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 Readme for:  Utility » Workbench » sysmon.lha


Description: monitor for Process, Windows (+ kill) & misc info
Download: sysmon.lha       (TIPS: Use the right click menu if your browser takes you back here all the time)
Size: 2Mb
Version: 4.3
Date: 13 Oct 14
Author: Guillaume Boesel (zzd10h)
Submitter: Guillaume Boesel (zzd10h)
Email: guillaume/boesel fr
Requirements: MUI NList.mcc BetterString.mcc
Category: utility/workbench
Replaces: utility/workbench/sysmon.lha
License: Freeware
Distribute: yes
Min OS Version: 4.1
FileID: 9001
Comments: 42
Snapshots: 11
Downloads: 249  (Current version)
7179  (Accumulated)
Votes: 3 (3/3)  (30 days/7 days)

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Yet another (little) System Monitor

	-NList.mcc MUI class (
	-BetterString.mcc MUI class

SysMon v4.3

* Added a Settings window (contextual menu,  option "Settings")

	All the Tooltypes are removed.

	The Settings window is automatically opened if ENVARC:zzd10h/SysMon.xml pref
file is not present (usually, at the very first start of SysMon)

	Each time that the Settings window is opened, the Prefs file is read.

	"Save" button saves the Preferences in Pref file AND immediately apply changes

	"Use" button ONLY apply changes, Prefs are not stored.

	SysMon reacts to 2 more Applications messages : 
		APPLIBMT_OpenPrefs	=	Loads the Prefs from Prefs file and opens the Settings
          	APPLIBMT_ReloadPrefs	=	Loads the Prefs from Prefs file

* Added a BlockSize column in Volumes tab.

	 If the BlockSize is not correct (ie, not the recommended value, 512 for SFS/00
SFS/02 JXF/04), 
		1) the entry is displayed as Bold and Italic.
		2) a little information text is displayed in the bottom right corner of the
			Thanks to Philippe 'Elwood' Ferrucci for the idea.

* Added the unit name of the smbfs devices in the Volumes tab

* Added a "Quit" button at bottom of each tabs

* Position/size of child windows are now saved.

* Added detection of windows/screens without titles in Window tab

* Warning requester is issued when "Identify" of without titles windows is
	Useful to avoid to place an "unknown" window in the center of the screen

* Added a check at startup to control that NList.mcc is at least at level 20.138

* Fixed non expunged Catalog entries in the catalog list.

	Catalog list can be refreshed by double-clicking on it.

* Added 2 new benchs results from my own PCs:
	-OS 4.1 Classic under WinUAE 2.9.0b17 on a i7-4770k 3.5 GHz (Windows 8.1)
	-OS 4.1 Classic under FS-UAE 2.5.18dev on a MacBook 2006 2.0 GHz (MacOS 10.8)
	As Crisot says in the RageMem ReadMe :
	"-Benchmarking MIPS is NEVER relevant."

SysMon v4.2

* Added an Application tab

	Double-click on an Application entry will display more details about it.

	When selecting an Application, it's possible to :
		-send a message with the contextual menu.
			Usual messages like "ToFront", "Quit", "Hide", "Unhide", etc 
			Custom messages can be sent too.

		-Application 0, AmigaOS, can be used to broadcast a message to ALL the
registered Applications. 
			Take care if you send a "ForceQuit" message to it ;-)
		-unregister the Application	
			Of course, use these functions at your own risk.

	Added ToolType AUTOAPPLICATION (ON/OFF), default OFF, to auto-refresh this tab
at startup

* Registered into Applications 
	-SysMon handles the following Applications messages 
á á -Added REGAPP_UniqueApplication to disallow 2 instances of SysMon.
á á á á If a second instance of SysMon is launched, the first instance is
activated at center of the screen
á á á á Use Tooltype "UNIQUE=OFF" to allow more than one instance to be started.
* Added a mini Assign manager in Assigns tab

	On Assigns List, the following menu options are added :
		-"Assign" to add a new assign
		-"Insert before" to add a drawer to an existing Assign BEFORE the selected
list entry
		-"Insert after" to add a drawer to an existing Assign AFTER the selected list
		-"Unassign" to remove an entry from an Assign (or remove the Assign if no more
entry available)
		-"Open User-Startup" to allow to paste the equivalent Assign commands in your
		-"Open Startup-Sequence" to allow to paste the equivalent Assign commands in
your Startup-Sequence

	Below the Assign list, the equivalent Assign command can be copied in the
	Of course, use these functions at your own risk.

