : 21 Mar 2004 :   Time to pass to version 1.0. Next
will be the merge function.
AMuiDiff_V1_0b : 02 Jun 2005 :   Port to AmigaOS4 by Alexandre BALABAN.

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