* Added Assign types in the Assign tab

* Added "Unlock" menu option in Locks tab to allow to unlock a locked file
	Could be useful if a program crashs and that you want to delete the file
	Of course, use this function at your own risk.

* Added list of loaded Catalogs in the Libraries tab

* Added SMART state of a device in IDETool tab
	with the possibility to toggle it ON/OFF

	Thanks to Lionel 'Lion' Muller for the suggestion

* Retrieving of Speedtest servers list is started only at first "Network"
benchmark cycle selection (instead to be started at start of SysMon)

* Added RageMem and SDLBench results for a Amiga 1200 PPC/603e 330 MHz with
CVisionPPC gfx card
	Thanks to Benny 'bennymee' van der Meer for the results

* Replaced all Forbid()/Permit(), Disable()/Enable() by

* Fixed Tooltypes detection when started from CLI 

* Fixed a DSI condition in Ports detection

SysMon v4.1

* Reenabled "Stack Used" in "Tasks" tab.
	Many thanks to Colin 'ColinW' Wenzel for his StackUse sources

* Added "Stack %" in "Tasks" tab to monitor % of used stack.

* Added Speedtest servers list.
	Thanks to Mehdi 'K-L' Boulahia for the idea.

* Added network speedtest bench picture result

* Added KB/s and MB/s conversion in network benchmark tab.
	Thanks to Philippe 'Elwood' Ferrucci for the idea.

* Disabled "NVGetvar" tab when NVGetvar is unavailable (on Classic for example).
	Thanks to Lionel 'Lion' Muller for the suggestion

* Added RageMem and SDLBench results for a Amiga 1200 PPC/603e 240 MHz with
CVisionPPC gfx card
	Thanks to Lionel 'Lion' Muller for the results

* Fixed a DSI when a Screen without title was active in the system

SysMon v4.0

* Added a network bandwidth benchmark in Benchmark tab. 
	This test is based on the speedtest-cli python script from

	Thanks to Javier 'Jabirulo' for the suggestion 

* Removed "Used Stack" in "Tasks" tab because it produced wrongs results. 
	See http://forum.hyperion-entertainment.biz/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=2529 for more

* Fixed wrong CLI numbers in "Tasks" tab.

* Fixed wrong Workbench library version in "System" tab.

SysMon v3.9

* Added dutch translation thanks to 'Johan' Banis

* Support of NTFS disks in Volumes tab

SysMon v3.8

* Added possibility to expunge a library in Libraries tab. 
	To expunge a library, double-click in the Libraries list or click on the
"Expunge" button
	Could be useful to expunge locale.library to refresh catalogs (when working on
docky translation)

	Of course, use this function at your own risk.

* Added possibility to remove a Message Port in PortList tab. 
	To remove a Message Port, double-click in the Port list or click on the
"Remove" button
	Could be useful when a Port is in a Zombie state (when developping some
amateurish buggys softwares)

	Of course, use this function at your own risk.

* Added a NVGetVar tab based on NVGetVar included in AmigaOS 4.1

* Reworked the IDETool tab to minimize the size of the frame and to be
compatible with 1024x768 screen if more than 2 devices are presents.

* Added SDLBench benchmark results for X1000/Radeon 9250 64 bits and Sam460ex
1150 MHz Onboard GFX

* Changed the path of temp files (RAM:T instead of RAM:) 

* Use of BetterString MUI class instead of standard strings class to allow to
loop-search by pressing Enter key.
	MUI BetterString class is now mandatory (checked at startup).

* Recompiled with SDK 53.24 and MUI 4

SysMon v3.7

* Added a Tooltype to deactivate the ShortHelp (bubble help)
	SHORTHELP = ON by default 
	Thanks to Samir 'Samo79' Hawamdeh for the suggestion

* Benchmark frames are now resizables when window is resized to avoid truncated
	Thanks to ddni for the bug report

* Fixed a mistake in a Picasso function

* Updated italian translation 
	Thanks to Samir 'Samo79' Hawamdeh

SysMon v3.6

* FIxed the Public IP determination (in System tab) who didn't worked since a
previous update

SysMon v3.5

* Added czech translation by Jaroslav 'Prober' Kabara

SysMon v3.4

* Add search areas

	on "Windows name" in Windows tab
	on "Task name" in Task tab
	on "Remote hostname" in Netstat tab
	on "Volume name" in Volumes tab
	on "Directory name" in Assigns tab
	on "Library name" in Library tab
	on "Port name" in Ports tab
	on "Lock name" in Locks tab

	Simply fill it and hit enter to find all occurences of a string

* Change Ringhio notifications to use SCREEN=FRONT 

	Suggestion from Daniel 'gtmooya' Hutchinson

* Fix french Catalog 


* Added a new tab showing system Locks 
	(new TOOLTYPE added : AUTOLOCK which will activate the auto refresh function at
startup for this tab).

-add of a nice looking banner thank to Thomas 'TommySammy' Blatt

-add of a comparison frame in RageMem benchmark
	Thanks to Luigo 'tlosm' Burdo and Samir 'Samo79' Hawamdeh for the suggestions
and all the tests.

-add of SDLbench benchmark in Benchmark tab with comparison frame. 
    This benchmark calls SDLbench program wrote by Matthew J. Gelhaus and ported
on AmigaOS4 by Spot / Up (thank you for this port) 
    Theses SDLbench results are taken from italian http://amiganews.it and
french http://www.amiga-ng.org websites
    They are stored in a text file in Data/SLbench/SysMon_SDLbench_Results.txt
who can be manually edited (SysMon_SDLbench_Results.ORIG.txt in the same drawer
is a backup ;) )
    Number of saved configurations is limited to 40.

   Thanks to italians and french Amigans of amiganews.it and amiga-ng.org for
all these benchmarks.

-inclusion of wget 1.12rev2 in Data/wget drawer to avoid the need to download
     Removal of WANIP_WGET_PATH tooltype
     Thank you Diego 'diegocr' Casorran for this port.


-rework of RageMem tab to add a lot of Amiga configurations (for comparison) in
a Cycle gadget. 

	-Theses RageMem results are taken from italian Amiga website 
	-They are stored in a text file in Data/RageMem/Results.txt who can be manually
          (Results.txt.ORIG in the same drawer is a backup ;) )
	-Number of saved configurations is limited to 40.
	-In future, I will certainly add a feature to save/delete your own results
directly from SysMon.   

	-Thanks to italians Amigans of amiganews.it for all these benchmarks.
-remove the 4.1.3 OS level requirement by checking if AboutBox.mcc is available.

-change the PNG icon to Amiga Icon 
	no more need of PNG_icon module


-Add of a Unselect button for GFX list in System tab 
(Thank you Samir 'Samo79' Hawamdeh for the idea)

-Reworking of Ringhio messages

-Corrections of compilations warnings

-If you encounter some problems, please, first try to delete 
	some SYSMON.prefs in System:Prefs/Env-Archive/MUI/ 
	Issue found by 'Paul' (thank you)


-In Libraries tab, add of a column to show architecture version of each library
(PPC or 68K).
	Thank to Mehdi 'K-L' Boulahia for the idea.

-In Tasks tab, add of a column to show architecture version of each Processus
(PPC or 68K), no architecture information for Tasks.
-Add of a button beside the Public IP address (in the System tab) to grab your
external public address without the need to set WANIP tooltype. 
	As before, the ToolType WANIP can be used to allow SysMon to take this public
IP at startup (wget needed and script php hosted by amiga-ng.org)
	Thank Philippe 'Elwood' Ferruci for the idea.

-French catalog fixed

-The indicator of Drawers was no more visible => fixed

-Change of the name of screen in Windows tab to take DefaultTitle instead of
Title => Workbench Screen instead of the title of the Workbench bar.

-Add of a SysMon's Sinisrus icon in GlowIcon format in the
Data/Sinisrus/GlowIcon drawer.
	Require info datatype library to be installed


-Add of Ringhio notifications for :
	-Close of windows
	-Freeze and Change priority of tasks
	-Begin/End of RageMem
	Thank to Tony 'Sinisrus' Canazza for the notification picture of SysMon

-Add of Bubble Help to various IDETool gadget. 
	To work, the quick help must be set in the MUI settings
	Thank to Samir 'Samo79' Hawamdeh for the suggestion.


-Standardization of all the tabs sizes.

-Add of a "CD Eject" right mouse button submenu in the Volume Tab
	When selected for a CD/DVD volume, the media will be ejected (it uses the
IDETool eject function)  

-Add of an IDETool tab...
	Thank to Lionel 'Lion' Muller for the idea

	This tab lists all your devices that are manageable by IDETool. 
	you will have the possibility to : 
		-see some infos about your units
		-change transfer mode (between all modes availables for your unit)
		-put in standby, active or deactivated state mode (take care with
"deactivated" mode, your system have very greats chances to freeze) 
		-open / close your drive if it's a CD-ROM drive

	If you want to make permanent change (and that you don't want to modify your
UBoot settings) 
		1) you can copy the IDETool command to the Clipboard (button "Copy to
		2) and paste it in your S:User-Startup (that you can open with the button
"Open S:User-Startup").  	
		3) Warm Reboot with the "Reboot" button 

-Add of a Messages Port tab who list all opened ports
	Add ToolType AUTOPORTLIST (ON/OFF), default OFF, to auto-refresh this tab at
	A button "Send Arexx messages" allows to send a ARexx messages to one port 
	(the send of message is based on Thomas Rapp rexx.c source
	 many thanks !).

	Take care when you send Arexx messages that the destination port handle ARexx

-RageMem tab, to minimize GUI size :
		-remove of Sam440 and AmigaOneXE
		-remove of Cache L3 size

Many thanks to
	Lionel 'Lio' Muller, Samir 'Samo79' Hawamdeh and Joel 'Joeled' Edberg for the
tests on this release	
	and to 
	Thomas 'TommySammy' Blatt, Javier de las Rivas, Anthony 'Phantom' Iliakis,
Urban 'Niolator' ┼hlin for the translations


-Remove of http://checkip.dyndns.org to determinate the external IP address
	Now, SysMon uses a PHP script hosted by amiga-ng.org (thanks K-L)

-Fix some graphical glitches during swap of tabs

-Add of "MUI..." submenu to access SysMon MUI settings

-Fix the button's shortcuts by replacing KeyButton by SimpleButton (thanks


-Add of RageMem in the Data/RageMem directory.
	No more need to download it especially for SysMon (thanks Crisot)

-MUI interface reworked to allow to resize better the window	
	(thanks Kas1e for the idea)

-Add of requester to allow to choose the network interface at startup 
	in case of multiples network interface 
	(thanks Kas1e for the idea & for the tests)

-Add of a new icon from Frank 'Cha05e90' Ruthe in the Data/Cha05e90 drawer. To
use this one, you need to install the info datatype 
	Thank you, Frank

-Fix a bug in case of multiple graphic cards (bad graphic library displayed and
bad entries in System graphic cards Nlist) 

-Fix a bug in the network counter if more than 4gb of data are downloaded

Guillaume 'zzd10h' Boesel


-Add Graphic driver version in the OS part of System tab (with others OS library
versions) . 

-Add of support of navigation with tab key (thank you Samir to notice me this

-Add Libraries Tab 
	to show the libraries who are loaded by the system. 
	Add ToolType AUTOLIBRARY (ON/OFF), default OFF, to auto-refresh this tab at

-Add Benchmark Tab	
(thank you Crisot to allow me to interface SysMon with your program, and K-L for
the idea)

	this tab uses RageMem v0.37 (to be installed separately) from Crisot (see above
for link)
	During the execution of RageMem it's normal that your Amiga be freezed.
	The results of your Amiga will be showed on the right side of the tab (lighter
	The results are just 'for fun' and may not be accurate for recents hardware
like Sam460 & x1000 !	
	RageMem is searched in APPDIR:RageMem, if you have just installed RageMem and
never run it, 	
you can specify his Path in the ToolType RAGEMEM_PATH 

-Add of shortcuts to select choices in the requesters 
(thank Samir for the idea and many thanks to Gazelle for the solution)

-Add of INTERFACE ToolType to allow SysMon to bind your correct TCPIP interface,

if SysMon is not able to determine it (if not just 1 interface, SysMon can
choose the bad one without this ToolType)

-And thank again to all the translators :)


Changes in this release :

-Swedish Catalog by Urban 'Niolator' ┼hlin with the help of Joel 'Joeled' Edberg
(thanks you Urban & Joel and, of course, Thomas for the swedish catalog flag)

-Add Right Mouse Button contextual menus for all the tabs
	The actions availables in these Contextual Menus are the same as the tabs

-Add ABOUTBOX ToolType to allow to use SysMon on AmigaOS < 4.1.3 (tested OK on
AmigaOS 4.1.1)
	ABOUTBOX = ON/OFF (default ON) 
		OFF disable the AboutBox MUI class and use a "classic" About Box window.

-Fix a bug who caused crash of SysMon in the following cases :
	if confirmation requester was called after that SysMon was
	if SysMon was auto-killed after that SysMon was iconified/deiconified 


Changes in this release

-Max In/Out network bandwith added
     As in Massi's very nice NetSpeedometer, I have added the max In/Out network
     To be calculated, the Auto-refresh on System tab must be ON and the System
tab must be visible.  

-Refresh only on visible tab
    Now, when a tab is not visible, the dependents informations are not
refreshed even if auto-refresh is checked for this tab. 
    SysMon must be more stable (less useless system calls)
    Therefore, now, if iconified, no update is done.
    Thanks to Philippe 'Elwood' Ferrucci to notify me this mistake.
-At startup, tab are populated only when selected 
    At startup the tab are just populated when they are first selected.
    Therefore, I remove all the STARTxxxx Tooltype who are now useless (except

-Use of APPDIR: for wget
    If the WANIP_WGET_PATH is not used, the wget command is now called with
       Therefore, wget doesn't need to be in the System PATH, you just need to
call it once and the System will remember where wget is.
       This cache is persistent (at least 12 months for unused programs)
       The WANIP_WGET_PATH is, now, not really useful (maybe for the first time
if wget is not in PATH and that it was never called...).
    Thanks to Javier de las Rivas for this tip.

-ToolTypes for Volumes & Assigns opening mode
	Add 2 ToolTypes to choose the opening mode of Volumes or Assigns drawers (by
clicking on Open button or by double-clicking on a element of the list)
         WBOPEN_SHOW   = DEFAULT (default), ALL, ICONS
     	If DEFAULT (or if the ToolType is commented) no display changes, it's your
Workbench setting that is taken.
     Thanks to Scripjester for this remark.                                  

	(ON/OFF, default ON) 
	to bypass the name resolution of remote host on Netstat tab (hostname
resolution was causing troubles for one person).

-Add ToolType DEBUG 
	(ON/OFF, default OFF) 
	to print some debug informations.

-Fix a bug who avoided to set PRIORITY=0 by ToolType, Priority was forced to 2

-Fix a bug who could cause DSI crash in Picasso96 library during Graphic card
information refresh.

-At startup, 2 users (at least) have noticed a Recoverable Alert when clicking
in the System tab (during the OS jingle playing). 
	I'm unable to reproduce this problem but NoGuru (at least the version 2) seems
to hide this alert.


Changes in this release

-Greek Catalog by Anthony 'Phantom' Iliakis (thanks you Anthony and, of course,
Thomas for the greek catalog flag)

-Fix the scrolling problem by decreasing the priority of SysMon (priority 50 to
2) below input.device's priority (priority 20)
	 Now, I know that to set priority > 10 is forbidden ;)

-Add ToolType PRIORITY to set the priority of SysMon at startup (default to 2).
	Notice that if priority > 20 ( 20 = priority of input.device) the NList
scrolling doesn't work well with the scrollbar
		   and if priority < 2 the NList is blinking when auto-refresh is activated
(visible on the Tasks list)   

-Add External IP address in Network group of the System tab
	Determinated thanks to  http://checkip.dyndns.org and wget (wget need to be in
path, SYS:C for example)  
	wget is available at

-Add ToolType WANIP = ON/OFF (default OFF) to control the resolution of External
IP address. 
	If WANIP=OFF (or if WANIP is commented) no call to http://checkip.dyndns.org is

-Add ToolType WANIP_WGET_PATH to specify the path of wget (if not in system
	If commented, wget will be called from the system PATH
	ToolType useful only if WANIP=ON and if wget is not in the PATH (for example,
not in System:C/)

-Add ToolType DEBUGSLEEP to allow to differ the start of functions of x seconds
at SysMon startup
	ToolType added to resolve a problem on one SAM440 when started at boot from
AmiDock (no problem from the Network-Startup)
	Not possible to reproduce this issue on my system (or on another SAM440 system)

-Add a new label beside the Task's priority slider to be more explicit.

-Add 6 ToolTypes to control the startup of each tabs when SysMon starts (default
= ON)
	It can be useful if a function causes trouble on specific configuration. 

-To note that I have had some stability problems with the last release of the
NList class (20.132 12/08/06). 
	No problem with the previous NList class (20.131 12/05/12) 
Guillaume 'zzd10h' Boesel


Changes in this release

-Fix auto-refresh issue who freezed SysMon each second

-Spanish Catalog by Javier de las Rivas (thanks you Javier and, of course,
Thomas for the spanish catalog flag)

-Add a new ToolType "AUTOREFRESH" to set the interval (integer number) of
Auto-refresh (1 second by default if AUTOREFRESH is not set or invalid)

-Registered on AmiUpdate repository with autoinstall script (not tested for the
moment, hoping that it will works!)

-New MUI AboutBox windows (thanks Kas1e for the MUI include) 
Therefore SysMon must no more be compatible with AmigaOS 4.1.3 and below (just
tested on AmigaOS 4.1.5) 

-I don't know why but it seems that during a cold start if SysMon (with
auto-refresh) and a program, for example SimpleMail, who resides in a SFS/0
volume are launched at the same time, SysMon fails with DSI. 
If the program (SimpleMail) is launched from a SFS/2 volume, it works.

If somebody could give me some clues to find :
-why the NList vertical scroll bar does just refresh when the mouse button is
released ?
-how to localize the title of the AboutBox window (Aboutbox.mcc class) and the
"OK" button ?
it will be nice :)

Guillaume 'zzd10h' Boesel 


More infos in the included ReadMe.txt

Changes in this release

-Italian Catalog by Samir 'Samo79' Hawamdeh

-German Catalog by Thomas 'TommySammy' Blatt

-"IconsReworked" by Thomas 'TommySammy' Blatt 

-Icon by Tony 'Sinisrus' Canazza

-Add Auto-Refresh checkBox for each tabs

-Add of 6 ToolTypes to control the Auto-Refresh function for each tabs at
-new Netstat like tab (thanks Gazelle to post how to use GetNetworkStatistics()
on AmigaWorld)
         with local IP:port remote IP:port, socket state and remote hostname

-new MUI Menu (with right mouse button)
        from a nice tutorial found on the current AmigaFuture issue! 
-Windows tab :
	Add of a "Drawer" column to show if a window is a Workbench drawer (very
dangerous to kill it !)
	Double-click on a window line to "identify" the target window

-Volumes tab :
	Add of a "Open" button to open the selected volume with SHOW ALL option
	Double-click on a volume to open the selected volume with SHOW ALL option

-Assigns tab :
	Add of a "Open" button to open the selected assign's directory with SHOW ALL
	Double-click on a volume to open the selected assign's directory with SHOW ALL

-Systems tab :
	Add default network Gateway address (thank again Gazelle)

-Many thanks Samir & Thomas for your fast (and everyday) translation and your
numerous tests ;)
-and Thomas (again) & Tony for the icons.

Hoping that it can be useful to somebody.

Guillaume 'zzd10h' Boesel

SysMon v1.10
Initial release

SysMon is a little MUI tool (that I enjoyed to build) for

-Monitor Windows
	 with the possibility to identify a particular window and
	 to kill it (it's really safer to only kill the frozen windows to avoid a
	 system outage) 

-Monitor the Tasks/Process
	with various informations and the possibility to change priority of a
	particular Task/Process (or to freeze it)

-Monitor the Volumes mounted
	with various storage & filesystem informations.

-Monitor the Assign list

-Monitor some systems infos
         like OS version, Processor infos, RAM, uptime, GFX card and infos

You have to click on the Refresh button to refresh the informations (all the
tabs are refreshed at the same time) 

The Close Window and the list of Tasks functions are inspired from the
CloseWindowSafely function and tasklist.c from wiki.amigaos.net (thanks) 

French Catalog included.

The Catalog's sources and makefile to build it are included in
Catalogs\Build_Catalog (I know that my english translation is really bad ) 

It's my first C program on Amiga, therefore thanks to say me if you encounter
some bugs (excepted if your Amiga crashed when an busy window is killed :) ) 

and thanks to Tony 'Sinisrus' Canazza for the icon/png

File Version Size Date OS Dls Readme
sysmon_ell.lha2.07kb26 Sep 124.189¤ Sysmon_greek - Greek locale catalog for SysMon
Copyright (c) 2004-2014 by Björn Hagström All Rights Reserved
Amiga OS and its logos are registered trademarks of Hyperion Entertainment